The most popular and beautiful long hairstyles 2021

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Beautiful long hairstyles, besides short hairstyles are among the most trendy things you want to know in the hair business. The human hair business is among the most lucrative industries in the market today dear. Therefore, many entrepreneurs are jumping on the bandwagon to make profits. Via this article, you will get the best-updated information about the best trendy beautiful long hairstyles 2021 and useful tips for your business. 

1. Why you should choose beautiful long hairstyles 2021

The information below is among the most updated reasons why you should choose the beautiful long hairstyles 2021

1.1. Beautiful long hairstyles are attractive 


The first reason to help you answer the question of why girls should have long hair is that 99% of guys like it, which is one of the indisputable facts. If you can only choose between a short-haired, personality girl with a long-haired, gentle girl to be your lover, most guys will choose beautiful long hairstyles.  

The beauty of girls with long hair will definitely be more feminine and elegant than short-haired girls. For this reason, do you know if women should have long or short hair? If not, let’s explore a few more causes offline!

1.2. Beautiful long hairstyles are easy to style 

The next advantage that short-haired girls never have is the abundance when styling long-haired girls. If it is short hair, you can only tie, braid or tie the first half, but with beautiful long hairstyles, you will have hundreds of different styles. It is pretty appreciated for sporty summer days.

Dewy suggestions: A few ways to style long hair that short hair would never be able to do are waterfall braids, flower braids, bow ties, and many more. Have you been enamored of these benefits of long hair? With this advantage, you can completely refresh yourself every day with a different hairstyle. Make sure you love your beautiful long hairstyles 2021 after each hairstyle.

1.3. Beautiful long hairstyles are easier to style than short hair

Not only there are many styles of styling, but long hair also makes it easier to mix clothes, almost long hair can suit all different fashion styles. As for short hair, not all items are suitable, so you will definitely take a lot of time to choose items every time you go out. Too inconvenient, right?


So why should girls have beautiful long hairstyles? Of course, for you to more easily choose fashion style. Not to mention that you can also save time thinking about choosing the most clothes. From there, you will have more time to take care of your skin or do something you love every day.

1.4. Beautiful long hairstyles are easier to care for


With long hair you won’t need to worry about trimming or taking care of your hair, especially maintaining the short hairstyle you choose is much more difficult than maintaining beautiful long hairstyles. Which? So you should have long hair if you want to save money and time.

How long should your hair be? Depending on your own preferences and style to choose the best length for your hair. Not to mention that you can completely adjust the length of your hair at home without going to the salon because long hairstyles are much easier to cut than short ones.

1.5. Beautiful long hairstyles give you a feminine look 


Why should girls have long hair? Because beautiful long hairstyles make you softer and more feminine than short hair. If you want to build a truly feminine, fluffy, and gentle image, you should choose long hair. Also has a feminine beauty, but short hair helps you become more active and youthful, but it does not make you softer.

2. Top 8 most popular beautiful long hairstyles 2021 

Are you curious about the most popular beautiful long hairstyles 2021? Let’s find it out now via these top 8. 

2.1. Straight natural beautiful long hairstyles 2021 


Natural straight long hair has never stopped being hot. Because this simple hairstyle shows an elegant and charming charm for women. Also, the advantage of beautiful long hairstyles is that you do not need to spend a lot of time taking care of them. Especially when combined with black hair color, it will show the beauty of Asian women. There are a few mysterious features and charm that will make the guy unable to take his eyes off you. 

2.2. Nice layer-trimmed beautiful long hairstyles 2021 


In the collection of beautiful long hairstyles 2021, surely this layer is indispensable. With delicate curls combined with gentle curls, she will become more attractive. In particular, this hairstyle is suitable for all faces, conceals blemishes, and highlights the beautiful lines on the face. She can adorn her hair with the most popular colors today such as western, smoky gray, or cold brown.

2.3. Curly Beautiful long hairstyles 


This is considered the most beautiful and outstanding long hairstyle for women. Because curls from head to toe make the hair more voluminous and attractive. Especially suitable for girls with big faces. Because large curls will partially conceal your face, making you slimmer. These beautiful long hairstyles also give her a gentle, feminine yet youthful look. You should choose brown-toned hair colors such as chocolate brown, chestnut brown, smoke brown, … In addition, fashionable hair colors are also a great choice for girls who want to stand out.

2.4. Mild curly beautiful long hairstyles 2021

The natural beauty of light-wavy long and curly beautiful long hairstyles is not only easy for every girl but also suitable for many styles from sweet, feminine to stylish, luxurious. Therefore, if you want to own a hairstyle that is both trendy and flexible, you just need to “develop” this suggestion.


With moderate curl and volume, light wavy long hair can “conquer” almost any face shape. Another plus that you should not ignore is that they are quite easy to take care of and if you are a little skillful, making your own wavy at home without chemicals is also possible.

2.5. Bone straight beautiful long hairstyles 


If you are lucky enough to have beautiful hair or prefer minimalistic hairstyles that do not need to take too much care, bone straight beautiful long hairstyles will be a worthy choice to consider. They are not only suitable for many styles, easily adapt to the environment from comfortable to serious, polite, but also can be adjusted according to each face shape. Thanks to that, you can “dress” them anytime, anywhere and change your style more flexibly without having to think too much about changing hairstyles.

3. Tips to take care of beautiful long hairstyles 2021

The tips below are useful for your usage of beautiful long hairstyles 2021

3.1. Shielding for the beautiful long hairstyles 


The best way to stave off the onslaught of cold air is to wear a hat on the streets or a neat bun with a silk scarf at home, preferably right after you’ve washed your hair or moisturized hair.

3.2. Vitamin E for protecting beautiful long hairstyles 

In addition to its use as a drug, vitamin E is already too familiar with women in hair and skin beauty. Mix 2 vitamin E capsules with 2 teaspoons of yogurt, 1 egg.


Rinse out your beautiful long hairstyles, then gently spread the mixture over your hair from root to tip. Incubate your hair in a warm towel for 20 minutes before rinsing it with regular shampoo. By doing 2 – 3 times a week, not only will the dry fibers, split ends disappear completely, but your hair will have a smooth shine.

3.3. Do not overdo balm products for beautiful long hairstyles 

Many women think that it is more beneficial to use many types of nourishing products at the same time, and this is completely wrong thinking. It will make hair “over real”. The reason is that each hair conditioner has different ingredients and sometimes they do not support each other but also inhibit each other. Therefore, you should only use 1 conditioner.


3.4. Let the beautiful long hairstyles dry naturally

The drop in temperature and the drop in humidity can cause hair damage, especially if you use a dryer regularly. Try to limit beauty tools to heat, or keep appliances as low as possible so that you don’t damage your beautiful long hairstyles. If you need a crew too much, apply a layer of conditioner to your hair before drying, or choose a dryer that emits warm air or even cooler air. 

4. Where find the best beautiful long hairstyles 2021


K-Hair is the leading 100% human hair wholesaler in Vietnam with an outstanding monthly capacity with more than 10 tons of hair. Our factory houses dozens of highly skilled craftsmen who aim to create the most beautiful Vietnamese virgin female hair with the utmost care. Our hair products are favored by customers for their excellent quality and best price. We guarantee your satisfaction and qualify for all expectations about original women’s beautiful long hairstyles(unprocessed hair & natural hair), 100% yaki hair (no treatment, no chemicals, no dyeing, no bleaching), 100% Remy hair (no tangled, all strands are the same direction from base to tip).  

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I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

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