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Nowaday, wig is an indispensable accessorie for women. The wigs made from human hair are quite expensive but they are worth to buy. As they are made from natural hair, when stretched, permed, and dyed, they have a much better elasticity than synthetic fiber wigs. However, if we do not know how to preserve or clean these wigs, they will become dirty and unsanitary. Understanding woman issue, today I will introduce to you how to wash wigs.

  1. Can wig wash?

Many people think that wig do not need to be cleaned or washed. But that is completely wrong. Since wigs are a location for bacteria that cause scratching in the scalp if not regularly washed. Furthermore, hair that has been left over for a long time often causes beauty loss. Whether it’s a 100% human hair wig or synthetic wig, it is completely washable.

What about restyling the wig? The answer is definitely yes! You can start trying from simple styles such as curtain bangs or so on.

  1. How often should the wig be cleaned?

How do I know the right time to wash a wig? That’s when you begin to feel your wig “crunchy” or stiff. This usually comes from dry wig fibers. Remember that your wig doesn’t hold moisture on its own, you have to give them moisture, otherwise it won’t last long.

If you use styling products like hair creams or sprays on your wig every day, you will have to wash the wig more often. Also, you’ll have to wash your wig more often if you live in a wet, humid, or warm (sweaty) area.

  1. How to wash a wig properly

Even if it is a high quality wig from a reliable hair warehouse supplier, if you do not properly maintain the wig and clean it, it can cause headaches when used. It’s like washing your hairneeding to remove the dirt that comes with the sweat from your scalp on your wig. Follow the proper washing procedure below to prevent hair damage:

wash human hair wig 1

wash human hair wig 1

3.1. Wash the wig

Gently brush from the front ends. Once you’ve removed all the tangles, you can gradually brush up the roots until you can run your fingers all the way through the hair without getting tangled. Use a wig brush to brush straight or wavy hair and use a thin brush to brush curly hair

  • Fill the sink with cold water and stir a little of the shampoo into the water.
wash human hair wig 2

wash human hair wig 2

Use a high quality shampoo that is suitable for the type of hair you are using. For example, if you are using a curly wig, use shampoo for curly hair. If you know the wig is dyed, use a shampoo to retain the dye.

  • Do not put shampoo directly on the wig. Instead, use soapy water for washing.
  • Do not use 2 in 1 shampoo, i.e. shampoo with conditioner. You can use conditioner on your wig, but don’t use it too close to the roots
  • Turn the wig upside down and soak it in water.

Use your fingers to flip the wig from the inside out and let the hair strands fall out. Drop the hair into the water and submerge the strands of hair. Slightly let the shampoo evenly distribute throughout the hair strands.

  • Soak your wig for 5 minutes
wash human hair wig 4

wash human hair wig 4

Make sure the wig is completely submerged in the water and does not swing back and forth while soaking it. Your wig can easily get tangled if you squeeze, squeeze, or stir too much

  • Rinse cold water until shampoo is gone

You can rinse the wig in a bucket of cold water, or rinse it under the tap in the sink or shower. Depending on the thickness of your wig, you may need to rinse it up to twice

  • Rub conditioner into your wig

Spray some conditioner on your hair and brush it with your fingers. If you’re a wig with a mesh cap, avoid letting the conditioner get into the mesh. The hairs are attached to the mesh by knots. If you let the conditioner in, the knots will be loosen and the hair will come off. With a regular woven wig, it doesn’t matter, as the strands are stitched into a mesh cap.

  • Wait 2 minutes before rinsing the conditioner with cold water.

Leaving the conditioner on your hair for a few minutes will help it penetrate the strands and hydrate the hair. After 2 minutes, rinse the conditioner until it is clear. Skip this step if you are using a dry conditioner

Then, where can you find high-quality wigs as well as hair extensions? Please read this synthetic post: Wholesale hair vendors

3.2.Dry your wig

  • Turn your wig over and gently squeeze your hair to let the water drain

Hold the wig over the sink and gently squeeze the hair in the fist. Do not twist or wring to avoid tangling or breakage.

  • Brushing your hair while it is still wet can damage the hair strands
    • Roll the hair in a towel to remove water
wash human hair wig 5

wash human hair wig 5

Place the wig on one end of a clean towel and roll it into a tight bundle, starting with the tip of the towel covered with the hair. Straighten your hair in a towel, then gently lift the towel to remove the wig

  • Treat your wig with your favorite products

Use a hairspray for easy brushing. Remember to keep the spray bottle 25-30 cm away from your wig.

  • Allow the wig to dry naturally on the stand and away from direct sunlight

Do not brush your wig while it is wet, as this may damage the hair strands. If it’s curly, you can sometimes “twist” the curls. Twisting here is to support the hand below the ends of the hair, lift the hair and use your fingers to wrap the hair in. This will create curls.

  • Put your wig on your head and use a hairdryer if you are in a hurry.

Use a hair dryer to dry the mesh caps first. Once the cap is dry, put your wig on your head and clip it in place with a toothpick. Continue drying the wig on the head. Be sure to use a low temperature setting to avoid damaging the hair strands.

  • Turn your wig over when you dry it if you want it to have volume.

Turn the wig down, then clip the nape of the net hat onto the pants hanger. You have to move the clips on the trouser hanger together to grip the wig.

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