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Aside from the haircut, the manner you separate your hair has a significant impact on your appearance. The proper choice of hair part is significantly affected by the shape of your face. Let’s see which style best complements your face and follow through; you’ll be amazed by the results. In addition, we will also provide you with detailed knowledge about hair part styles and proper maintenance as well.

1. Who would be a good fit for hair part styles?

Young people have adopted the trend of changing their hair form based on the image of renowned persons in recent years. Hairstyles with hair parts, which are generally reserved for guys, are becoming increasingly fashionable. Hair part conveys a lovely, airy, opulent, and aristocratic appearance. Additionally, if you have short hair, you will appear more personality, lively, and youthful.


All girls adore the hair part

But it’s not only that, in many instances, the style of parting hair and employing long bangs disguises a girl’s imperfections. At the same time, emphasize the lovely elegance of the facial angle in which you are most confident. The hair part is nearly universally relevant to girls of all ages and with all hair textures. It may be done whether the hair is short or long, straight or wavy, bangs or no bangs; all that is required is the appropriate part to the face.

Previously, we only saw long straight hair part in the center; currently, hairstyles are developed in a more diversified manner. Besides separating and combing the hair to the sides, we can also use the 4/6, 3/7 hair part or flip the hair to one side, etc.


Hair part now has many options instead of haft-haft in the past

2. How to select a hair part style for each girl facility

Doing the hair part is simple, but not every type of it is fit for you. You must first determine your facial shape in order to apply the appropriate hairstyle. Make certain that it conceals the defects on the face while emphasizing the nice features.

2.1. Hair part for square-shaped faces

Many girls are self-conscious about their square faces, sometimes known as the fill face. You won’t have to worry about it if you’re a boy. The rough, sinewy, and slightly angular characteristics, on the other hand, do not make the girls fall in love with it. Subsequently, Selecting the hair part of these face shapes becomes much more difficult. Because it is important to cover the angular section of the cheekbones and chin in order to radiate gentleness and femininity. You can choose a style for women with a 3/7 parted hair.


Deep side hair part for square-shape face

Girls with square, angular faces frequently discover that no matter where they separate their hair, the corner of their face is not softer. That’s because a parting isn’t enough on its own; you’ll need to add extra lengthy bangs or slanted bangs. The side part, particularly the deep side part, paired with the floating bangs will serve to lengthen the square face, making the overall look more beautiful and less angular.

This is an excellent option for concealing both cheeks while creating a longer, more ethereal face. It is up to you to decide how to separate your hair less. Consider which side of your face will give you the greatest confidence, then part your hair less on that side.

2.2. Hair part for round-shaped faces

Hair parts are best suited to those with round faces. But sometimes the feeling of being excessively round and chubby might make girls feel insecure. So, you should use the middle part or 4/6 deviation to make the face appear longer and thinner. This hair portion creates the illusion of a longer face in both situations, assisting a round face to become more beautiful and balanced. However, don’t worry since your intrinsic charm will be preserved owing to this round face.


You should turn the hair part in the middle or to the deep side

If you like short hair, don’t be afraid that it will make your face appear bigger. A little wavy hair with deep side hair parts can help you become more personality, young, and dynamic than ever before.

2.3. Hair part for oval faces

Congratulations if you have an oval face shape; you have the most perfect face shape in the world and may vary your appearance with a variety of parting techniques. The center part, side part, any hair part, and bangs all look good on an oval face.


Oval face is in harmony with all hair part styles

It will be quite easy to pick a hair part style for an oval face with harmonious lines. A middle part with long straight hair, a 4/6 or 3/7 part with curly hair, or a hair part with shoulder-length hair are all appropriate. Therefore, don’t be afraid to experiment with remarkable models you’ve never considered before! This will be your opportunity to try out fresh looks.

2.4. Hair part for diamond faces

A diamond or pointed face has a broad forehead that narrows towards the chin. Thus, the bangs will cover the forehead and cheeks with. As a consequence, the overall appearance is more harmonized and tranquil. If you have long, silky hair, you exude a delicate feminine quality.


A diamond face with a pointed chin is frequently devoid of fullness

A deep side parting is an excellent way to enhance this feature. The deep side part not only makes the pointed face appear bigger and gentler, but it also allows loose to cover part of the cheekbones organically, softening the overall face. You can try on the closure with this hair part style to check the suitability beforehand as well. Closure of this style is very common, so you just need to choose the best hair warehouse to ensure the quality and price factors of  the closure. Hair factories in Asia like Vietnamese ones are the most well-known for this product.

