How To Fix Uneven Bleached Hair: 3 Best Ways To Do At Home

When it comes to bleaching hair, girls now no longer have the only choice of going to the hair salons, but DIY bleaching hair at home is pretty popular as the methods can be easily found online. However, bleaching hair by yourself can have some risks, and the most common one is uneven bleaching. Then, how to fix uneven bleached hair? In this article, we will share with you the 3 easiest ways to do so. In addition, many useful tips about bleached hair will also be revealed!


How to fix uneven bleached hair?

I. How to fix uneven bleached hair: Find out the reasons

Before learning how to fix the hair, knowing the reasons for such failure is also important. If you understand why the hair is unevenly bleached, you can do it better the next time by not making those mistakes again. Moreover, you’ll have a better direction to fix your hair. Below we will list common mistakes that lead to uneven bleach together with their specific consequences. In addition, the answer about the time issue will also be given.

1.1. How to fix uneven bleached hair: Why is the hair unevenly bleached?

There are many reasons for an uneven bleach, and below are 2 most common mistakes and their consequences:

  • Uneven hair bleach mixture: When mixing the hair bleach with conditioner and other ingredients, you have to make sure that they are well blended. However, if all the ingredients have the same color (usually white), it is quite hard to say whether they are blended well or not. The only solution is that you mix them for a long enough time. Otherwise, when you apply that hair bleach, the hair will be spotted messily. Some spots of the hair will be strongly bleached while some are not, and it is hard when applying how to fix uneven bleached hair. You may wonder why the hair from wholesale hair suppliers is never uneven, then it is because they produce the hair in a much larger scale and apply their own factory technique!

How to fix uneven bleached hair: Uneven hair bleach

  • Uneven hair bleach application: As you bleach the hair by yourself, it is hard to see all the parts of the hair. Therefore, it is very common that you apply the bleach unevenly on many parts, especially the inner layer, the side and the back ones. Due to this, some parts of your hair may not be bleached or bleached very little, and your hair is uneven in parts instead of just spots.

If you are a bit worried about bleaching hair after reading this, why not use the hair extensions instead! Just make sure that your buy the hair extension from reliable retailers who import hair from qualified hair in bulk suppliers, then you will have the best hair extension with an amazing blond hair shade. You will no longer have to worry about uneven bleached hair anymore!

1.2. How to fix uneven bleached hair: Best time for fixing uneven bleached hair

After finishing the bleach and seeing that the hair is uneven, you may be very worried and have no idea how long you have to wait to get it fixed, right! In fact, there is no fixed time, but it depends on the methods you choose to fix the hair.

There are 3 points of time that you can choose to fix your bleached hair. You can fix the hair on the same day, after a couple of days or after some weeks of bleach. This totally depends on which method you choose for the fix. The next item will explain this more clearly. Just don’t be too worried!

II. How to fix uneven bleached hair at home: 3 best ways to try

In this part, we will show you how to fix the bleached hair easily at home. As mentioned, the best time to fix the hair depends on the methods you choose, so now you can read this to know exactly when you can fix the hair as well!


How to fix uneven bleached hair: 3 methods

2.1. How to fix uneven bleached hair: Dye your hair darker

The first method we want to introduce is to choose a darker color to dye your hair. You can do this right after the day you have your hair bleached. Then, why will coloring your hair darker work? It is because the darker color can fix the variegation. For example, your bleach failed and now your hair is both blond, orange, brown or full shades of color, the adding of a darker hair dye tone like brown can help even all the shades. The hair can finally reach the light brown color, and the uneven bleach will disappear.

How to carry out this way of how to fix uneven bleached hair? It is very simple, you just need to dye the hair as normally. The important thing is that you have to base on your specific hair situation to choose a suitable color. Sometimes brown is a good choice, but sometimes you just need a light brown, or even grey color. It depends on whether your hair is seriously uneven or not and what final color you want.


How to fix uneven bleached hair: Dye your hair darker

2.2. How to fix uneven bleached hair: Re-bleach your entire hair

Simply, when your bleach is uneven, you can re-bleach the hair entirely to fix the result. For bleaching is very harmful to your hair and sometimes your scalp, you shouldn’t re-bleach the hair right away. In fact, you’d better wait for about up to one month to re-bleach it. Although you have to stay with unattractive hair for such a long time, this method can bring about the best result as the hair color will be ensured to be even, and your hair also has some time to rest as well.

Then, how to fix uneven bleached hair with this re-bleaching method? You just need to bleach your hair one more time. But this time, don’t forget to pay attention to 2 most common mistakes mentioned above: uneven hair bleach and uneven application. You can also have your friend help you bleach the hair or observe your bleach, so that the result will be ensured. This method will be suitable for all types of uneven bleach, especially spotted one which is hard to have each tiny uneven spot re-bleached separately.


How to fix uneven bleached hair: Re-bleach the entire hair

2.3. How to fix uneven bleached hair: Re-bleach your hair partly

When some particular parts of your hair are unevenly bleached, maybe due to uneven application or your miss, re-bleaching them is a good choice. As you just need to re-bleach some parts of the hair which are not or hardly bleached, you needn’t wait for such a long time. You just need to wait for the hair color to be clear, which takes only some hours or one day, and then you can re-bleach them.

How to fix uneven bleached hair using this method? You simply re-bleach each hair section. First, you need to mark all the unbleached parts. Then, you bleach them as normal. You need to be really careful, so that the hair bleach won’t be applied on other parts, which can cause more uneven ones.


