Navy blue hair dye: Top 9 steps to color fine hair at home

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Hair coloring is a way that people use to improve their look. If you find the original color of black, brown or even blonde boring, you can go for other stunning hues such as red, purple and blue. The navy blue is one of the most popular shades as it brings a special but not weird for the users. If you are looking for a navy blue hair dye product that can be used at home, this article has the best names for you.

1. Navy blue hair dye: Overview about dyed hair

Before getting the list of navy blue hair dye, please have a look at the comprehensive review about dyed hair. Are all types of hair can work well with the hair dye? How long can the color stay on your hair? Find the answers below. 

1.1. Navy blue hair dye: Which hair can be dyed?

To be honest, the hair dye contains numerous chemicals that will weaken your strands. Thus, if your hair is too weak, it can not stand the process of dyeing. In other words, make sure that your hair is healthy, hydrated and does not have issues such as split ends. Otherwise, the best option for you is to turn to a B2B hair factory or hair reseller for dyed hair extensions.

Are you wondering if your hair is strong enough? We have a way for you to test your hair’s health in just a few seconds. By evaluating the ability to react to water, you can point out if your hair is relevant to dyeing or not. 

Pull a small part of extremely taut and smooth hair between two fingers. It is recommended to take the middle part of the hair strands, which is next to the end of hair. Add a drop of water and wait for it to coat the hair strand. Count the time required for the water to be absorbed completely in the hair. If the process takes longer than 10 seconds, your hair is healthy and appropriate for the dyeing. 


Hair test before applying navy blue hair dye

1.2. Navy blue hair dye: The pros and cons of dyed hair

There are some significant benefits of dyed hair that worth to be mentioned:

  • Change your appearance: We all know that the hair has a great impact on your look. Thus, when you have your hair with different colors, such as the navy blue hair dye, you will appear different. There are multiple shades of hair dye available to satisfy your demands. 
  • Impress your characteristic: The way we look also indicates your personality and so does the hair color. If you are bored with the original color of dark hair and find the light hue more relevant, the hair dye will help you. If you are into the strange and outstanding look, the green, red or even navy blue dye should be given a try.
  • Make your hair appear greater: There are some certain dye colors or dyeing styles that will improve the look of your hair. For instance, the brown hair with red highlights will be added dimension and depth. Other styles like ombre, lowlights also provide a stunning look as well as the thickness’ illusion for your hair.

However, here are some drawbacks of dyed hair that you should take into account.

  • Require high maintenance: As dyeing hair is a practice of coloring your hair stands with the chemicals, this product just coats the outside of your strands. Therefore, to remain the color, great effort and caring are required. You would definitely have to invest in the purple shampoo for dyed hair, the moisturizers and so on. 
  • Damage your hair: When the hair dye is applied on your hair, it brings a wide range of harmful ingredients that will weaken your strands. In addition, if you are into the light color and have to bleach your hair, the hydrogen peroxide contained in this product will make the strands dead or brittle. 
  • Hair dye is expensive: To have the most effective and great final look of dyed hair, you may have to ask for a hair expert to dye the hair for you. Not to mention the money to buy dyeing products and hire the expert, you are also required to spend on the maintenance of the dyed hair. 

Pros and cons of navy blue hair dye

1.3. Navy blue hair dye: What is the durability of dyed hair?

If you have a permanent hair dye, your dyeing color will stay on your strands until they grow longer and you have to recolor them. If you use the light shade, such as the navy blue hair dye for permanence, the new roots of hair when it grows out after six to ten weeks will require you to re-dye the strands while the color at the middle and end part stays still.

Another type of dyeing is the semi-permanent. This type is more popular, users can either go to the hair salon or DIY at home to apply the semi-permanent navy blue hair dye on their scalps. The color will disappear or almost fade after 24 times of washing. 

