The best natural HairStyles for Black Women

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Gisèla Mudumbi Van Houcke, one of the faces on the 2018 Top 30 Forbes Africa list is a wonderful hair starter. Her journey began with a hobby of hair bundles, but soon becoming a booming business.  Indeed, hair extension is a lucrative land for those who have an entrepreneur spirit. Grab the chance and know more about hair business are the leading keys. To those who are considering the appropriate hairstyles to start a hair business or expand it, you can find the answers in this report: Natural hairstyles for black women

1. Why should hair extensions bundles be the natural hairstyles?

Thanks to hair extensions, we don’t have to wait for our hair to grow back but still can have a glamorous look. It’s an incredible thing for those searching for beauty enhancement and the businessman/ businesswoman in this field as well. However, the installation must be skillful and delicate in order to match the hair to the scalp perfectly. Moreover, the main material- hair bundles must have a natural look themselves. For more useful information about hairstyles, you should miss this one: best summer hair extension styles for summer.

1.1. Benefit of natural hairstyles toward hair dealers

Wearing a wig or hair bundles is a personal decision. On average, a woman can spend $300- $500 for a wig installation at the salon. Some can pay a thousand dollars for the luxurious hair bundles. In  Africa’s big cities like Lagos, Cairo, Nairobi, Johannesburg… 50000USD are human hair sales a year. Obviously, beautiful hair is worth money and selling natural hairstyles won’t leave any complaint. 

1.2. Natural hairstyles are desire of customers

While some women are satisfied with their natural hairstyles, which are comfortable and don’t take much time to get ready in the morning, others choose hair extensions to change their appearance. The reasons women are splashing out is because of functionality, beauty and vanity.

2. Natural Hairstyles  suggested for black women

To meet the customer’s demand, the hair weaves are produced and designed in different textures, which can be matched perfectly with human scalp. 

2.1. Straight hair- the basic hairstyle

For those who love the simplicity and want to curl or dye hair by themselves, straight hair is the good choice. Short straight hair bundles with the middle parting closure can bring the natural looks for women. For the short length from 8 inches to 12 inches, the grade Single drawn still looks full on the scalp. 


Natural straight hair- beautiful hairstyles for women

Vietnamese natural straight hair is cut from Vietnamese women. The hair is very soft, retains the natural hair strand texture and characteristics of the mountainous ones. The cuticles are aligned, so the hair is no tangle and no shedding. Each hair bundle is washed carefully at the factory and meets the sanity standard to be exported worldwide. 

2.2. Bone Straight hair- trendy hair texture

Bone straight hair never goes out of style. Still retaining the simplicity as natural straight hair, but bone straight hair has shiny, silky and ravish look. You can put your fingers in the bundles, and they can go through the hair easily. 


Bone straight hair- trendy hairstyles for African women

To make bone straight hair, hair experts use the natural straight hair bundles to wash and straight them with steam and heat. The formula is a secret but no chemicals or preservatives are used in the process to keep the fresh hair. 

Obviously, natural black bone straight hair is popular with customers who are looking for natural hairstyles. However, for those who want the more unique hair, Piano bone straight hair or Burgundy bone straight hair will be worth your top list. 

2.3. Wavy/ Curly hair

Wavy and Curly hair are also the favorite hairstyles for Africa and Africa- American women. They are called Brazilian and Peruvian hair as well. Not because the hair comes from these Latin America countries (all the hair sources in the world are from 3 main countries: India, China and Vietnam), Brazilian or Peruvian is just the general name of hairstyles.


Tip Twist Curl from K-Hair factory

Some popular wavy and curly hairstyles are: Body wavy, Water curly, Natural wavy… These hair textures are usually ordered at the long inches by customers because they want to wear the fluffy and soft hair. 

2.4. Pixie/ Kinky hair

Pixie and kinky hair textures might be the closest hairstyles with African women. Because their natural  hair strand is quite rough and dry, some women are fond of the kinky and pixie texture. The beautiful hair will help them to gain more confidence and worth top dollars indeed.


Pixie hairstyles- origin of Vietnam

3.  Why do I choose Vietnamese hair for natural hairstyles? 

A lot of choices might pop up in your mind when you tend to buy hair extension: first- which country produces the best hair, second- which hair factory have the various textures and reasonable price at the same time and last but not least, how to resell the hair proficiently. You might go into these directions: Chinese hair companies, Indian hair vendors, Vietnamese hair manufacturers and the detailed factory names.

In conclusion, the natural hairstyles for black women can be found not only in the natural hair but also in the hair extensions. “ It’s Monday, visit your hairstylist and everything will be alright”, the quote shows how flawless hair can cheer up a human’s emotion and create invaluable confidence for a human being. Let’s find the natural hairstyles by your ways. 

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I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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