How to fix uneven bleached hair: Re-bleach the hair partly

III. How to fix uneven bleached hair: Tips to say goodbye to uneven bleaching

Instead of having your hair unevenly bleached and trying to fix it, why not nail it from the very first time! It is none of an impossible task. Please read all the sharing below and you will be given the best and easiest method ever to bleach your hair at home!

3.1. How to fix uneven bleached hair: Proper preparation – proper bleach!

Before reading the method, you’d better read a bit about the preparation first. Having a proper preparation means that you are 50% successful, so why not start with the preparation!

First of all, you should choose one method that is the most suitable for your situation. Currently, there are numerous sharings about bleaching hair on the internet; therefore, you should only choose reliable sources from experienced wholesale hair vendors, famous hairdressers or so on. You can also go on Youtube, so that you can see all the process lively and be more confident. Then, you won’t have to ask “How to fix uneven bleached hair?” after the process!


How to fix uneven bleached hair: Prepare to bleach the hair

Secondly, you ought to choose suitable products and tools for your hair. Sometimes, your bleach fails just because of using unqualified hair bleach or incompatible products. Therefore, you’d better do a little research beforehand. Also, the choice of tools like brushes is important. It will decide whether your bleach application is even or not, and whether you will have to ask “How to fix uneven bleached hair?” or not.


How to fix uneven bleached hair: Preparation

3.2. Steps to bleach your hair right at home – No more uneven bleached hair fix! 

To bleach your hair at home and nail it for the first time, you can follow this simple instruction:

Step 1: Prepare. You will need hair bleach, any added products to soften and moisturize your hair, a bleaching brush and something to protect your hands, clothes & place like gloves, towels or old shirts.

Step 2: Mix the hair bleach. You will need to add hair bleach, conditioner and any products you need into a bowl and blend them well. The product choice depends on the formula you choose.

Step 3: Separate your hair into sections and bleach them. Separating the hair is very important. Some people just directly apply the bleach on the hair without any sectioning. This leads to uneven application and the issue of how to fix uneven bleached hair! Therefore, you’d better bleach each small section very carefully from the tip to the root, so that you will also not miss any parts.

Step 4: Wait for the bleach to take effect. The proper time to wait is about 45 minutes – the perfect time to watch a favorite movie or chill with the music!

Step 5: Wash the hair and dry it. This is the final step of the process! You just need to wash away all the bleach and let the hair dry, and the result will appear. If you follow all the steps correctly, you will never have to worry about how to fix uneven bleached hair! 


How to fix uneven bleached hair: Steps to bleach the hair

For bleaching synthetic hair, the process is quite similar. For this kind of hair, you will have to pay much more attention to making it soft, especially after bleaching it.

IV. How to fix uneven bleached hair: Other frequently asked issues

Besides fixing uneven bleached hair, two other common issues that many girls ask are how to take care of bleached hair and how long after a bleach can they dye their hair. Below will be the most exact answers from K-Hair.

4.1. How to take care of bleached hair

In addition to asking how to fix uneven bleached hair, how to take care of it is also common. Bleached hair is usually very dry and damaged as almost all the cuticles are damaged to “wash away” the natural color. Therefore, a must in bleached hair care is conditioner. It will help the hair gradually become softer and healthier. Moreover, a proper choice of shampoo and other products like serums or masks will also help.

Knowing which to use is important, but knowing which is particularly suitable for your own hair situation is even more important. Some product brands can work well on others’ hair but not on yours. Then, you really need careful research before choosing the right brands. You can consult the hairstylist or hair expert at the hair salon for the best recommendations. Moreover, another easier way is to go online for free instructions on the Internet. With this way, please make sure that you get the advice from people with similar hair situations and the products did work for them.


How to fix uneven bleached hair: Bleached hair care

4.2. How long after a bleach can you dye your hair

Another question is how long after a bleach can you dye your hair. After bleaching the hair, you usually have to let it rest for a couple of days. Normally, after 3-4 days, you can color the hair. This period of time is considered enough for the hair to rest and recover from the bleaching process. As a result, the color applied afterwards will turn out better.

In fact, you can also bleach and dye your hair on the same day, but it is pretty harmful to your hair. Then, it is not recommended. Also, with this method, the hair color may last shorter than the one above as well.


How to fix uneven bleached hair: When to dye the hair

4.3. How to fix uneven blonde hair – How to fix uneven hair color after bleaching

With this question, there are two different situations. The first one is that blonde is the color you choose to apply more after the bleaching process. The second one is that blonde hair is the very result of the bleach. Below are the answers to these cases.

  • When blonde hair is the final result of the bleach: The way to fix it is exactly what we’ve clarified throughout this post! For your information, bleaching hair can be totally the only step to get blonde hair. Though the tone may not be the same as your initial expectation, it is still appreciated and good-looking. Therefore, sometimes fixing blonde hair can also be understood as fixing bleached hair!
  • When blonde (or any other colors) is applied after the bleach: Besides how to fix uneven bleached hair, how to fix uneven hair color after bleaching is also a frequently asked question. No matter whether you choose blonde or any other colors to apply after the bleach, the fixing is the same. The most common way is to partly re-dye the hair after some hours or some days. You can also choose to redye the whole hair as well. However, adding to much hair dye on hair is not so good, so you can also choose to use hair toner to neutralize the color gradually.

Above are all of K-Hair’s today’s sharing. Don’t forget to follow us for more useful posts and contact us for any wholesale hair issues!

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