Human hair extensions dreadlocks: New trend to specialize individuals

Dreadlocks hair extensions have become trendy this year due to the increasing demand of users in Africa, artists and influencers. This hair type is recommended for the ones who are willing to have a little more “wild” in their look. No worry if the term “human hair extensions dreadlocks” is unfamiliar to you, we will provide you with basic knowledge about this hair style in this article. 

1. Overview of human hair extensions dreadlocks

Although dreadlock hair extensions are not as popular as other types of hair extensions such as human hair extesions for braids due to its uniqueness and distinguished characteristics, it is still worth being invested in as people gradually want to express their strong personality through this product.   

human hair extensions dreadlocks 1

Human hair extensions dreadlocks 

1.1. What are human hair extensions dreadlocks?

Human hair extensions dreadlocks are tightly crocheted without twisted hair, following the African style. It is made from 100% real hair taken from donors. If you wonder how it is called real human hair extensions, the information is available.

This hairstyle is not only used by women but also popular to men in the countries of Africa or hip-hop artists.  

There are other types of hair extensions dreadlocks: synthetic hair and wool. The synthetic hair is mainly made of plastic while the other is made of Nepalese wool. Both are installed with a braid. The synthetic hair is relevant to permanent application, it stays shorter than the real hair extensions.  

Human hair extensions dreadlocks 3

The human – synthetic – wool hair extensions dreadlocks.

1.2. What are the features of human hair extensions dreadlocks?

1.2.1. How to use the human hair extensions dreadlocks

As these hair extensions are used to lengthen the “real” dreadlocks hair extensions, it is simple and easy to put on by yourself. All you have to do is sewing the extensions onto your available dreadlocks and blending it in. Keep continuing doing the same with other loops until all of which are attached to the human hair extensions.

It is recommended to get 40-50 loops for a full of human hair extensions dreadlocks.

Human hair extensions dreadlocks 2

Human hair extensions dreadlocks: How to use?

1.2.2. Pros and Cons of human hair extensions dreadlocks

Pros: There are some significant advantages of this extension type compare to the synthetic dreadlocks and wool

  • Easy to apply on real hair
  • Almost infinite durability
  • Resemble with the real hair and does not require to be replaced overtime
  • Offer a wide range of styles and colors: human hair extensions dreadlocks can be heat-treated and easily dyed

Cons: Though human hair extensions dreadlocks offer patent benefits, there are still drawbacks existing

  • Expensive price
  • Weaving process can bring the hurt to head skin and real dreadlocks hair extensions
  • Mostly require cutting off to be got rid of

1.3. Main types of human hair extensions dreadlocks.

There are two main types of human hair extensions: 

Human hair extensions dreadlocks 4

Main types of human hair extensions dreadlocks

  • Single Ended Dreadlocks: This extension hair type has a loop at the top. The hair is possible to be out through and make a braid to attach it.
  • Double Ended Dreadlocks: It is a long dreadlock hair extension that is folded in the middle into 2 dreadlocks while installation. The total length is approximately 100 cm; thus, when it is put on, the loops are 50cm long.

 1.4. How to preserve the human hair extensions dreadlocks.

  • Keep your head skin clean: As long as your scalp is clean, you can avoid the flake buildup or other irritation. It is necessary to wash your scalp at least once a week as well as use the suitable shampoo to minimize the dryness. 
  • Regular hydrate: The impacts of sunshine, sea water or chlorine can make you human hair extensions dreadlocks flat and matte. Therefore, remember to hydrate your locs regularly by spraying everyday with essential oil.
  • Using bonnet while sleeping: The best condition for your hair extensions dreadlocks is being kept in satin or silk bonnet while you are sleeping. This method would protect your hair from drying out.
Human hair extensions dreadlocks 5

The market of human hair extensions dreadlocks

2. The consuming market of human hair extensions dreadlocks

Here is some basic knowledge about the wholesale human hair extensions dreadlocks business.

2.1. The target customers of human hair extensions dreadlocks

  • The Africans: People especially the men living in this continent are into wearing this type of hair extensions with classic style. As their real hair has the characteristics relevant to crochet into loops, they purchase human hair extensions dreadlocks to lengthen their real hair.
  • The celebrities: Whoever is a rapper, dancer or artist following hip-hop style will be definitely familiar with the dreadlocks hair extensions. If they want to have dreadlock hair extensions in a particular period of time, it is ideal to put on an extension.
  • Others: The fashionistas or models sometimes have to wear the hair extensions locs in order to match with the concept of the clothes. Otherwise, the young with an adventurous personality would be ready to buy human hair extensions dreadlocks to have an unique appearance.    

2.2. How to purchase human hair extensions dreadlocks

Are you ready to buy yourself human hair extensions dreadlocks? There are two main ways to purchase this hair product.

2.2.1. E-commerce

Thanks to the development of technology, today you can purchase human hair extensions dreadlocks by shopping online. The most common online marketplaces offering the finest service to almost every corner around the world are: Amazon, Aliexpress, Ebay, Walmart…

2.2.2. Human hair extensions dreadlocks vendors

Those vendors are also called the wholesale suppliers. Thus, they can offer patent styles, colors and sizes of the hair extensions with a sufficient amount of products. As a result, the consumers not only have freedom in choosing but also get a reasonable price to buy.

