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Curling hair is always a favorite beauty method by many connoisseurs. However, when you wake up every morning, you will feel uncomfortable because your hair is ruffled and not in order at all. Then you will definitely need the assistance of a styling product to help you with this problem. However, one of the problems causing headaches for users is not knowing which hair gel is the best. Don’t worry, toplist’s article about oil for curly hair products today will help you find the most satisfactory answer to this question.

Overview of oil for curly hair

oil for curly hair 1

oil for curly hair 1

Oil for curly hair are fragrant liquids that are volatile when exposed to air. Essential oils are extracted from plants and flowers. You can refer to the Essential Oils of Curling Hair that are being welcomed by many girls such as: Tea tree oil, mint, lavender, eucalyptus, lemon essential oil, grapefruit, rosemary oil …

Each essential oil has a different scent, but they all add great effects to curling hair. They will help soften hair into the folds, help stimulate hair growth faster, make hair healthier, make hair more shiny, effectively prevent tangles … Oil for curly hair is the way to care for permed hair that you should apply. Let’s be togerther with K-hair take a  look at the essential oils of curling hair as appreciated below. And do not forget to pay attention to choose for yourself a product that is most suitable for you!

4 Reasons to use oil for curly hair

oil for curly hair 2

oil for curly hair 2

  • Curly hair is the hair that has been chemically treated to get the desired curl. No matter how much you curl the hiar, the whole hair or only a part of it, the hair is in a state of “chemically attached”. Oil for curly hair will help restore and re-align your hair.
  • Protect your scalp from the effects of dyed and bleached chemical and other environmental influences.
  • Helps to grow long hair quickly, hair is not bulging, messy, uncomfortable. In particular, long-term use will feel the softness and strength of the hair.
  • The Oil for Curly Hair are not as expensive as other special curling hair care products and are very convenient.

Top popular oil for curly hair products

On the market there are many products with many diverse models with many different prices. That makes it even more difficult for users to decide what type of product to choose and use.

Oil for curly hair: Nashi Argan

Nashi Argan

Nashi Argan

Nashi Argan is a product of Argan brand. It is composed of organic argan extract. This is a plant capable of extremely effective hair care, only in the southwestern Morocco.

 Those who love natural hair care products have certainly heard about the wonderful effects of argan essential oil for hair. From the ability to moisturize, protect hair from the harmful effects of UV rays as well as strengthen antioxidants to nourish, increase the shine of the hair from deep inside. Argan Oil for curly hair contains a large amount of nutrients including vitamin E and fatty acids. They promote natural hair growth, giving your hair a fluffy, strong look, and they are as good as conditioners.


Moroccanoil brand from the US is no stranger to stylists and hair salons around the world.



With main extracts of argan oil and flaxseed, the product provides a variety of essential hair nutrients such as vitamin E, fatty acids. They help enhance hydration and effective antioxidants. In particular, this Oil for curly hair product is tested to suit all hair types, helping to nourish from deep inside for an immediate smooth effect. You’d better you it with proper kinds of shampoo.

Another noteworthy feature of Moroccanoil essential oil is its non-greasy, fast-absorbing formula with a characteristic scent. The blend of amber and warm floral scents makes it extremely pleasant to use. Along with that is the ability to effectively reduce frizz, help the hair quickly get into the fold and support optimal styling.

Macadamia: Must have oil for curly hair



Another very effective curling hair oil product, followed by macadamia essential oil. With macadamia seed extract and argan oil, the product brings the ability to deeply nourish and restore from the inside out, effectively refreshing the hair texture.

Natural macadamia oil contains the highest amount of Omega 7 of any nut oils. As a result, it provides optimal hydration and does not cause greasiness. Combined with argan extract, macadamia essential oil will help improve hair health, reduce damage and restore necessary shine. This oil for curly hair product is certified safe for all hair types, paraben free, gluten free and non-toxic.

L’oreal Mythic oil

L’oreal Mythic oil

L’oreal Mythic oil

L’oreal Mythic oil for curly hair with extracts of avocado and grape seed oil. It adds many essential nutrients to the hair including vitamins E, fatty acids, Omega 3, 6 and 9. These nutrients have antioxidant effects, slow down the aging process of hair and the ability to hold extremely effective lines. fruit.

In addition to the comprehensive hair care capabilities, L’oreal Mythic oil is also very effective in assisting in hair styling, increasing the ability to shine and smooth hair as a daily support product. Hair stylists also use the product as a base oil mixed with a hair dye. This will make your hair soft and shiny after dyeing.

Tips to choose the suitable oil for curly hair

As well as how to choose a shampoo for permed hair, choosing oil for curly hair also needs to pay attention to the quality and origin so as not to affect the hair. Also, choosing essential oils for your hair depends on the quality of your hair and your demand: 

  • Do you want to treat dry, chemically damaged hair? Choose hair oils that quickly hydrate your hair, such as rosemary oil, sandalwood essential oil, lavender essential oil, or avocado oil.
  • What if I need to both condition and style my hair more beautiful? So choose the oil for curly hair that can keep the folds and shape the hair as desired such as rice bran oil, argan oil, olive oil …
  • Don’t like the sticky feel of essential oils? It’s best to choose essential oils that are oil-alkaline, absorb sebum like lemons. It will overcome sticky residue and return softness and fluffiness to the hair.

How to use oil for curly hair efectively?

The effects of essential oils for hair are undeniable. Especially for curly hair, curly hair. But you also need to note how to use essential oils properly. 

  • The best time to use oil for curly hair to condition your perms is when your hair is still damp.
  • Best after shampooing and your hair is almost dry. Don’t use essential oils when your hair is completely dry! The effect will be greatly reduced.
  • After incubating your hair, let your hair dry naturally and use a dryer should be limited. Your curling hair will quickly fluff and lose the inherent beautiful curl.
  • You can use a single oil for curly hair or a combination of many. Depending on your creative combinations, a variety of essential oils can be created. This way not only increases the nutrients good for your hair, but also increases the new scent of your hair!

Steps to use oil for curly hair

Pour out the required amount; Take a cotton swab to absorb essential oil and then apply it to each area of the scalp. Start working at the top of your head, then slowly spread to other areas. Then stroke the oil for curly hair to the hair shaft.

Continue to massage gently from scalp to hair. Leave the hair to soak up the essential oils for hair from 10 minutes – 20 minutes; Rinse thoroughly with water or shampoo to remove essential oils.

oil for curly hair 3

oil for curly hair 3

The remarkable note is that after you have washed the hair, waiting for it to be nearly dry, then you will get a sufficient amount of oil for curly hair to apply on the hair shaft. Only apply on the shaft area, avoiding the top as this will cause a sticky appearance. At this time, your curls will be held longer and softer.

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