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Originally, the bangs haircut was intended for everyone; however, certain faces are “picky” with bangs. Bangs might become a characteristic that makes the face appear less brilliant and dazzling. If you have one of the following facial features, you should consider whether you want bangs or no bangs. Let’s dig into the details of all situations when bangs are appropriate or not as well as recommendations on trendy bangs styles and bangs-related knowledge.


Bangs Or No Bangs?

1. Some bangs hairstyles and facial features for bangs or no bangs

Bangs are the “best pick” for concealing imperfections. However, if used incorrectly, it may become a “double-edged sword” that dulls your face and hides your beauty. Let’s see what are the trendy bangs styles as well as features which are suitable for bangs or no bangs here.

1.1. Bangs or no bangs – Some common bangs hairstyles

To guarantee that you are constantly lovely and fresh, you have to first choose if your face should wear bangs and which style of bangs fit you. The recommendations below will assist you in making the best decision. Some common bangs and their benefits and drawbacks, which you should carefully consider if you want to choose the ideal bangs for your face.

1.1.1. Bangs or no bangs – Baby bangs/short bangs

This hairstyle is distinguished by the length of just half of the forehead, which enhances the beauty and mischievousness of your face. This was a big trend in 2019 and is still popular now. The hair is rather “picky” on the face, but if you cut your face with this haircut, you will get absolute points in the eyes of others around you.


Bangs or no bangs – Girls with baby bangs appear more youthful

Pros: The impact of baby bangs is primarily to beautify and impress due to the method and personality. Baby bangs, on the other hand, assist to disguise a high and wide forehead and make your whole face more harmonic and balanced. This bang style, in particular, makes you look exceptionally gorgeous and fresh, emphasizing your freshness and vitality when it comes to bangs or no bangs.

Cons: As mentioned, short bangs are highly “picky” on the face, and should only be worn by people with oval or V-line faces. Those with clear and angular features should avoid having baby bangs. When you have a round face, the bangs make your face appear larger and chubbier. The bang’s angular face stiffens and strengthens the lines. In fact, you can try on the bangs extensions made by hair warehouses beforehands to see whether it suits your face or not. A top hair warehouse can providing you with a variety of bangs styles, so not only this style but you can also try many other styles as well.

1.1.2. Bangs or no bangs – Flat bang

This is the most popular bangs style among many ladies, particularly in Asia. Flat bangs can be left straight, thick, or slightly curved, according to your desire. In general, this haircut suits the majority of girls’ faces. However, flat bangs are nonetheless finicky about some facial traits that you should know.


Bangs or no bangs – Flat bangs help to hide a high and broad forehead

Pros: Flat bangs assist in covering a high and wide forehead quite successfully, and they also bring emphasis to your eyes. This haircut enhances the beauty of girls with round features by producing incredibly good proportions. There will be a huge difference in your beauty when you apply this style. You may also experiment with other hairstyles, such as high curls, minor curls, or straightening.

Cons: Although flat bangs are a very safe choice, it makes the forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, and chin look imbalanced on people with heart-shaped features. Your face may become more sharp, supple, and flexible. The same is true for those who have a diamond face or a lengthy chin.

1.1.3. Bangs or no bangs – Thin bangs

Even though it was created a few years ago, this iconic bang hairstyle has never gone out of vogue. Many celebrities sport thin bangs. Thin bangs are comparable to standard flat bangs, except they are thinner and staggered. 


Bangs or no bangs – Sparse bangs is a hairstyle every girl should try once in her life

Pros: Because they can be easily changed, sparse bangs are considered ideal haircuts for most faces. Depending on your preferences, you can leave the bangs thin or thick, bending slightly and dividing your bangs in half. Cutting thin bangs at home is also extremely straightforward, requiring little time and effort. Also, you can wear a turban with this bangs style and you’ll get an attractive party hairstyle to shine with!

Cons: Then, bangs or no bangs? In fact, thin bangs are still a risky haircut for those with diamond features and eyes that are spaced apart. In conclusion, sparse thin bangs, or any bangs, are not appropriate for those with these features. Furthermore, bangs should not be worn by girls with an oval trait since they might disguise the attractive lines on a gorgeous face.

1.1.4. Bangs or no bangs – Long curly parted bangs

The gentle lines of the face are embraced by side parted hair, which gives you age and elegance with a clear hair part. This haircut is identical to the standard parting, but the front curls are clipped short and gently curled to soften the face. To add interest, the parting hair might be left in a regular part or parted on one side. Then, to further decide whether to have bangs or no bangs, let’s see all the pros and cons of this style below.


Bangs or no bangs – Girls with soft feminine part bangs have a mature appearance

Pros: Parted bangs soften the face and are ideal for people with diamond features and big jawbones. This haircut also gives the appearance of smaller cheeks, which is ideal for people with round features. The editing and bending of the bangs is also pretty simple; you may do it entirely at home.

Cons: Parted bangs are inappropriate for females with long features and high foreheads. Fluffy bangs may make your cheeks appear sunken, giving the appearance of a longer face. Therefore , if you have this trait, select thin or baby bangs to enhance your attractiveness and charm.

1.2. Facial features should get the bangs or no bangs?

In fact, there are always youthful and lovely girls with bangs, but there are also faces that seem heavy and mysterious with more curls hanging in front of their foreheads. Before you decide to trim your bangs at all, please check to see if you have these attractive traits.

