French Braid – Best Inspiration And 6 Steps For Splendid Beauty

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Aside from the classic fashion trend, French braid hair is quickly becoming a trend that gets the huge attraction of fashionistas and many women across the world. If you are bored with your current hairstyle and need some inspiration for a special occasion or even casual purposes because French braid is a fun and practical option in many cases. Thanks to its flexibility, the hairstyle is timeless yet elegant, and it can be worn with any dress, in any setting. Let’s verify the stunning appearance of French braid with our practical content as below, plus with step-by-step instructions for a complete French braid. 


French Braid – Best Inspiration For Splendid Beauty

1. The definition of French braid

French braid is known as a single or double braid, usually starting at the crown and working down to the nape. French braids differ from normal standard braids based on  three major hair strands or braids of protective hairstyles, making a great contribution to the waterfall appearance in your hairdo. An elastic holds all of the hair at the bottom together in the classic hair look. For example, you may style only half of your hair to highlight its length and  make it as tight as free as you want it to be. French braid is deemed as a hairstyle that is extremely flexible and customizable for users, even if you are a newbie or a hair expert. 

You tend to stick with French braid after you have learned to perform this hairstyle with a simple, hassle-free and fashionable style without worrying about going out of fashion in the beauty industry. Talking about the outstanding difference between French braid and Dutch braid, hair strands of the latter one seem to cross each other with the flat level of smoothness. That is the reason we could consider this hairstyle as a feasible solution to protect our hair strands and prevent exposure to external factors as much as possible. 


What is French braid?

Plus, wearing a French braid still ensures comfortability for users for such a long time as its unique point, compared to other hairstyles, or Dutch braids. What makes a French twist braid different from a standard twisted braid? The French braid tends to be more relaxed. The loose braided hairstyle makes the users feel extremely pleasant; it is not only appropriate for shopping and dating, but it can also be used on other significant occasions!

2. The detailed steps to make French braid

It is time for you to possess a chic French braid with our detailed instructions as easy as possible, even if it is your first time to work out his trendy and special hairstyle. Please just follow the instructions below and you’ll see how practical they are.

  • Preparation
    • A hairspray bottle
    • Wide-tooth comb
    • A couple of bobby pins
    • Hair-banding

Preparation for French braid

  • How to do: 
    • Step 1: It is better that your hair should be entirely dry or slightly damp when you do French braids, instead of in the wet conditions with the main purpose for softness, gorgeous beauty and wavy curls as well. This hairstyle is suitable for both curly and straight hair, and in case you wish to try, let’s do it. To smooth and untangle your hair, start by lightly combining it with a wide-tooth comb. Remember to comb all of your hair from the forehead to the rear of your head to braid at the back of your head. 

Combing the hair to create French braid 

    • Step 2: Begin by sectioning off a large segment of hair in the center of your head (about 8-10cm wide). This hair section should all be in the same “row” for the best look and balance. You should not wear your hair in a high-low style. You can braid your bangs or let them fall if you have them. Choose a style that flatters you the most, apart from the level of suitability for your hair length. To braid your hair, start with the hair at the top of your head, just above your brow. The size of the braid is unaffected by the amount of hair you take now. You can do it with a small section of hair, the more hair strands you add up, the thicker the braid will be.

Sectioning the hair to create French braid

    • Step 3: Make three little portions out of the first part of your hair. French braid, like traditional braids, employ three portions of hair to braid. Part your hair into three equal portions by placing your finger into the section of hair you are holding. Make sure none of the hair sections are smaller or larger than the others. 
    • Step 4: To begin to make a French braid, position your hands in a correct and effective manner: grasp two parts of hair in one hand and a third section of hair in the other. Bring the “correct” portion of hair to the middle to make a classic braid. Then, bring the hair from the left stands to the middle hair strands. Continue until you have numerous rows of French braid as you wish. 

