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The hair business has been blooming in Nigeria so far. Starting up a business as a hair seller is a good idea. However, startup is not easy with so many tasks like searching for suppliers, choosing products or mastering the policies, etc. We are here to help you with the process! This post gives all the knowledge you need to know about the most reliable wholesale hair supply which is Vietnam. Let’s find out how to import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria and more. 


This post will guide you on how to import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria

1. Why you should import hair from Vietnam

When it comes to starting a hair business, you must confront a lot of options with their own pros and cons. One of the most important things is which products to sell. There are a variety of choices now, including synthetic hair, mixed hair or human hair. Low-quality ones are cheap while good ones are expensive. Which one is more preferred? As an experienced hair factory, we’d tell you that selling high-quality hair is a wiser choice. At the end of the day, the hair is more good-looking, durable, and the deal ends up more economical. You will get more loyal customers with these worthwhile items.

Then, where to source high-quality human hair? There is no hair factory in Nigeria, so you definitely need to import the hair from foreign countries. Top 3 famous ones are Vietnam, China and India. Among all the origins, Vietnamese hair is the most recommended for a lot of reasons:

  • High-quality: Vietnamese hair is always appreciated for its pure sources and high quality. 100% of the hair is collected from young Vietnamese women with healthy hair care. The natural texture is straight, smooth and silky. The hair is raw and suitable for all kinds of colors and styles.
  • Reasonable price: Vietnamese hair is almost all sold from hair factories with domestic hair sources. Therefore, the hair prices are always wholesale direct factory prices. A lot of discount programs are added too.
  • Convenient transaction: Buying hair from Vietnam, you’re assured that the procedure is clear, simple and convenient. Payment and shipping are easy as you can use Nigerian agents. This means you can make payment easily in Naira and get the hair shipped door to door.

It seems that the only issue to work on now is to choose the right supplier with an optimized procedure of how to buy hair from Vietnam!


Human hair from Vietnam is the best choice on market

2. How to import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria

Here are the steps to follow to import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria. These are the 5 optimized steps from almost all hair suppliers in Vietnam. For each step of how to buy human hair from Vietnam, we will share the guides and tips which are useful for beginners as well. 

Step 1: Choose supplier

First thing first, always remember to find as many suppliers as possible. Then, you will look through their websites and social media to see if they are legit. Reliable wholesale hair vendors always build their websites and other channels professionally. You can find any necessary information there, including brand introduction, catalogs, sales contact, etc. You can read them all and choose 2-3 best vendors to contact.

To find truthful Vietnamese hair factories, you can go on Google and search for keywords “Vietnamese hair factory” or “Vietnamese hair factories”. You can do the same on social media. Popular ones will be recommended on top results.

One more important thing to remember is to always choose a hair factory to work with. Hair factories produce and distribute the hair directly without intermediaries, so that you will save a lot when buying from them.


Please always choose a real hair factory to work with

Step 2: Contact, discuss and bargain

After choosing some reliable wholesale hair vendors, please contact them for more details. The public information on websites and social media are not enough yet. Please ask them for real pictures and videos of the hair, price explanation and shipping procedure to Nigeria, etc. Please make sure you understand everything before placing an order.

A little bit of bargaining is also beneficial. Sometimes, the salespeople forget to tell you about the discount programs and gifts. Therefore, always ask to make sure you don’t miss any benefits. 

Step 3: Make payment/deposit

After everything is clear, you can make payment. Factory will start making your order after they receive the payment. Some factories have a policy to deposit 50% only. The balance can be paid later, as long as it’s before shipping.

In Nigeria, paying directly in USD is not convenient. Therefore, the better choice is to pay via agents. They give the rate of USD/Naira. Then you convert the amount to pay into Naira and make payment easily. The rate is updated everyday, and it can be different among agents. Hence, always ask for the lowest rate!

Step 4: Check the order

After 7-14 days from the payment, your order will be ready. Then, the salesperson will send you the videos to check the hair. You can also make a video call or come in person to check (if possible). What to check here is the length, weight and the texture.


Checking the order is necessary before shipping

Step 5: Confirm shipping

After confirming that you’re satisfied with the hair, you’ll give shipping information for importing into Nigeria. The Vietnamese hair seller will send your package to the agent for them to ship to Nigeria. Reliable agents to use are Gabriel and CC&O.

Shipping fee from Vietnam to the agent office is usually free. You only need to pay the agent shipping fee for imports to Nigeria. It’s around 15 USD/kg. Shipping may take around 7 days.

3. K-Hair – Best Vietnamese hair factory to work with

Last but not least, we’d like to give you a reliable address to import the hair from. It’s K-Hair factory, a well-known hair brand from Vietnam

K-Hair is a real hair factory. As mentioned, working with a hair factory is always better than a commercial resale company. The factories produce and supply the hair directly without any intermediary steps. Therefore, they control all things like cost and quality. You can be assured that K-Hair is a real hair factory. You can check factory videos on K-Hair YouTube Channel or via the salesperson that you contact.

K-Hair is the biggest hair factory in Vietnam. Besides being a real hair factory, K-Hair is also the biggest one in Vietnam. This means we can handle big wholesale orders fast at affordable wholesale prices.

K-Hair can produce all styles of high-quality hair (including customized ones). The motto of K-Hair is “QUALITY IS KING”. 100% hair used is pure human Vietnamese. Thanks to good quality, we can produce all hair extension types (bulk, weft, tape, tip, clip, ponytail, wig, etc) in all styles and colors, even the difficult customized ones.

Contact K-Hair here:


K-Hair is the biggest Vietnamese hair factory

After all, we hope that this post gives you all important information to know about how to import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are available 24/7 for you.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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