BLACKPINK Hairstyles – Top Best Beauty Trends Since Their Debut

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BLACKPINK hairstyle always gets a lot of media attention especially before the girls’ every comeback. The girl group knows how to leave an impression in the hearts of fans since debut until now. The girls draw attention to themselves with their eye-catching fashion sense and outstanding haircuts. Let’s take a look at the beautiful BLACKPINK hairstyle that the girls wore since their debut day.


BLACKPINK Hairstyles – Top Best Beauty Trends Since Their Debut

1. BLACKPINK hairstyle – Jisoo 

Jisoo started her career as a main vocalist as the oldest sister in a four-member girl group. Jisoo has been named numerous times with her exploding visuals for every BLACKPINK hairstyle since she was a newbie.

1.1. BLACKPINK hairstyle – Jisoo’s long straight hair

Jisoo is the eldest member of BLACKPINK, and her haircuts tend to be long and straight, with natural shades (such as her regular black or brown). Many people believe her hairstylist is extremely shady because her hair is so simple to do. To prevent boring the audience, Jisoo has recently reappeared with a variety of BLACKPINK hairstyles.


BLACKPINK hairstyle – Jisoo’s long straight hair

Jisoo has always been devoted to the splitting bangs with long straight hair that built her brand, but one day she emerged with a new flat bang, which quickly became a hot topic in online social media. Not just because of her flat bangs, but also because of Jisoo’s magical aura, which can easily handle any hairstyle.


BLACKPINK hairstyle – Jisoo’s long straight hair

1.2. BLACKPINK hairstyle – Jisoo’s rainbow hair

Jisoo mentioned that she is obsessed with purple and that any stunning purple hairstyle would become her favorite. Jisoo enjoys purple, yet purple is soft and has a predisposition to dark tones. But, in order to stay contemporary, she did not hesitate to change the color of her purple dress. 


BLACKPINK hairstyle – Jisoo’s rainbow hair

For the K-POP group’s “As If It’s Your Last” release, she wore a stylish purple tone. The coloring looks great on her, and supporters expect to see Jisoo experiment with different hair colors in the future. Jisoo is supposed to be so fabulous in any BLACKPINK hairstyle.


BLACKPINK hairstyle – Jisoo’s rainbow hair

The most distinguishing aspect is that the black tone has been greatly diminished, with a softer color tone replacing it. As an example, she picked the reverse purple ombre hair color for herself. Inadvertently, Jisoo’s face became brighter and more brilliant as a result of this. Purple is more visible at the ends of the hair, whereas red is most visible at the roots. Later, she became hooked to light tones and dyed her hair a startling blue color. Her hair’s kaleidoscope of vibrant colors makes us feel like we’re in a real rainbow.

1.3. BLACKPINK hairstyle – Jisoo’s straight hair with bow clips 

Jisoo has already made people fall in love with a variety of stunning BLACKPINK hairstyles. She looks good in any haircut because of her gorgeous appearance. The combination of clips or exquisite bow ties is quite apparent. Jisoo, who is known for her delicate feminine image, made a comeback with the MV “How You Like That,” which promoted a huge bow-tie haircut. This generates an impression that is both innocent and pure, as opulent as a wealthy lady.


BLACKPINK hairstyle – Jisoo’s straight hair with bow clips

Jisoo also popularized the bow-tie hairdo. Instead of the customary pairing on the back of the neck, Jisoo opted for a pair of sideburns on both sides of her hair to create a lovely and personality look. The bow hairpin, which Jisoo initiated from the teaser image until the event, has also become a hot item that many girls want to buy. This hairstyle can also be matched with the wispy curtain bangs or long curtain bangs as well. The bangs will help flatter the face shape so much.

2. BLACKPINK hairstyle – Jenni

Jennie has been a continuous face of fever, gaining significant attention from the media and being sought after by brands and corporations since her debut till now, along with her group mates. Many fans like Jennie because of her stunning looks, charming attitude, and distinctive design sense as well as appealing BLACKPINK hairstyles. Every time she appears, she turns heads with her beautiful attire and a variety of unique and realistics hairstyles that satisfy the “YG princess” standard.

2.1. BLACKPINK hairstyle – Jenni’s braid hair

Jennie’s hair color is rarely changed, although she is “variable” with many haircuts on her dark brown hair. Jennie is also a hair braiding addict: she has worn everything from baby braids to two side braids to fishbone braids. 


BLACKPINK hairstyle – Jenni’s braid hair

This 90s-inspired baby braid exemplifies Jennie’s ability to stay current. This haircut is also popular among Hailey Bieber, Kylie Jenner, and Bella Hadid. This is also an amazing choice among various party hairstyles to choose from. You’ll definitely rock it with this hairstyle.

2.2. BLACKPINK hairstyle – Jenni’s curly hair

Jennie looks fantastic no matter what style she wears. She constantly understands how to enhance her beauty and make herself stand out. Her preferred hairstyle is to keep her hair long, straight, and shining. BLACKPINK’s followers, on the other hand, froze when she flaunted her round curls in public.


BLACKPINK hairstyle – Jenni’s curly hair

Curly hair is regarded as one of the most difficult hairstyles to achieve. Because it makes you appear older and more dignified, but it may also make you appear incredibly naughty. The reality demonstrates Jennie’s ability to “handle” this tough hair model. And of course, this hairstyle has become one of the most fabulous BLACKPINK hairstyles.