1.4. Navy blue hair dye: How to maintain the dyed hair

  • Reduce the amount of times you wash because the color fades faster the more you wash. As a result, you only wash your hair once or twice a week, rather than three times a week as is traditional. Keep in mind that high temperatures will destroy the color from your hair, so only use cold water to rinse it.
  • Make use of the right products: Wash your hair with colored hair shampoo instead of conventional shampoo. After you’ve washed your hair, apply an equal amount of conditioner to the strands to keep them moisturized. You can also use the hair oil on a daily basis to nourish colored hair.
  • Re-dye your hair: As your hair grows longer, the roots of colored strands will revert to their natural hue. Re-dye the hair strands after the new roots are very vivid, which is normally around 6 to 8 weeks, to get the best navy blue color.
  • Heat styling and exposure to UV rays should be avoided for at least one day after dyeing your hair, because UV rays can fade the navy blue hair dye. When curling your hair, avoid using a dryer or iron because the high temperatures will cause your strands to dry out and the colors to disappear.

Maintain navy blue hair dye

2. Top recommendations for navy blue hair dye

If you are looking for the products of navy blue hair dye, the best options besides hair extensions from best human hair bulk are listed in this part. Consider the review carefully and have the most appropriate pick.

2.1. What is navy blue hair dye? 

The hair dye in general is the product containing chemicals that change the color of your hair. Navy blue hair dye is the one which colors your strands from a blonde or light base into the navy blue hue. 

There are three types of navy blue hair dye: temporary, semi-permanent and permanent dyes. Each of them has different features and longevity of color. The most common type among hair lovers is the semi-permanent navy blue hair dye.  

3. How to use the navy blue hair dye

If you are going to dye your hair at home, this is the most detailed guideline of using the navy blue hair dye that may be needed. 

3.1. Navy blue hair dye: Do I need to bleach my hair?

Bleaching is the process in which the chemicals break down the melanin pigment of hair to turn it into the yellow base. This stage will help the color appear vivid and more “purely”. However, not all the shades require bleaching. The navy blue hair is a dark shade, which can be directly dyed if you have a originally light base color of hair. Otherwise, if you have a dark hair base, especially the dark hair, it is recommended to bleach your strands before the use of navy blue hair dye. If your hair turns orange after bleaching, the solution is using the best toner for orange bleached hair


From bleaced hair to navy blue hair dye

3.2. Steps to dye my hair navy blue

Here are the fullest steps to use navy blue hair dye at home with the bleaching process in case you need it.

  • Step 1: Perform a skin test to determine if you are allergic to anything. Place a drop of hair dye on the skin of your palm to make sure it’s safe. You are not allergic to the dye if your skin does not turn red or rough after 10 minutes. In the meanwhile, if any are present, avoid using that sort of hair dye.
  • Step 2: Wash your hair one or two days before dying it, as the oil in your hair will aid the hair dye’s adhesion to the strands. It’s best not to apply conditioner to your hair strands the day before you plan to color them since the texture will disrupt the natural oils.
  • Step 3: Put on a pair of plastic gloves and an old shirt before dying to avoid harming your garments and having negative skin consequences. Cover your shoulders and carefully cover your ears with an old cloth. Apply a thin layer of vaseline or petroleum oil to the hairline of the forehead.
  • Step 4: Combine the powder bleach and developer in the mixing basin and combine with the brush. Take note of the product’s directions on the box, and stick to the prescribed ratio to get the greatest result.
  • Step 5: Starting at the strand at the bottom half, apply the bleach mixture to one hair part at a time. Wrap the area that has been coloured with foil. Apply the bleach evenly and near to the hair roots with a hair brush.

Applying navy blue hair dye

  • Step 6: Follow the product’s directions and leave the bleach on your hair for a specific amount of time. If you notice a burning sensation on your scalp or breakage in your hair strands, wash the bleach out right away.
  • Step 7: Remove the foils from the bleach and wash it. Make sure the hairlines, as well as the neck and ears, are thoroughly clean. When you touch your hair after washing it, it should not be gritty or sandy.
  • Step 8: Mix the navy blue hair dye according to the proportions specified on the product’s box. To protect your scalp from the blue color, reapply petroleum jelly to your hairline.
  • Step 9: After finishing, apply the navy blue hair dye to your bleached strands and wrap them in foil. Allow 30 minutes for the color to set before washing your hair with cool water. Remember to wipe away the petroleum jelly before washing and to finish with a conditioner.

That’s all about navy blue hair dye and further information about it. K-Hair hope that our article has provided you with useful insight into the hair coloring as well as the tips to follow. Visit the K-Hair website to read more valuable writing about haircare.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

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