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Hair extensions are a fun way to add more volume as well as dynamic to your hairstyle. It can make you look more beautiful and stylish, as well as turn you into a completely different person by changing your hairstyle dramatically, especially with colored hair extensions. So if you are wondering which hair color you should try out for yourself this year, but don’t want to bother with a trip to the salon, then our list of the top 5 best hair extension colors can help you out!


Top 5 Best Hair Extension Colors

1. Blond – Most Popular Hair Extension Colors

One of the most classy and iconic colors to pick must be blonde. You can hardly go wrong with it. From strawberry to platinum blonde, each shade is amazing and charming in its own way. If you’re a blondie, then you can wear it naturally by choosing the color shade that matches your hair. Adding hair extensions will give your hair extra volume as well as make it more bouncy and 10 times prettier.

Blonde is also a perfect choice as it is one of the most natural shades and can be blended in easily with your real hair, creating a more realistic look. Nobody will know you’re using some extra help with the hair extensions if you pick the color that matches your natural hair. So if you just want something a little bit more extra but don’t want something to0 over the top, then blond is one way to go. In addition, please be sure to buy the hair from reliable wholesale hair vendors distributor, so that the blond tone from bleached hair material will be qualified.


Blond – Most Popular Hair Extension Colors

2. Red – Passionate Hair Extension Colors

Red is the color of passion, love, and of desire. It’s a bold color, and it draws attention from people around you like a flame that draws the attention of the moths. If you have a strong personality and are unafraid to show your passion to the world, then this is the color for you. This color is also super matching with summer hair extension styles!

You can pick the red shade that matches your hair color, you incorporate it into your normal hair as highlights or braids. Adding a lighter color like red to your hair will create more dynamic as well as make your hair stand out in the crowd. This look will make you feel like a real badass that no one dares to mess with.


Red – Passionate Hair Extension Colors

3. Pink – Festive Hair Extension Colors

If red is a little too much, then how about pink? It’s bold but still feminine. It still makes you stand out from the crowd, but not too dramatic. It’s the perfect color for girls with a carefree, festive soul that is full of positivity and love. It makes you a badass, but a cute one.

Mix and match shades of pink with other colors such as yellow or orange can create a pretty sunset effect. Mix it with purple and blue and you have a nice galaxy style. Either way, it’s a fun and festive way to style your hair, so give it a try.


Pink – Festive Hair Extension Colors

4. Purple – Pretty And Stylish Hair Extension Colors

Speaking of purple, it’s also one of the prettiest colors to style your hair with. It’s mysterious and spiritual, and imaginative. Purple is the color of royalty, wealth, and wisdom, as well as imaginative and compassion, so it’s the perfect color for perceptive girls. If you like magic and mysteries, this is the best match for your soul.

Adding different shades of purple to your hair will give it more dynamic. Match this look with some smokey eyeshadows and grungy makeup, and you’ve got yourself a witchy vibe that’s just like a girl who came straight out of some fantasy novel. Plus, who wouldn’t love the shade of the galaxy sky?


Purple – Pretty And Stylish Hair Extension Colors

5. Blue – Hair Extension Colors For Baddies

If you also like mysteries and want something carrying an even more fantasy vibe, then try out blue. It’s a really beautiful color, stand-alone or as highlights. Depending on the shade you choose, it can give you a festive and fun vibe like pink, or the deep sea mysterious mermaid. Either way, there is no denying that it’s a cool way to style your hair.

You can add it in as highlights, or style it with different styles such as braids for a more added badass effect. Adding colors to your hair will definitely make you stand out, and with a beautiful color such as blue, you can bet your ass that it’s gonna attract everybody’s attention as they walk by.


Blue – Hair Extension Colors For Baddies

Through our list of the top 5 best hair extension colors, we hope that you’ve found your inspiration to try out new styles of hair. Colors are a fun way to start adding dynamic to your hair, and it’s the easiest way to make you stand out from the crowd. It’s also a way to express yourself to other people without having to say a word about your personality.

However, if you still want more, then you can check out our list of the Trendiest Braids For Hair Extensions and Top 5 Best Hair Extension Styles For Long Hair (2021 Edition) for even more amazing ideas. If you want to make your hair look fuller, why not check out our amazing hair extensions such as ombre, wavy, or raw bulk hair extensions. For even more fun ways to style your hair and other hair-related topics, you can go here. We hope you the best on your beauty journey!

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