1B Hair Color With Best Guide On How To Choose A Black Hair Dye

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Do you want to change your hair color from your boring one but don’t want to stick out too much? You can try the hue Jet Black. However, this type of black color may be too dark for you. Then, 1B hair color is a good alternative. Let’s get to know more about this hair color in this blog through the sharing of K-Hair Factory.

1. 1B hair color: A quick intro

When choosing a shade of black hair, we may choose from a variety of hair hues and varieties. It is vital to grasp the distinction between 1B hair color and other hues.

1.1. What is 1B hair color?

Black is more than simply a color. When it comes to 1B hair dye, there are more than two hues of black. Jet Black (#1) is the first color, while Off Black (#1B) is the second shade.


1B hair color looks just like natural black

If you are wondering what color is 1B in hair dye, as previously stated, 1B is lighter than #1, the darkest and richest hue. That’s why many individuals with dark hair prefer it over number 1 since it fits well when they wear the extension. Because this hair color is a natural tone, you don’t need to color or retouch your extensions to match your darker strands. The 1B tint is an excellent choice if you want a pure, unprocessed, chemical-free hair extension product. In fact, it is also a favorite choice of many E-girls when it comes to trendy E-girl hairstyles among Gen Z. This black color can bring about something both individual, swag and attractive.

1.2. 1B hair color in the hair dye palette

The first three hues on the hair palette are Jet Black (#1), Off Black (1B hair color), and Darkest Brown (#2). #1 is the deepest and richest shade of black, while #2 is the darkest shade of brown that is virtually black. However, if you look closely at the dark brown color on the chart and then apply it to your hair, you will see a significant change.


1B hair color is somewhere between Jet Black (#1) and Darkest Brown (#2)

This color looks like natural dark hair. If you want to dye your hair black but don’t want it to seem like a wig, this is the color to choose. 

1.3. Is 1B hair color flattering on you?

 The color of your coloured hair is heavily influenced by the foundation color of your natural hair. If you’re hesitating between 1B hair color and jet black or dark brown, another factor to consider is eyebrow color. You can dye your brows to match, but if you don’t want to keep your brow color, go for a more natural tint.


If your natural hair color is black, 1B hair color will most likely be a great match

There are a few things to consider while dying your hair 1B or buying hair extensions in that color. Consider the following factors:

  • If you have light skin and want a 1B hair colour, think about how it will look on your skin tone. Darker hair colors draw attention away from fairer skin, so use makeup to your advantage (e.g. bright red lips).
  • People with thin hair should avoid hair color 1B, or any dark hue for that matter. These might make the scalp more noticeable. A shoulder length haircut or highlight 1B hair dye would be the greatest option here to add depth to your hair and make it appear fuller.
  • 1B hair color (more natural) is a preferable choice for persons with darker complexion tones.
  • The color of hair extensions or hair on the head must be maintained to last longer. Therefore, you must use color-safe shampoos free of surfactants that discolor the dye such as the ones for 1B hair colour. There are UV-filtering products available to protect hair color from fading.
  • 1B hair color complements various skin tones, however if you want to pick between 1B and jet black, consider your skin tone (warm, blonde, cool, olive), as well as your eye color.

#1B hair color considerations before dying

2. How to get 1B hair color for your hair extensions

When you buy an extension from an online hair vendor supplier, it will be tough to know whether the color matches your natural hair. There are occasions when the images you view on the internet change somewhat. It might be lighter or darker than your natural hair color, you should dye your hair to match the color of the extensions. When you have natural hair you most certainly have 1B hair color. In this case, you should buy extensions in the 1B shade to match your skin tone. However, the curls and pieces of hair still need to be tweaked so that they fit together properly.


#1b hair color for hair extensions

For example, if any of your clothes are already gray, you may restore their brightness by retouching them with a shade of 1B hair color. Depending on your preferences, you can also apply permanent or temporary colors on the extensions.

  • Permanent

You won’t be able to modify the color of your extension if you have this dye. If you apply permanent dye in your locks or extensions, you won’t be able to experiment with different colors. To guarantee that the extensions are not destroyed in the long term, look for permanent ammonia-free 1B dye. 