1.2.1. Bangs or no bangs – The hairline

Bangs or no bangs? The first aspect to examine while determining whether or not to wear bangs is your hairline. If you have a high hairline, your face will match your bangs, and bangs will hide a broad and curved forehead.


Bangs or no bangs – Bangs will help girls hide their high hairline

Thin bangs – young bangs that aren’t too thick – or diagonal bangs for a haughty look are options. If you want a really opulent look in the Korean style, go for an S-curved bang or a mid-part bulge, both of which respect your face shape and create a lovely angle. However, if your hairline is low, you should simply part it and create a side part with your thick hair, or hide the part to create an impromptu bounce for your hairstyle. If you continue to wear bangs, the forehead will appear narrower and shorter, making the face “packed” and lacking in beauty.

1.2.2. Bangs or no bangs – Forehead width

Girls with a broad, square brow should absolutely use bangs to conceal this flaw. You can’t just flaunt your square brow and part your bangs in the middle, or the bangs are acceptable as long as there are bangs to hide the wide forehead and a little bit of this raw.


Bangs or no bangs – Wide forehead is what many girls think makes them less attractive

1.2.3. Bangs or no bangs – Cheekbones’ height

You should not trim your bangs if you have high cheekbones. As long as you have high cheekbones, you should avoid having too thick or too short bangs; you need to generate airflow for the face to lessen the sense of angular cheekbones. In short, when it comes to bangs or no bangs, you’d better say no.

If you still want bangs when choosing between bangs vs no bangs, you’re lucky if you have S-curved bangs or long parted bangs that barely hug your cheekbones to disguise this trait. The remainder, such as thin bangs, parted bangs, and side part bangs, do nothing to aid your “rocky” cheeks. Girls with regular cheekbones but round features, on the other hand, should wear bangs. However, thick bangs should be avoided; this sort of bang simply adds to the mystery of the face. Girls, please select a bang style with a 3:7 deviation, which will create both slimness and intelligent age hacks for you.


Bangs or no bangs – An angular face with high cheekbones is suitable for no bangs

1.2.4. The face’s length and width

The length of your face also influences your hairstyle decision to have bangs or no bangs. If the length is longer than the breadth, you should get the bangs to adjust the forehead, allowing the face to balance more harmoniously. If you look at the front and see the width-to-length ratio, you need to elongate the face, then the new bangless parting hairstyles are the best option for your beauty.


Consider face’s length and width before choosing bangs or no bangs

2. Why should you consider getting bangs or no bangs?

Bangs are often shorter and thinner in order to highlight your natural hair structure. This is not a bad thing; it is only a recommendation that you consider and ponder carefully before trimming bangs or choosing between with bangs vs without bangs.

2.1. Bangs or no bangs – Time spent on hair care

Having bangs isn’t as simple as getting up, correctly combing the bangs, and then ending there. Maintaining tidy bangs after several hurdles like helmets, perspiration, wind, and many other things is significantly more vital and complex after deciding yes for bangs or no bangs. 


Bangs or no bangs – Having bangs takes a significant amount of effort and attention

Furthermore, when deciding between with or without bangs, if the bangs are excessively long, the girls must go to the salon right away if they do not want the hair to become entangled in their eyes and create discomfort. It takes a lot of time and work, so if you’re patient enough, don’t be scared to trim your bangs; otherwise, be content with your existing hairstyle. Having bangs takes a lot of effort and attention; if you aren’t patient enough, just stick with your present hairstyle when deciding with bangs or without.

2.2. Bangs or no bangs – Acne skin problem

If you wear bangs, the skin on your forehead will be obscured and harmed by perspiration and debris from your hair. So, if you have acne-prone skin, think twice before deciding to have bangs or no bangs. And if you truly want to change, remember to maintain your bangs and forehead skin clean at all times, and cut your bangs when you’re at home to allow your skin to breathe. Likewise, the items you use to clean, condition, or style your hair, such as hairspray, essential oils, or dry shampoo, might aggravate acne.


Bangs or no bangs – Think twice before cutting your bangs with acne-prone skin

The doctor’s advice is to properly clean the skin, wash the hair regularly and use more products to help prevent and treat acne. You can confidently have bangs while your skin is still safe.

2.3. Bangs or no bangs – Characteristics of your hair

If your hair is very thin, it is not recommended that you trim the thick bangs since it will make the rear section of your hair look even more “a few strands of hair” and overall highly uneven. However, if you’re still determined to give yourself a glow up, go for thin bangs. 

When deciding with bangs or without, in case your hair is excessively dry, condition it before cutting your bangs; otherwise, others will notice your hair quality more since your bangs are dry and frizzy. Or you have curly hair, when it comes to bangs or no bangs, it will be tough to find a suitable hairstyle without the use of styling tools.


Bangs or no bangs – The appearance of your bangs is impacted by the characteristics of your hair

In the human hair bulk business, human hair is also popularly used to make bangs extensions. This is an amazing solution for those whose hair is too thin and short for creating such attractive bangs. All the human hair used for making hair extensions is carefully chosen and processed, and the products made are guaranteed-quality and affordable as in wholesale quantities. Therefore, the issue of not having suitable hair characteristics for bangs is completely solved.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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