Braiding the hair for French braid 

    • Step 5: Braid your hair again in the traditional style, but this time add another hair strands for this process. Take a tiny piece of hair from each side and blend it with the part of hair you will be putting in the center before you start putting your hair. You will receive a little more hair each time you move the sides of your hair to the middle. There is not much difference between the hair volume you are using. On the other hand, the less hair you use, the more intricate the braid will be. It is better to get your hair near to your face and neck for the ideal French braid. The braid will be buried by the outer hair if you merely pull the hair from the middle (near the main part).

Step to create French braid 

    • Step 6: To braid, remove all hair, you need to run out of hair to add to the braid after a while of braiding. When you braid your hair to the nape of your neck, you have braided all of your hair on both sides. Users can utilize hairspray to fix the position of hair styles or even bobby pints. 

Fashionable French braid hairstyles

3. The outstanding traits of French braid 

There are not many concerns from people for doing French braid for their hairstyles. Let’s look at the pros and cons of this hairdo that people also need to consider.

3.1 The advantages of French braid 

There are a wide range of advantages of French braid which can satisfy the demands of users. Below are the most significant ones.

  • First thing to say, French braid have the ability to stay away from damage from many different factors. This haircut is a perfect choice for those who may suffer from frizzy hair. One more important thing, in case your hair can be exposed to sunshine and dust,  French braid can maintain the moisture for hair growth.

French braid – Protect hair

  • It is impossible to go wrong with a simple and classic approach to appear stylish because French braid do not require much maintenance, along with low-fuss likewise many different hairstyles. That is such a wonderful thing for keeping the majority according to its order, even for outdoor activities, namely sports, swimming or sort of like that for an extended period of time. In addition, why not think out of the box and combine braids with chunky face framing highlights for a unique look? Please just try it and you’ll see such an amazing result.
  • One more thing, having a French braid is deemed as amazing to form wavy or curly hairstyles in a hassle-free manner. Instead of using hot machines, which may have a negative impact on your hair growth and damage, braiding is simpler, plus safer for users as well. Accordingly, you still make sure your wavy hair is stunning and outstanding for many hours.

French braid – Flexibility

  • Flexibility of French braid is the next unique point. We are referring to its ability to mix and match a wide range of accessories to make a spotlight for this hairstyle. Don’t miss to choose subtle and remarkable items to be highlighted in the public. 

3.2 The disadvantages of French braid 

Of course, each hairstyle has its own perks. Hence, there are some dark sides to wearing a French braid in your hair, besides positive aspects, included: 

  • Time-consuming: we need to invest on keeping hair strands in place and its location, especially in the first stage for users. Braiding takes practice as a problem, especially if  you are mastering this skill for French braid, particularly if you are doing it on your own. On the flip side, if you are persistent with doing this, French braid isn’t such a challenge to them. 

Disadvantages of French braid

  • Reduce hair volume: during the process of application, people sometimes may tame the wanted hair volume as usual. That is the reason we need to get in-depth knowledge about French braid before practicing at home. Once the hair volume is reduced, you can choose hair extensions to solve the problem. The point is that you compare wholesale hair distributor to choose the best one. Otherwise, you may encounter scams.

4. The bottom line about French braid

To be confident for many trendy and stunning hairstyles, of these, French braid, remember you have a proper daily hair care routine for the best look of hairstyles. No matter your hairstyle you are applying, it is likely to struggle a little bit at the former stage, even for French braid. 


What to remember about French braid?

Braids have always been and will continue to be one of the most elegant and put-together appearances. Braids are ideal for a variety of occasions, including going to the gym, a casual professional look for the office, and even a wedding hairstyle to truly express its flexibility. It is highly recommended  to understand the differences in braided hairstyles, including twisted braids, Dutch braid, French braid or sort of like that  in order to pick up the most hairstyle suitable for you guys. Accordingly, your hair may be outstanding and attractive for the most. 

This brings you guys to the end of applying the most beautiful French braid hairstyles. They are appropriate for all hair lengths from medium to long, as well as any occasions you want. Check them out carefully, be inspired, and try out your own textures and hair color ideas. Above all, remember to share your findings and photos with us – K-Hair factory, the biggest hair extension factory in Vietnam for further useful information about beauty. 

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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