Permanent 1B hair color

To get a 1B hair color, make sure the product you choose does not include chemicals that can shorten the life of your extensions and cuticles. As previously stated, avoid ammonia-containing items since they might induce spoiling.

3. Some notes about 1B hair color

Dying your 1B hair color is a way to rejuvenate oneself, which can never be incorrect. However, in order to shine as brightly as possible, you need to seek the guidance of certain specialists. Your decision will jolt you awake and will not disappoint you.

3.1. 1B hair color – Color Scheme Selection

Before dying your strands 1B hair color, make sure the color complements your eyes and skin tone. This is a significant consideration, particularly for people who do not have naturally black hair. Black is not suitable for all skin tones, therefore choose the appropriate tone for your skin tone. You can test your skin tone or get assistance from a color professional.


Consider dyeing your hair with 1B hair color to match your skin tones

Even if it gives an appeal of mystery and refinement, black may be a very powerful hue for persons with lighter skin tones. That is why you should color your hair in a shade rather than black. You can start with a medium brown. Then, deepen until you find a hue that works with your skin tone.

3.2. 1B hair color – Texture of hair

As you color your textured hair darker, it may become dry or brittle in the long term. This is owing to the trees’ high porosity. More articles about different forms of braid may be found here. However, you need not be concerned because there are several moisturizing and conditioning solutions available on the market today to maintain your hair healthy. All you have to do is choose the most reliable brand.


Hair texture determines many factors after dyeing 1B hair color

You should also seek protein-rich conditioners and shampoos to help your strands become stronger and more nourished. You may also buy conditioners or hair treatments on a weekly basis to address hair loss when applying such a hair color. In addition, turning to hair extension suppliers may also help. K-Hair Factory is the best wholesale hair factory in Vietnam and one of the best wholesale hair suppliers all over the world. Therefore, we can provide customers with a wide range of hair extensions full of colors and styles, not only the 1B ones.

3.3. 1B hair color – Color of brows

You should dye your brows to match the color of your hair, which is black 1B hair color. As an example, suppose you transition from blonde to black. 


Eyebrows’ color should match with 1B hair color to look more natural

If your brow color and shade aren’t the same, your whole appearance will suffer. If you don’t want to dye your brows, you may color them using brow powder or any other product.

3.4. 1B hair color – Maintenance

This element is significant since you may need to color your hair to conceal obvious roots or gray strands. Are you willing to repeat this curing process every three weeks to keep the color vibrant? Are you prepared to fix your hair if you have visible roots?


Keeping 1B hair color requires many steps of care

If you answered yes, you may proceed. Furthermore, editing is simple because you simply need to color the gray area and the hairline is visible. If you have natural hair, you should go with 1B hair color. Prior to packing and distribution, it is unprocessed, undyed, and natural. To match your locks, you can color it with either temporary or permanent colors.

3.5. 1B hair color – Walking in the dark requires dedication

It is important to realize that switching from dark to light is not simple. It may not be a lifetime commitment, but it is one that you will confront for a long time. Moreover, going back might make it tough for your lock. Hair can become discolored, dry, and damaged, so before you color your hair in general and color your hair with 1B hair color in particular, ask yourself if you’re truly ready for this commitment. 


It is quite difficult to achieve a standard 1B hair color

If you want to change your hair color frequently, this may not be the ideal solution for you. If you truly want to plunge into the dark, you may just add some dim light instead.

3.6. 1B hair color – Alter your cosmetics regimen

Makeup for light hair may not look nice on dark hair like 1B hair color, so switch up your makeup regimen when going out at night. Don’t worry, though, because you don’t need to make many changes.


Change your makeup style to match your 1B hair color

For example, your blush appears a touch too large for your overall appearance, you just use bronzer instead. Experiment to see what works best for your new hair color.

3.7. 1B hair color – Get new hair accessories 

When you go black, you have to get new accessories for your gowns. A tie, bobby pins, headband, comb, and clips are all essentials. To achieve the best overall effect, select ones that complement your new hair color.


Add accessories for 1B hair color

When purchasing 1B hair online, you have several possibilities. It is because dark colored hair is the most popular on the market. Understanding the difference between hair color #1 and 1B hair color is critical if you want a more natural look.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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