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Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind festive hairstyle? Try out some hair tinsels or glitters! The hair accessory that was widespread in the past will be popular again this summer. Continue reading to find out how to knot hair tinsel in your own hair. This blog will be the most detailed version of hair tinsel knowledge, including all about its existence, comeback, application and removal.

1. Get to know hair tinsel

Hair tinsel, also popular for giving the vibes of glitter hair or fairy hair, is a hairstyle in which glitters are affixed to the hair. The tinsel is available in a range of hues. Choose from a variety of rainbow colors for a wild effect or one that suits your hair color for a more elegant look. Blonde hair, for example, looks fantastic with blonde glitter, whilst black hair looks excellent with dark blue tones.


Hair Tinsel

Because glitter is generally straight, this hairstyle works well with wavy or straight hair. Also, hair should be at the length of at least two inches to make the application procedure easier.

2. The reasons why hair tinsel is back in style after a long time away

Feathers, butterfly clips, and bohemian head scarves are all examples of how the Y2K style is affecting the present trend, and we believe it! The hair extension craze known as hair tinsel or fairy hair was just added to the list. Hair tinsel was a fashionable hairstyle in the late 1990s and early 2000s that involved pinning strands of dazzling glitter all over the length of the hair. Glitter, which is versatile and capable of bringing fun to all hair kinds and colors, is back in style, and we have a few tips for you before you decide to use it.

You may also pick natural hair colors like black and brown, which have been improved with a silk blend to provide a shine that blends in flawlessly with real hair. Hair tinsel, which began as a TikTok craze, has evolved into a legitimate hair trend to keep an eye on. At the same time, so many other beauty trends of the past are relived these days. Do you still remember the 90s blowout hair? We did also share about this amazing hairstyle. Just read and see the amazing comeback of past beauty trends.


The hair tinsel extensions are available in silver or metallic shades, or in a color combination

3. Several options for applying hair tinsel

Anyone can learn how to put glitter to their hair. Hair stylists usually take the time to master this method since they have a large number of clientele to share the sheen with. However, anybody with inventiveness and the ability to add sparkly extensions may do so. Hair tinsel extensions can be installed totally on your own or in expert salons.

3.1. Installation hair tinsel at home

When it comes to the hair suppliers business, you will probably immediately think of various hair extension types to help users add more length and volume to their natural hair. However, have you ever heard of hair extensions that are used for glittering effects only? They are exactly the hair tinsel extensions that you will use to install at home following our guides below! They are just similar to normal hair extensions and are full of different types such as clip in, microbead or tape in hair tinsel, etc.

To apply glitter at home, just knot a few strands of glitter into ten strands of your own hair. If, for any reason, you are unable to consult a professional, use these simple procedures to add glitter or hair tinsel to your hair:

  • Begin by washing and drying your hair. To eliminate knots, comb your hair.
  • Separate the strands of hair where you want the glitter to be with a rattail comb. Use hairpins if required to protect the rest of your hair from getting greasy as you work.

While the procedure is simple, applying hair tinsel may cause some discomfort

  • On the tinsel extension, tie a sliding knot. Thread a few hair strands through the loop and secure towards the base of the strand. Plan on using three to five strands for each tinsel if you have fine hair. Use one or two strands per extension for thick hair.
  • Continue with as many glitter extensions as you like. Then, using scissors, trim the hair extensions to the same length as your hair.

Do-it-yourself hair tinsel is a different problem. Your arm will be painful and your eyes will be a bit constricted since you apply by looking through a mirror. This way, the knot should be very tight and should last for 1 to 2 days. You must not comb through the glitter as it will easily slip out of the hair.

3.2. Use adhesive for hair tinsel longer lasting by hair salon

Hair salons have a number of techniques to apply the shimmer to your hair. The hair tinsels may last up to two weeks.

  • Since the attachment is heat resistant, they mix in a little quantity of Keratin binder, then softly melt the adhesive and sparkle into the hair. This is a similar procedure to on-demand hair extensions.
  • Using a crochet hook, we thread the glitter and a micro-link into the hair, and the link is then closed with pliers. Glitter will last around one week.

Temporary hair tinsel installing methods

3.3. Apply hair tinsel in conjunction with extensions

For a more powerful effect, attach the glitter with a hair tie. Although glitter is more brittle than hair extensions, with careful care, it may last up to a month.

  • Apply heat-resistant glitter to the hair extension using a keratin hair connection. Remove the leftover glitter from the extension with care. This method will make your hair tinsel last the longest.
  • Wrap glitter around the extension with an i-tip hair connector and clip it through the hair. Glitter is held in place by hair extensions and will endure for more than two weeks.
  • Using hair extension tape, apply glitter to one side of the tape extension, then add another piece of tape on top and press with pliers. Before gluing, you can clip away any extra glitter. This method is excellent for getting glittering highlights and making the most of your makeup.
  • Open the packet with Veila’s extender and thread the glitter or hair tinsel over the piece of hair being pulled through. Make glitter with pliers and clip your hair. With this method, you may use a lot of glitter to add a lot of dazzle. This will take many weeks.
  • After applying the micro-link mesh, stitch the tinsel with hair around the micro-links with a hand-tied seam extension. Use as much or as little glitter as you like to achieve the desired look.

Hair tinsel mixed with hair extensions will remain in the hair for a longer time

4. Detailed guides on hair tinsel installation

After explaining all the options for applying hair tinsel, now we want to give you more details on the application process. Here are what to follow to apply and take care as well as to remove the tinsel. 

4.1. Advance installation for hair tinsel

Some tips for applying hair tinsel to create the finest aesthetic impact. Hair care with hair tinsel and beauty advice to know before adding it to your hair.

  • Apply a little dry shampoo or hairspray to the roots if your hair is slick and glitter is falling down the strands. This will give your strands “shine,” making it simpler for the glitter to adhere to your hair.
  • Check the heat resistance of your tinsel packing. Some brands are more resistant to heat than others. To avoid melting the glitter and harming your hair, utilize the low heat setting on your hot tools. Alternatively, utilize heat-free curling methods to style your hair.

Hair tinsel is easy to take care of and does not damage hair

  • Add some eyelash glue to the knot if you want to maintain the strand of hair as long as possible.
  • To finish your appearance, use hair building fibers. Glitter brings extra emphasis to your curls, so using some hair to conceal any scalp exposure will assist produce a sleeker final effect.

Care of hair tinsel after applying

  • You should be cautious when combing your hair after applying glitter at the salon. Rodriguez says you may brush your hair normally for the most part, but be careful towards the root where the glitter is put.
  • Hair dryers, straighteners, and other styling appliances can also be heard by the tinsel. This fairy hair trend requires little upkeep, so you can effortlessly maintain it at home. You may continue to wash and style your hair as usual; however, avoid combing the roots to avoid tying up the ring extensions.

Hair tinsels actually don’t need too much care

Fortunately, there is no significant danger in possessing hair tinsel glitters. Rodriguez, on the other hand, suggests combing your hair at least twice a day to keep it in excellent shape and prevent frizz.

4.2. Hair tinsel removal

Using the manner described above, the hair tinsel or glitter should remain in your hair until the strand comes out. This implies that hair glitter can persist for up to six weeks.

However, if you wish to remove the hair glitter before it falls out, just cut the extension off with scissors. When you’re ready, carefully snip the glitter from the hair extension. It is critical to avoid natural hairstyles and/or extensions. It is better to get it removed by a professional stylist.


Hair tinsel removal may necessitate the assistance of a professional in some cases

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