Can Hair Extensions Be Dyed And Bleached? 4 Easy DIY Steps To Follow

can human hair extensions be dyed
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There are many types of hair extensions in the market that have a diversity of lengths, styles (curly, wavy, straight, etc), grades and colors. It is not hard to own wigs or bundles of hair extensions nowaday. You can buy it in the hair salon or order from many source such as retailers, venders, wholesaler and even the factory. The price of hair extensions range is expanding day by day. In some people’s mind, it is not cheap to have a color wig so they choose making color by themselves. But is it easy to dye and bleach your hair extensions at home and can all the type of hair extensions be dyed and bleached? If you have the same questions, this article will provide the useful answers for you.

1. Can hair extensions be dyed and bleached?

If you decide to dye your hair extensions at home, it must be circumspect to pay attention at the origin of the hair. We divide it into two type based on the hair origin: human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions.

how to dye your hair at home 1

how to dye your hair at home

1.1. Can human hair extensions be dyed and bleached?

Human hair extensions: As their name suggests, the human hair extensions are made from 100% women’s hair. It is preposterous to identify that Human hair can not dye and bleach. It is considered to be the most premium quality and brings us natural beauty as well as perfect experience. Therefore, Human hair extensions have quite an expensive price.

In terms of dyeing and bleaching ability, we will need further explanations about the material of human hair extensions. In fact, there are 3 types of human hair now in the market. They are virgin hair, remy hair and non-remy hair. Although these types are all human hair, each type has its own characteristics, which leads to the differences in dyeing and bleaching ability of the extensions.

  • Virgin hair is the most high-quality hair of only one donor. Virgin hair’s cuticle is well kept and its alignment is uniform. This is the most important factor that leads to the amazing dyeing and bleaching ability of virgin hair. With virgin hair, you can easily have it dyed or bleached into different colors, especially the attractive blond one.
  • Remy hair is human hair collected from 2 or more donors. Though the cuticle is quite good and the hair alignment is the same, the differences in the hair textures of different donors make it hard to have remy hair well-bleached. However, the dyeing ability is still amazing. It can be dyed into a wide range of colors.
  • Non-remy hair is unqualified human hair collected from many people. The point is that the hair cuticle is severely damaged and the alignment is not uniform. This makes it almost impossible to get the hair dyed or bleached. Due to this fact, no reliable suppliers supply non-remy hair extensions.

Can human hair extensions be dyed and bleached?

1.2. Can synthetic hair extensions be dyed and bleached?

Synthetic hair extensions: If you intend to dye or bleach synthetic hair, this is bad new that your at-home dye journey can’t be possible because of their structure although Synthetic hair is far more developed than the years before. Their fibers don’t have a cuticle, which is necessary for bleaching and dying. Thus, you have to buy colored synthetic hair from your seller. The synthetic hair is cheaper than Human hair and it has a variety of colors for you to choose. However, the Synthetic colors look unnatural as Human hair as well as a wonderful experience

You may wonder why you can’t get synthetic hair dyed or bleached but sellers can still provide you with colored synthetic hair extensions, right! The point is that the hair dye you usually use and the one hair factories use are totally different. The products you use are only for human hair while the ones hair factories use are literally fiber dye which is not human-friendly at all! You are not recommended to use them without taking careful research beforehand.

To sum up, Synthetic hair is impossible to be dyed at home. Contraryly, if your weave is made from virgin remy Human hair, you can proceed to dye and bleach it now.

2. Where should you buy Human hair to get it dyed and bleached?

The hair market is present by a lot of wholesale hair vendors suppliers which make you confused with choosing the right place to buy the hair you desire. Many customers are scammed and frauded by fake sellers. They sell Synthetic hair with Human hair price and tell customers that they can dye and bleach their hair or sell the hair mixed between Synthetic and human hair. The result is not only you lose your money but also your weave is damaged.

how to dye your hair at home 1

how to dye your hair at home 1

To avoid being scammed, you should search carefully information about reputable hair supplier or choosing K-hair Factory. With more than 30 years experience in hair, the K-hair ensure to supply 100% Vietnam human hair with the high quality and reasonable price. The K-hair supplies Virgin and Remy hair that customer can dye and bleach. They also customize all the style like blunt bangs and color hair at the discretion of the customer.

K-hair dyed Product

K-hair dyed Product

The K-hair is proud of being a reliable place to accompany customers in manufacture and using the best Vietnamese human hair.

3. 4 Easy steps to get your hair dyed and bleached at home

Now we will show you all the steps to dye and bleach human hair extensions at home. To make everything clearer, we will separate the instructions into 2 different parts, including instructions for hair dyeing and instructions for hair bleaching. Let’s see what they are right now!

3.1. How get your hair extensions dyed at home

Before starting any process, you all need good preparation first! Here is what you need to prepare for the hair extension dyeing process:

  • Human hair extension: You’d better choose a qualified virgin or remy hair extension to get it dyed, so that the result is guaranteed. If you choose low-quality hair extensions for dyeing, you’ll turn out to waste money on both the hair and the hair dye as well as other needed things.
  • Hair dye: It is easily found in hair stores or hair salons. You’d better get recommendations from sellers to buy the most suitable products with the most suitable color. You will also be recommended to choose the hair developer, so please pay attention to the advice and choose the needed ones.
  • Other tools: Besides 2 most important things above, you will also need more tools to have a smooth hair extension dyeing process. They are a bowl to hold the hair dye, a brush to apply hair dye and a pair of gloves to cover your hands while getting the hair extension dyed.

Prepare to get the hair extension dyed

Now we come to the process! Below are 4 easy steps to get the human hair extensions dyed.

  • Step 1: You should mix the hair dye or developer first. You’d better put it into a bowl, so that it is more convenient for the dyeing process.
  • Step 2: After that, you can apply the hair dye on the hair extension. You need to make sure that the hair is clean, so that the hair dye can be absorbed well, and the result is satisfying.
  • Step 3: After applying the hair dye, you need to let the hair extension rest and dyed for about 30 minutes or more. The exact amount of time will depend on the instructions on each hair dye packet.
  • Step 4: Finally you can rinse the hair extension with cold water and check the result! If the color is not even, you can re-apply the hair dye. However, this is not recommended for many times as it is not good for the hair’s long-term quality.

3.2. How to get your hair extensions bleached at home

A Toutube account named rosefunk88 shared the easiest way to bleach your hair at home. There are 4 basic steps to follow. In fact, it is quite similar to getting hair dyed, so we will not go into details. The 4 steps to follow are:

  • Mixing the bleach
  • Applying the Bleach
  • Rinsing and Toning
  • Conditioning and Maintaining Your Weave

To conclude, if this is your first time, it can be difficult to make it by yourself but I believe that when you reach this article, it will be easier to understand the way to dye your hair at home. Good luck!

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