2.3. BLACKPINK hairstyle – Jenni’s front dyed hair

The list of classic BLACKPINK hairstyles must include Jennie’s haircut during the K-POP group’s “How You Like That” stage. This 25-year-old girl lightened her front hair while leaving the rest of her hair black. This prompted a slew of influencers and cosmetics artists to attempt on similar looks.


BLACKPINK hairstyle – Jenni’s front dyed hair

Jennie is the one who started the coloring bangs style, which is still quite popular today. Simply dye the bangs in bright colors like red or platinum so that the two hair portions have opposite tones. In this design, you don’t have to spend a lot of effort to get a sophisticated look; simply let your hair down or tie a ponytail to seem gorgeous.

3. BLACKPINK hairstyle – Rosé

With the “wonderful” beauty of a fairy and the obvious charm of the BLACKPINK member, whatever Rosé accomplishes, many young people pay attention. Especially when she wears a new hairstyle, it quickly becomes a big trend.

3.1. BLACKPINK hairstyle – Rosé red wavy hair

Rosé’s wine red hair ignited a fever during the promotion of BlackPink’s renowned song – Ddu du ddu du. Because it is summer, the female star born in 1997 appears as bright and attractive as her name when she dyes her hair this color.


BLACKPINK hairstyle – Rosé red wavy hair

BLACKPINK Rosé’s unusual red-pink hair has become a BLACKPINK hairstyle symbol for this girl. If she makes a change, it is merely a light orange color to make the hair appear fresher. Her long, straight hair with pink and scarlet tones elevates her to a higher level of luxury and attractiveness.

3.2. BLACKPINK hairstyle – Rosé smokey gray pastel purple balayage ponytail

Rosé is displaying a more mature and sexy air than she did when she first debuted. The smoky gray hair with pastel purple balayage is a hair color that few idols have tried since it is unstable and finicky.


BLACKPINK hairstyle – Rosé smokey gray pastel purple balayage ponytail

Rosé, on the other hand, mastered this hair color and even made it a trend. Rosé has had several collaboration proposals from the world’s biggest luxury companies, including YSL, Omega watches, and Tiffany&CO jewels, due to her light-colored hair. She regularly alters her smokey purple hair with a personality ponytail or low ponytail to seem like a mature lady, in addition to the typical long loose hairstyle.

3.3. BLACKPINK hairstyle – Rosé platinum blonde half-tied hair

Rosé’s distinctive BLACKPINK hairstyle is half-tied hair, which she wears on all occasions, including playing on stage, traveling, drinking coffee, and showing at the airport, etc. However, Rosé won’t go overboard, so she lets out two thin bangs, which allows her half-tied hair to become more liberal and lovely. Rosé’s beauty is enhanced even more by her platinum blonde hair color, which is said to be the most ideal for her.


BLACKPINK hairstyle – Rosé platinum blonde half-tied hair

It’s fair to say that dying her hair platinum blonde was the most pivotal moment in Rosé’s beauty career (BLACKPINK). Rosé has become the new beauty symbol of the Korean entertainment industry, as well as the brand ambassador for many of the world’s most prestigious luxury companies.

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4. BLACKPINK hairstyle – Lisa

Lisa (BLACKPINK) has a variety of fashionable hairstyles and hair colors in addition to her smart fashion sense. Lisa creates a stir every time she changes her hairstyle or hair color, owing to her top-notch visuals and incredible personality.

4.1. BLACKPINK hairstyle – Lisa wavy long hair

Lisa’s short and long hair are constantly styled with the wavy hairstyle. The combination of a neutral to striking hair color with bangs appears really youthful and feminine. Although this hairstyle is basic and soft, it has the benefit of being extremely easy to coordinate in order to help you seem younger and more active.


BLACKPINK hairstyle – Lisa wavy long hair

She used colorful colors like golden brown, smoky brown, smoky gray, and others to give individuality. Lisa’s hairstyles are also very varied, but they are all simple to do and fit a wide range of faces, giving her a whole different appearance.

4.2. BLACKPINK hairstyle – Lisa ponytail

A strong ponytail may also be used to modify Lisa’s BLACKPINK hairstyle. This hairstyle is suitable for girls who enjoy high ponytail hairstyles. Lisa’s high-tied hair smartly shows off her stunning face, earning her the rave compliments that make many females fall in love. The highlight is still the stunning flat bangs, which assist the total hair to stand out.


BLACKPINK hairstyle – Lisa ponytail

The stylists gave Lisa a ponytail to complement the energetic music and aggressive dance. She also utilizes items like hair gel and style spray.

4.3. BLACKPINK hairstyle – Lisa bob

With over 350 million views on Chinese social media, the image of Lisa with straight Bob hair has become a “boom” of BLACKPINK hairstyle. Despite the fact that she is not the first person to wear this hairstyle, Lisa’s appearance has a certain allure that makes followers swoon. Following that, many young people sought to cut their hair in the style of Lisa’s Bob.


BLACKPINK hairstyle – Lisa bob

The straight bob hairstyle is said to assist highlight Lisa’s face’s features and natural attractiveness. Simultaneously, when paired with more noticeable styles and colors like smokey brown, highlight, and so on, the girl will appear more young and personality.

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