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Summer is coming. The hot, sultry summer months can be great for some long summer weft hairstyles and summer hair extension styles. The temperature and humidity give it the right flex and lift. However, for the others, the heater can dry out the hair, which is sticky and frizzy. To make things worse, many women find that summer heat styling is almost unbearable, especially with long hairstyles. Give your hair and extensions more natural with these top summer weft hairstyles that will help you blow away the heat and hot looks at the same time. 

1. Why choose long hair for summer weft hairstyles?

In the hot summer weather like this, the short haircut is more popular than ever. But is this a good idea? Before deciding to have your hair cut short just for the sake of a cooler summer, you should consider the following reasons so you won’t regret it later.

You see people with short hair that is both beautiful, cool and cool and want to “imitate”? Then you should consider carefully because short hair can suit others but not necessarily for you. Same summer weft hairstyles but when “fitted” on different faces will give different aesthetic results.

Unlike long hair that is sometimes just tied up and tied up, with short hair, it’s almost imperative to style your hair if you want your summer weft hairstyles to be in shape. If not, what you get will be a messy hairstyle and worse, flat.

Indeed, in order for your hair to maintain its ideal shape and length, you will have to cut your hair periodically every 1 to 1.5 months. This of course will “hurt” your wallet more than when having long hair.


When you get used to short hair, haircut will seem to become your habit. Hair only need to grow a little longer, you will want to “handle” it right away and thus, maintaining long summer weft hairstyles become “impossible”.

In case you miss your long hair too much and want to grow it from scratch, be prepared that you will have to wait a long time, even years for the hair to grow as old. Cutting your summer weft hairstyles takes just a few minutes, but growing long hair will take years, are you willing to trade off?

When you are too busy and have no time to cut your hair or are determined to grow your hair long, you will all face the extremely uncomfortable half-growing period. Not only is it poking out from all sides, the ends of the hair will constantly poke your neck, but you can’t solve it simply because the hair isn’t long enough to tie it up

If you want to get your hair cut short just because you think it will be cooler, then it is advisable to think more wisely. There are countless summer weft hairstyles that are both beautiful, shimmering, neat, cool that you can apply to those long hair?

2. Top 3 long hair for summer weft hairstyles

Guess what summer weft hairstyles will be on the first race below:

2.1. No 1.Summer weft hairstyles: Water wave hair

The trend has never stopped hot this year. If you want to challenge yourself with summer weft hairstyles but are not ready to separate your familiar long hair, then lob is perfect enough to reveal the seductive lines of the blue collarbone. With this wavy hairstyle from a reliable hair factory, you can both straighten naturally or if you are more styled, you can curl your tail or put it on, even braids like long hair.


There are many variations such as small water wavy hair, big water wave curly hair, … … all of which help the hair become attractive and fluffy, at the same time highlighting the perfect facial contours. If you love seductive beauty and elegance, you cannot ignore these summer weft hairstyles. The most popular curly hair today that trendy girls also love to choose to renew their own style.

Summer weft hairstyles including water wavy hair is currently the hottest hair trend currently loved by black women, especially in hot summer days. Summer is a good time for them to change their looks more fresh and dynamic, right. In addition to trendy outfits, a new curly hairstyle will help her change completely. The trend is very popular with young people and stars, if you are tired of your long hairstyles, do not hesitate to try for yourself the summer weft hairstyles, you will be surprised with the change. own.

2.2. No 2. Summer weft hairstyles: Body wave hair

Body wave is the next sparkling pretty summer weft hairstyles for girls who like the rhythmic combination between femininity and personality. Curls under the tail will be styled with a wavy pattern. Depending on your style, you will choose a big wave or small wave. And of course you choose any style, your face will also be obscured by those cheeks curls.

Summer is the season of outstanding colors, so why not be shy without trying out outstanding hair colors. Bright colors such as red, purple, blue, pink, … are the choices that black celebrities have tried. Curly summer weft hairstyles are also one of the favorites, knowing how to choose the right outfit will create a lovely, irresistible combination.


Length is ideal to help round faces cheat on face length. In some views, it will easily partially conceal your full cheekbones and cheeks. With this curly summer weft hairstyles for round face, if you want to bring a modern and healthy beauty, please boldly try with bright colors, which are extremely popular with young people. Beautiful summer weft hairstyles always help girls of all faces more youthful, active and confident. Depending on your preference, the girls can be crooked or crooked or frizzy.6

2.3. No 3. Summer weft hairstyles Bone straight hair

No matter who you are or what summer weft hairstyles you like, you can be completely confident in having wonderful beautiful hair with the youthful and beautiful natural straightener trend that never goes out of style. Natural hair with smooth, straight curls will make your face more attractive than ever.

Among the series of trendy pressing and curling trends, natural straightener still affirms its own appeal.


Natural straightening technology uses the most advanced technique from K-Hair Factory, which breaks down the normal hair structure and then rearrange it as a straight strand. If the previous straightening techniques had defects that made the hair straight, stiff and unnatural, the new technology allowed the creation of curls with light waves while maintaining a smooth and soft appearance of bone straight summer weft hairstyles. Hair after treatment still retains a certain volume, and at the same time smooth, healthy hair is very natural. You can also see consult the best hair weaves to make a ponytail here!

The plus point for bone straight summer weft hairstyles is that hair care is extremely simple, without spending too much time in fussy styling, you can still be confident with youthful hair, effectively helping to cheat age.

3. Tips sharing to take care of summer weft hairstyles

It’s essential to get your weave done by a professional – The first thing we spoke about is why it’s so important to get your summer weft hairstyles weave put in by a fully qualified stylist.

Due to the fact I relax my hair every 8 weeks, my scalp is naturally much more sensitive than someone who rocks natural hair. So it’s important that the weave isn’t too tight, otherwise it will just cause breakage and that’s why the hairline can begin to recede over time.

Wash your weave – The way to maintain summer weft hairstyles for three months is by giving it a light wash every four-six weeks. This can be done at home but it’s much better to go back to your salon so they can clean it properly and use a hair dryer instead of a blow dryer.

Don’t relax your hair straight away – When you do take your summer weft hairstyles out, try and do three treatments before you relax your hair. The scalp will be super sensitive after three months without chemical treatment so it is much more likely to burn if you relax straightaway.

Above is a sharing by Ms. Jennie – Senior Hair Expert and Sales Manager of K-Hair Factory about summer weft hairstyles for long hair waeve. I firmly believe that, after my article, customers can choose the summer weft hairstyles suitable for long hair weave.

In addition, K-hair Factory is the No.1 representative hair supplier in Vietnam with more than 20 years of experience in exporting hair to the world. The summer weft hairstyles I listed above are all made with the best quality. If you are interested, you can contact Ms. Jennie for free advice and support.

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I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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