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Nowaday, women beauty desire is growing and creating a variety of hair styles. If you are walking on the street, you can see 60% women with curly hair. That evidence shows curly hair is a hot trend this era. Do you know that it is easy to own a curly hair but not easy to maintain it? Don’t worry, this article will show you how to take care of your curly hair at home. Besides, a lot of interesting information about curly hair will be revealed.


Curly hair for girls & women

1. Definition of curly hair

Curly hair is a kind of natural straight hair that is interfered with chemical and hair styling machine to curl the hair into a variety of shapes such as circle, wavy, twist, etc. This hair style is very popular around the world. If you observe the street, there will be six in ten people with curly hair. One’s curly hair is usually processed from her natural hair. However, due to such damage, many girls and women now are choosing to use curly hair extensions for their convenience.

In fact, there are also people who were born with natural curly hair. They are mostly from South Europe and North Africa. People in Europe are more likely to have natural pixie or voluminous curly hair. Meanwhile, African people tend to have kinky or yaki curly hair. Each style of the curls has its own attractiveness, so all the curly styles are popular worldwide.


What is curly hair?

2. Advantages and disadvantages of having curly hair

Everything always has two sides, and so do Curly hair. These Advantages and Disadvantages of Curly hair will help you more understand about it.

2.1. Advantages of curly hair

In terms of advantages, we want to introduce the 2 most significant strengths of curly hair, including diversity and attractiveness. These are 2 main reasons that so many people choose curly hairstyles.

  • Diversity: The most outstanding strength of curly hair is the plenty of texture and volume that it has. You don’t need to use hair spray or expensive products to induce thickness for the hair. Just let the curl do its job! Such thin hair can easily become so voluminous with a wide range of curly texture options.
  • Attractiveness: Curly hair makes you stand out in a crowd. The blending of different lengths, colors and styles creates many types of curly hair. You can choose the one according to your preference that is unique. For example, kinky curls are so attractive with individual vibes while voluminous curls are more of muse vibes, etc.

Diveristy and advantages of curly hair

2.2. Disadvantages of curly hair

Besides the advantages, curly hair also has some disadvantages. It is all about the hair care and hair maintenance.

  • Hair care: It takes times to take care of curly hair. You have to pay attention to your hair unless your curly hair will be damaged like getting split ends or so on. The best recommendation is that you observe your hair, understand its situation and choose the best remedy, including using hair care products and improving lifestyle. This is a long process that not everyone is patient and determined enough to follow.
  • Hair maintenance: Brushing curly hair is difficult. If you are not careful, you can lose curls. Then, how to deal with this problem? That’s an issue that creates the second drawback of curly hair! You’ll need to put a lot of effort in choosing suitable combs and learning how to brush curly hair properly.

Damaged curly hair

3. Different types of curly hair

There are plenty of adorable curly hair styles for you to express yourself. In terms of hair extensions, you can choose among twist curls, egg curls,circle curls, spring curls, fumi curls, tip twist curls, water curls, kinky curls, tornado curls and pixie curls. Besides, when it comes to curls applied on your real hair, the classification can be much more simple with loose curls, deep curls, wavy curls, etc. The name is simply given after the curly degree of the hair. 

Below are the pictures of popular curly hairstyles. Each type of curls suits each face, fashion style and vibe. Each has its own attractiveness. We hope that through these pictures, you can choose the right styles for yourself.


Curly hair extensions


Curly hair styles

4. How to take care of curly hair at home

To maintain your Curly hair beauty, these accessible tips will be useful for you to apply at home. Don’t skip any of them, so that your curly hair will be perfectly cared for and maintained.

4.1. Use natural products for curly hair

The curly hair affected by chemical exposure will become weaker and drier. So you need to add more moisture to your hair. Using natural-based hair care products is highly recommended. Though chemical-based products can somehow bring faster results, they can contain some components that are not healthy for long-term hair growth like silicone.

The first basic way to take care of curly hair effectively at home is using natural shampoos, especially moisturizing shampoos that are suitable for keeping the flexion. Conditioner is also an indispensable thing. To soften the hair and reduce drying, you should work the conditioner at least 15 minutes and cover your hair with a towel or a shower cap. Moisturizing is also very necessary when taking care of bleached hair.

4.2. Skip washing your curly hair everyday

Normally, we all know that washing hair is a must to supply nutrients, get rid of all dust, dandruff and spare oil to help clean and strengthen the hair. No one’s hair can grow healthily without proper hair washing.

However, it is noticeable that washing your hair daily not only deprives the natural oils that moisturize your hair and scalp but also straightens the curly hair. The appropriate time between 2 washing times is 2-3 days. Following this practice, you can create enough time for your hair to rest and recover better.


How to take care of curly hair

4.3. Brush curly hair

Brushing the hair is also important. It sounds easy to brush your hair because you do it every day. However, it is an important factor in hair protection which starts in choosing hair comb. The comb teeth should be designed to have a wide gap that reduce tangling and pulling out the curls. In case of tangled hair, you’d better wet your hair and brush from the end of the hair to the top.

In addition, the frequency of brushing hair also needs to be taken into consideration. Even though you choose the right comb and brush your hair properly, your curly hair will still be straightened if you brush it too regularly. It is recommended that you should brush your hair once or twice a day only. Otherwise, the pressure from the comb when you brush hair can lead to easily deformed hair.

4.4. Dry your curly hair

To take care of curly hair, you should minimize using the hair dryer with heat that causes the hair shedding and drying. Using the hair dryer make your hair easily straightened. Letting the hair dry in the natural environment is recommended.

There is one useful tip for you when letting the hair dry. The tip is that if you use your hand to “massage” the hair gently, the curly texture will be better defined. It will be even more effective if you add hair oil in this process.


How to take care of curly hair

4.5. Wipe curly hair properly after washing

As you are recommended to let the hair dry naturally, it is important to choose the right material to absorb spare water on your hair. Otherwise, the hair will be dripping and so annoying. This is also not good for your scalp and can cause a headache as well.

The material recommended to use is soft cloth. The reason is that a dry towel will make your curly hair more tangled. You’d better use a soft cloth to dab gently to absorb water from your hair.

4.6. Use styling products for curly hair

Using styling products lock the hair moisture and keep your curls in form. Moreover, it repairs extra hair damage and maintains the gorgeous hair beauty at any time.

Then, what are styling products for curly hair? They are the items used for the main purpose of keeping the curls well-styled. The most popular choice is defining cream. Applying defining cream after washing your hair will help shape and maintain perfect curls. Besides, hair oil, hair serum or leave-in conditioners are also useful in curls styling and maintaining.


How to take care of curly hair

4.7. Absolutely do not pull hair extensions

Brushing the hair too frequently can even be too “stressful” for the hair, so pulling or tugging hair is definitely not good for curly hair. Please do not tense or tug on extensions because pulling hair loosens the connection between real hair and extensions, making your hair more prone to breakage.

That’s all of our today’s sharing about curly hair. All the information is pretty useful and practical, so we hope that you can apply it well with your hair.

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