Top 5 best styles of hair extensions for short hair

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Hair extensions for short hair are never boring if you know how to style them. It does not take much time, effort just needs a little skill then you have super cute hair right away. Short hair has many variations and every style which brings a fresh, attractive look, especially for summer. Today, let’s check some exciting experiences about hair extensions for short hair from K-hair experts.

1. Feature of hair extensions for short hair

  • Must cut continuously to keep texture: Unlike women with over-shoulder or waist-length hair, if there are half a year without cutting, the length of the hair still does not change much. However, once you have hair extensions for short hair, you have to “determine” the haircut monthly. After two weeks, the hair begins to grow and the strands are uneven, the ends of the hair become jagged. In order not to “struggle” to use a daily curling batch, the girls only have to go to the salon.
  • Hair rubs against the neck: If you leave your hair short, if you tie it up, it will spoil all the hair. When left untied, it is also very hot and pressing on a summer day, especially those who choose to cut their hair short to the chin or neck. Hair extensions for short hair stabbed into the skin causing itchiness and discomfort, even making the skin around the neck red. The solution in this case is to either spend a few months growing hair, or actively cut the nape of the neck to cool it off.
  • Difficult to style: Look at the girls with long hair, sometimes curling up, sometimes wearing a high and luxurious ponytail, sometimes super cute garlic-shaped buns … short hair girls just are quite hard to make styles. There are not too many ways to style short hair, most of them just cut thin bangs and curl them in the face … When they have short hair, they should only create simple styles. Because it is very easy to make curly hair extensions for short hair become not refreshing and if you tie it all up, you will lose your beauty.


2. Top 5 most favorite styles of hair extensions for short hair

Pretty short hair is also extremely cute if you know how to “promote” that outstanding advantage. Here, K-hair will guide you with 7 ways to style for short hair that always attracts all eyes. 

2.1. Braiding hair extensions for short hair

The biggest advantage of short hair is that it brings a neat, youthful look. Therefore, the girls should try to refresh themselves with this short, fresh hair. Do not think that short hair is only loyal to a simple let-down style. With a little ingenuity and possessing the secret to styling short hair, you will have beautiful, impressive hair. You brush your hair and take a sufficient curl from the top of your head, divide it into three, braid the centipede down the ends of the hair, then fix with a thin elastic band. You can loosen the braids for a softer look. If your hair is short and can not braid all the hair, braiding the first half is also a very suitable choice. No complication at all, you have hair extensions for short hair that is suitable for dating or parties with friends. This is also a good choice for Christmas hairstyle, too.


2.2. Ponytail hair extensions for short hair

Summer has come. The optimal solution chosen by the girls is to tie all of their hair up, which is both neat and cool, and only takes “one note” to perform. But don’t forget to beautify your hair with beautiful braids. First, take aside the French braided bangs and tie it with a fine elastic. Then pull all the hair behind the ponytail. Too simple to have cute hairstyles of hair extensions for short hair. Definitely not as boring as a regular ponytail. With this fresh hair you can apply in all circumstances such as going to school, going out or participating in outdoor activities.


2.3. Half-length hair extensions for short hair

You just need to spend time and meticulousness to “transform” with countless beautiful hairstyles that are not less gorgeous than long hair. The first half of braiding is super fast, super simple, brings lightness, femininity for girlfriends, why not try? First, you take a small piece of hair from the sides, curl it towards your ears, then fix the two curls with a toothpick or elastic band. Add a bit of accent to your hair, you can combine it with accessories like flowers or sparkling clips. This kind of hair extensions for short hair will help you to always be attractive and cool at parties.


2.4. Garlic-shaped hair extensions for short hair

Do you have short hair? How do you differentiate with this too boring short haircut? Simply, you should try with this lovely garlic-shaped bun. We guarantee that you look super adorable and impressive. All you need to do is take a small piece of hair from the top of your head and use the elastic to tie it into a garlic-shaped bun. If you like the “unique” style, then this type of hair extensions for short hair in the middle of the head will help you score successfully. And if you pursue a gentle style, the slightly low back bun style is also easy to make people feel overwhelmed.


2.5. Low bun hair extensions for short hair

One of the “rare” bun hairstyles for short-haired girls is this dreamy low-fluffy bun. The implementation of the idea of hair extensions for short hair is sophisticated but super simple. First spray the glue to create volume, then roll the curls back and pin them with a toothpick. Add the feminine part, you pull the sideburns down gently. Sweeter with a low bun for short-haired girls. Thus, you have immediately got the attractive bun hair. This will be a great assistant to help you shine in luxury parties.


3. The best supplier of hair extensions for short hair

K-hair is the address providing reputable and quality wigs in Vietnam, which are loved and trusted by many young people. If you are struggling to choose for yourself an address to sell Vietnamese hair, try visiting K-hair. No need to waste time and spend a lot of money on hair salons, you still have a beautiful hairstyle that is trendy and in tune with your outfit and personality thanks to beautiful hair extensions for short hair that are very popular in the market if you choose K-hair. K-hair offers a wide variety of high-end hair extensions, helping you to have beautiful hair shapes without wasting time, without using chemicals. Our hair is always carefully checked during the process from sampling and product quality testing to ensure providing customers with the best quality products and creating peace of mind for customers about the source. origin of the product.



I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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