Long and 3/7 or 4/6 hair parts, mixed with natural curls would undoubtedly be the best option. If you wish to become softer and more cool, you should not overlook this choice.

2.5. Hair part for long faces

Experts believe that the middle hair part is best for long faces because it creates the illusion of a rounder, more balanced face. Furthermore, bangs are born for long faces since they aid to decrease the length of the face.

Long faces are less likely to have this hairstyle. Because wearing a hair part naturally lengthens the face. Furthermore, if you turn incorrectly, you will display faults such as withered cheeks and a pointed chin.


Long faces should wear the middle hair part or have bangs

Apply the 3/7 hair part or comb all the hair to one side if you wish to part the part in this situation. This hairstyle will assist you in highlighting the lovely lines of the face, so attracting all attention. Furthermore, curly hair will look much better with this separation. This will round out the face, minimizing the stiffness of the long face. Thus, the efficacy of projecting a feminine, charming, and compassionate image will not be called into question.

3. Keep the flexible and healthy hair part with proper hair care

Girls are ecstatic about their new hair part cutting. However, many people have frizzy hair and are unable to hold their hair in place. Despite the fact that it was initially separated in a very lovely manner. In this case, try to apply the hair care and styling method to keep your hair part nice by following the steps below:

Step 1: Using a comb, part your hair according to the parting hair design you choose.

Step 2: Make a parting tool out of hairspray and hairpins. Spray glue on the clip and then begin to repair the hairline.

Step 3: Next, secure the bangs with a clip that has been sprayed with hairspray. A 3-5cm from the hairline.


Hair part care in the right way

Step 4: Repeat Step 3 and secure the hair around the ear (above the shoulder) in a natural fashion.

Step 5: Using a hair dryer, dry the hair from the roots to the ends. Keep the temperature low to minimize discomfort and hair damage; 

Step 6: Finally, remove the clips when the hair has cooled, and you will have precisely separated, long-lasting hair.

Avoid letting your hair come into direct contact with fans and wind if you don’t want to lose your parting and keep your hair from becoming ruffled. At the same time, you should avoid wearing a hat since it will cause your hair to become tangled.

4. Hair part styles for girls who want a different hairstyle

The bangs will be brushed to the sides in the hair part for girls. At this point, your face will be separated into two normal portions, the exposed part of the face and the flat or slanted bangs. The goal of this haircut is to produce a more facially concentrated look. However, if you have a face that is not perfectly symmetrical or has some flaws, you must carefully select the proper hair part to conceal the flaws on the face. At the same time, turning the bang isn’t enough to be admired for its beauty. You should wear hair that is groomed and colored to match.

4.1. Short hair with middle hair part 

Girl hair part styles with short hair are most suited to girls with oval, full, and balanced features. The front bang is divided evenly on both sides, resulting in a delicate yet beautiful attractiveness. Simultaneously, when matched with short hair, the individuality shines through. Please also think of “what color highlights should I get“, the chunky highlights will make you much more gorgeous.


Puffy short hair parting for women

Short, puffy hair with a center hair part has just become a new hairstyle trend for Korean ladies. Because of the cuteness that this hairdo has brought, young Asians are going crazy. If you have an oval face, don’t be afraid to experiment with this hairstyle.

4.2. Long straight hair with middle hair part 

Do you recognize anything? A female hairstyle with a center part and long straight hair. Isn’t it quite familiar, especially in recent times?

This haircut gives a delicate and appealing attractiveness. For the girls, add some sweetness and charm. And, on many occasions, make the opposite person admire your hair. If you are fortunate enough to have long hair, congrats; this hairstyle will be a good fit for you.


Long hair with a feminine center hair part

What if you have short hair but still desire this hairstyle? Just use the hair extensions! Especially, long straight hair extensions with a bit of curls/waves and colors styles added afterwards will bloom your appearance. You are highly recommended to choose a reliable hair supplier such as K-Hair factory for the hair extensions. All the hair extensions are 100% high-quality human hair, processed in the hair factories and delivered to you directly. You will be assured not to encounter any scams which are quite popular in the hair business now.

4.3. Shoulder-length and hair part

Hairstyles for short and long hair can be parted. What about hairstyles for shoulder length? Is it good for part hair? Yes, the answer is yes.


Shoulder-length hair is not too short and combined with the middle hair part

And it will look even better if the hair is lightly curled or curled at the end. Your hair will stand out more, whether you have parting bangs or short hair that creates a fashionable and feminine style.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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