7 Easy Steps To Make A Wig
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Human hair wigs have been one of the close friends of lots of women in modern life for such a long time especially with those who can’t have the dreaming hair like other girls. Girls are into wigs because they will give them a brand new look. Without actually changing their hair or spending hours in the salon, a wig helps them to alter their hairstyle. How to make a wig? K-Hair will provide you with the most simple wig-making tutorial in this article.

1. Things You Need To Know Before Starting To Make A Wig

For beginners, this is the base information that you shouldn’t ignore.

 1.1. How To Make A Wig: What Is Wig?

Mostly from synthetic or human hair, it is called a covering system. This word means periwig in short, which appeared in the comedy,’ The Two Gentlemen of Verona by Shakespeare,’ for the first time in the English language.

How To Make A Wig_What Is Wig

How To Make A Wig_What Is Wig

For various purposes, wearers use the wig. Some would love to hide their baldness, for example, so their hair can be volumized. In addition, they wanna try out new hairstyles. Wigs may be one of the least costly alternative therapies for hair restoring as well. Some religious purposes could also be used on wigs. Therefore, you can also start a hair business with small capital with wigs!

1.2. What Will You Need Before You Make A Wig?

To plan for a perfect wig making process, all of these things need to be prepared in advance:

  • Mannequin Head
  • Hair Weaves ( Hair bundles and Hair Closure/Frontal)
  • Scissors
  • Specialized Combs For Wigs
  • Needle, thread, hair glue & hot glue gun, or blow dryer
  • Wig Tape

A lot of wig accessories can be bought at your nearest beauty supply shop. In terms of hair extensions, however, we strongly recommend that you should purchase the best hair items that are made of human hair extensions of decent quality. Bundles deals: K-Hair’s mix of hair weaves and closure/frontal are your best choice.

After getting all those things done, let’s start to make a wig!

2. Let’s Get Started To Make A Wig

Let’s follow these simple steps to make a wig:

Step 1: Stabilize the wig head

The very first move is to mount the wig head on a wig stand or to set it down with tape on a chair or table. Your wig should be stabilized during construction. It will make the completion of the procedure much simpler.

How To Make A Wig_Stabilize The Wig Head

How To Make A Wig_Stabilize The Wig Head

Step 2: Get The Hair Extensions Well Prepared

Measure and cut the hair extensions when securing them down from back to front to match the circumference of the wig hat.

You may want to start putting the tracks down in a more U-shaped pattern as you are working your way to make a wig. This distinctive pattern will enable the wig maker to tie the thread to the hat. You want to make sure that, as you go along, your hair extensions are in a safe place. By using a needle & thread, hair glue and blow dryer or a hot glue gun, it will make the process more effective and simple.

Depending on the hair and style you want to make a wig, you should choose suitable hairstyles and lengths as well as grades together with their matching closure/frontal of finest quality, in this case, K-Hair’s experts will help you solve what items of hair extensions can fit your wants.

How To Make A Wig_K-Hair's Products

How To Make A Wig_K-Hair’s Products

Here are some beautiful colors and hairstyles by K-Hair you could choose for your wig:

How To Make A Wig_Beautiful K-Hair's Products

How To Make A Wig_Beautiful K-Hair’s Products

Step 3: Closure Or Frontal?

It’s about time to make a choice. What are you going to do, frontal or closure? You can first lay the piece down and then add the remaining extensions whether you wanna make a wig with a closure or a frontal. This makes sure that you see how much hair you need and helps you to make the best possible decision.

According to hair experts, you should use a closure to add to your wig if you have 3 hair bundles (300g of hair) with you because its volume is literally high enough. Adding a frontal may make the wig look too thick compared with the normal. In contrast, in case you only have 2 bundles of hair (about 200g), we highly recommend you use a frontal due to the high density.

Now is the main thing you need to note down, frontals are costlier than closures, however, when applied on a wig (or our head), it looks much more real than the other, that’s why frontal is normally the best choice for a hairstylist and hair lovers, but for those who are on a budget, closures are preferred.

Step 4: Sew-In

This is, of course, the most critical move when you make a wig. First of all, under the edge of the hat, you start stitching the wig so it can be worn in a high ponytail. Next, for healthy weft, sew using the top and complete method. Then make sure that before flipping over, you protect the edge of your weft. Cover the hair cap carefully with track extensions.

How To Make A Wig_Sew In

How To Make A Wig_Sew In

Step 5: Band Wig

The Wig Band isn’t a must-have commodity. These days, however, most beauty professionals prefer a wig band for extra hair protection. Attach a band of wigs and wig combs. For wig wearers, this would be helpful. When it is built with a wig band, the wig is guaranteed to remain strong in your head.

At this step, you almost completed your wig! If you want your wig to be less boring, don’t forget to restyling by styling curtain bangs or put on any color!

Step 6: Put The Wig On

Now is the time to check whether the wig fits or not. Next, you need to trim the lace, apply the wig tape then apply it on. Can you believe to make a wig is that easy?

How To Make A Wig_Put The Wig On

How To Make A Wig_Put The Wig On

Step 7: Style

This step requires high professionalism as well as a good eye if you wanna style it in a different way. If you have the intention of coloring the hair into light or ombre colors ( related: 5 BEST IDEAS OF MUST- TRY OMBRE HAIRSTYLES WITH INVISIBLE CLIP-IN HAIR EXTENSIONS), I highly recommend you should do it before you start to make a wig. 

How To Make A Wig_Style The Wig

How To Make A Wig_Style The Wig

 3. How To Make A Wig: Conclusion

Those are 7 most popular as well as easiest steps to help you make a wig that you’re dreaming about, if you’re looking for fine quality hair extensions to make the process complete, K-Hair could be one of the first hair vendors that you can have on your mind ( Read more on: Vietnamese Hair Factory: Top 5 Best Wholesale Hair Distributors)

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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