If you wonder whether there is a wholesale vendor in your location or how to purchase the product in your area, check out by search for “human hair extensions near me” for more information.

2.3. The price lists of human hair extensions dreadlocks

Beside the fixed cost on e-commerce websites, there is another price list offered by the wholesale human hair extensions dreadlocks for you to take into account.

Human hair extensions dreadlocks 6

Price Lists of Dreadlocks in Europe and Africa

As can be seen from the above dreadlocks price list, the price range of dreadlock hair extensions can vary from less than €10 to more than €300. The differences in any dreadlocks price list are based on the length and the number of hair extensions that you would get. Moreover, the above dreadlocks price list also shows that dreadlock hair extensions from different dreadlocks vendors have different prices. Hence, taking different dreadlocks price list from different hair vendors into account before purchasing is extremely necessary if you wish to buy good dreadlock hair extensions at the best deal!

3. The potential distributors of human hair extensions dreadlocks

As the trend of dreadlocks and dreadlock hair extensions has spread widely, the demand for distribution will definitely rise in the near future. Thus, we have some potential wholesale vendors in Asia that can satisfy the consumption in the human hair extension markets.

3.1. Vietnamese wholesale human hair extensions vendors

Vietnamese are famous for their high-quality product and pleasing customer service. As their source of hair comes from native women living in the mountainous and rural areas, they can ensure the sufficient supply of human hair extensions and dreadlocks.

3.2. Chinese wholesale human hair extensions vendors

Chinese is one of the biggest wholesale markets in the hair business. Thanks to the developing technique in production and the potential labor source, the vendors in this country can be an option that is worth consideration.

Human Hair Extensions Tape In 6

3.3. Indian wholesale human hair extensions vendors

The hair products imported from India always require the most reasonable price among these nations. The reason is that their source of hair is sufficient and pretty cheap. Therefore, the Indian hair vendors would be the suitable distributors of human hair extensions dreadlocks for people with average income.  

4. How to become a wholesale human hair extensions dreadlocks vendor?

The potetial hair market is so attractive that being a wholesale hair extensions supplier of human hair extensions dreadlocks worth being given a try. If you are interested, these are basic steps that are essential for you to take up this business.

  • Step 1: Choose the reliable wholesale distributors of the human hair extensions dreadlocks. It is suggested that you should start a hair business with the vendors that are running a company to make sure that they are the wholesalers.
  • Step 2: Get a special and unique name for your dreadlock hair extensions business. A name having hidden meaning would impress the consumers better.
  • Step 3: Register the business. You should file the full documents to the state and local agencies and finish other required steps in order to run your work smoothly.
  • Step 4:  Get connected with the wholesale vendors and discuss the contract. Remember to pay attention to the logistic policies.

Wholesale human hair extensions dreadlocks vendor

5. How to import human hair extensions dreadlocks from Vietnam

Vietnamese hair extension is a promising market with reliable vendors distributing the sufficient high-quality products. If you are looking for an Asian hair distributor, you should give the Vietnamese market a try.  

5.1. Guideline to import the human hair extensions dreadlocks from Vietnam

If you are interested in the Vietnamese wholesale market and have no idea about how to import products from Vietnam, here the basis guideline for you:

  • Step 1: Make a list of the goods you want to purchase
  • Step 2: Contact the manager of the vendor through the information public on their websites or make a phone call by the hotline.
  • Step 3: Discuss about the price, the payment method, check the quality and sign a contract including logistic service.
  • Step 4: Pay for the bill and receive the human hair extensions dreadlocks.

5.2. Top 7 Vietnamese hair extensions vendors


5.2.1. K-Hair Factory

K-HAIR is known as one of the best hair wholesalers in Vietnam. Founded 30 years ago, this vendor has been the favored cooperator of over 1500 hair vendors all over the world. If you are finding a human hair extensions dreadlocks supplier with high-quality products and great customer service, K-Hair can meet your demand. 

Website: K-Hair Factory

5.2.2. Layla Hair Company


As the slogan of the company: “Shine your beauty”- Layla Hair has the mission to help women and men from all walks of the world be more confident in their appearance. Their motto is to give back the trust and love from the consumers by making the community better every single day.

5.2.3. 5S Hair Factory

5S Hair is one of the earliest hair factories in Vietnam which has skillful labor sources and high-quality products exported to dozens of countries’ wholesale hair sellers. You can import the human hair extensions dreadlocks directly from the factory of 5S Hair.


5.2.4. Mic Hair Factory

This company gathers materials for their production from Vietnamese and Cambodian women; thus, the quality of the human hair extensions dreadlocks is ensured. Mic Hair is also famous for its wonderful customer service and convenient payment methods.

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5.2.5. Queen Hair

Queen Hair factory commits to make the hair extensions from 100% virgin hair. With the experience of 10 years, this vendor has built strong relationships with hundreds of consumers worldwide.


5.2.6. Ivirgo Hair

Ivirgo Hair is recognized as one of the largest hair extensions distributors in Vietnam with the 2000-meter-square factory consisting of hundreds of employees. They will offer you with a wide range of human hair extensions, dreadlocks hair extensions types and colors.  



The company wants to explore and take full advantage of Vietnam’s potential in the hair business. Therefore, their human hair extensions dreadlocks are purely from Vietnamese women’s hair, processed by the Vietnamese labor and bring the Vietnamese high-quality products to international sellers around the world.

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