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hair vendors in Chicago
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The United States is acknowledged as one of the biggest commercial centres in the world. That is the important reason why the demand in the hair industry is increasingly booming. This means that more and more hair vendors appear. With no exception, hair vendors in Chicago have been formed and paved the way for this million market. Thanks to a number of outstanding advantages as well as high-quality hair, hair vendors in Chicago are among the top providers in the world. Let us find out more about hair vendors in Chicago in this interesting article.


Hair vendors in Chicago – all truth about them

1. General knowledge about hair vendors in Chicago

The first things that come to my mind when mentioning hair vendors in Chicago are hair characteristics, benefits and drawbacks. There are some interesting facts that we will disclose in this part. 

1.1. The amazing facts about hair vendors in Chicago

A surprising fact is that hair vendors in Chicago are often misunderstood as hair factories. However, they are almost all commercial resellers. Unlike Indian hair vendors, which offer remy hair extensions; hair suppliers in Chicago import hair from other countries, mainly from hair factories in Asia such as Vietnam hair factory, Chinese hair factory. 

This is explained by reasons for profit and commerce. Many reports have proven that the salary of a worker in the US is more expensive than that salary in the countries mentioned above. By rebuying and redistributing products made from human hair extensions to consumers, hair vendors in Chicago have saved a considerable amount of production costs. As a result, their income increases significantly, which means that the profit generated also increases dramatically. When they are resellers, they are also less likely to get involved in legal problems than hair wholesalers.

With the purpose of providing hair extension products, hair vendors in Chicago are dominating the hair market in the US. Hair wigs, human hair extensions clip-in, human ​​hair extensions tape-in, human hair extensions blonde, etc are available. Hair vendors in Chicago are able to provide all types of human hair extensions for the buyers. Products are also very affordable for clients, and salons know how to satisfy their customers. Thanks to appropriate hair products solutions, women in The United States become more confident. 


Overview of hair vendors in Chicago

1.2. Hair features of hair vendors in Chicago

Similar to hair vendors in the United States, hair vendors in Chicago also have similar characteristics. Moreover, the combination of real hair in The United States and human hair extensions in Asia has created different features.

Hair vendors in Chicago have to import hair from Asian countries such as Vietnam, China and so on because their hair is strong, smooth, shiny. Along with modern technology, hair vendors in Chicago have created the highest hair items in the hair market. Since clients in the US put an emphasis on the hair quality instead of the hair price, hair vendors in Chicago offer the previum hair extensions. 

1.3. The pros and cons of hair from hair vendors in Chicago 

We want to provide some useful information in terms of advantages and disadvantages of hair vendors in Chicago. Make sure you have background information about hair vendors in Chicago before placing an order. 

1.3.1. The pros of hair vendors in Chicago

Customers all over the world will benefit from advantages if they buy hair products from hair vendors in Chicago. 

Hair vendors in Chicago provide a wide variety of hair products: 

  • As the third most densely populated city in the United States, with over 10 million citizens, it’s no surprise that hair vendors in Chicago offer a different number of hair styles. Diversity in ethnicity and skin color is believed to be the main reason leading to people’s increasing needs for hair products.
  • Hair vendors in Chicago always look for and import human hair extensions so as to keep up with current and future trends. For example, black people prefer curly hair, straight hair or natural virgin hair. Meanwhile, light-colored hair like virgin blond hair extensions and blond bone straight hair are popular with white color inhabitants. Therefore, they can offer multiple choices to all different groups of customers. In short, a wide variety of hair products is a distinct advantage of hair vendors in Chicago.

Advantage of hair vendors in Chicago

Hair vendors in Chicago have excellent quality:

  • A vital reason is that consumers in the United States value quality over price. As mentioned above, hair vendors in Chicago import hair from various sources. If hair vendors in Chicago can sell clearly guaranteed and high-quality hair, hair products will live up to customer’s expectations. Clients can use wigs made from human hair for a long time and hair vendors in Chicago have a prestigious reputation. 
  • Hair vendors in Chicago mainly use hair products from Asia because Asian hair is strong, shiny, smooth and free-tangles. In addition, human hair extensions which originate from Vietnamese hair vendors or Chinese hair factories have a lifespan from 2 to 5 years of use. These are all hair features that customers are enormously favourite. Hair vendors in Chicago have a thorough insight of customer psychology, so they will do business with quality hair suppliers. All hair types used for customers are first experienced by hair vendors in Chicago.Therefore, customers can be assured of the quality of hair extensions provided by hair vendors in Chicago.

Hair vendors in Chicago have excellent quality

1.3.2. The cons of hair vendors in Chicago

On the contrary to the pros, hair vendors in Chicago also have downsides. We will outline disadvantages of hair vendors in Chicago to consider before cooperating with them.

Hair vendors in Chicago offer high price:

  • Importing hair from other countries leads to the increase in costs of hair vendors in Chicago, including: international shipping costs, import taxes, etc. Hair vendors in Chicago offer a final price, including the rising costs. Therefore, the dependence on imported hair sources of hair vendors in Chicago result in the higher price of human hair product extensions.
  • Like consumers in every country, customers who order hair products in the United States will be subject to tax. It means they share the tax burden with businesses. This is why hair vendors in Chicago are relatively expensive.

Hair vendors in Chicago require long waiting time for hair products:

  • Because of the dependence on outside hair suppliers, in other words, hair vendors in Chicago are also buyers, they have to wait a certain time to receive hair products. 
  • Delays due to force majeure factors such as weather (fog, heavy rain, etc) are also reasons for the longer delivery time. Items that do not arrive on schedule as in the contract will lower the reputation of hair vendors in Chicago. Worst of all, it may depress the trade of hair vendors in Chicago.

Pros and Cons of hair vendors in Chicago

2. Things to remember if you want to find hair vendors in Chicago

Besides the knowledge mentioned above, customers need to remember the following things if they want to have a good deal with hair vendors in Chicago: 

  • You can find hair vendors in Chicago by searching on Google: Google can be considered the most useful information channel on this planet with a large number of users. You just need to go to Google and type the keywords you want to search in the toolbar, a series of pages related to hair vendors in Chicago will appear. Featured articles will be suggested by Google on the first page and the thing you have to do is click on them and read the information about hair vendors in Chicago.
  • You can find hair vendors in Chicago through your connections: If you know someone who has done business with hair vendors in Chicago, ask them to help you find a reliable supplier. It is helpful to save you time and money. You can also minimize the risk of being scammed.

Google – a useful tool to find hair vendors in Chicago

  • You can find hair vendors in Chicago by beauty forum: Beauty Forum is an ideal place for those who wish to have more understanding about hair vendors in Chicago. Here, many hair experts and users who have experienced the hair products will evaluate the products of hair vendors in Chicago. They will also comment on the credibility and customer service of hair vendors in Chicago. However, it is also important to note that there are some hair vendors in Chicago hiring people to create fake reviews. Be careful by consulting reputable beauty forums.
  • You can find hair vendors in Chicago by reading information on their website: All information about hair vendors in Chicago will be available on their website. Hair origin, hair quality certification, business registration number, mode of transport, etc should be clearly mentioned on the website. The website is the place to have the most comprehensive information about hair vendors in Chicago. Let’s read them carefully.

4 ways to find hair vendors in Chicago

3. Things to keep in mind to avoid scam hair vendors in Chicago

After finishing the steps in part 2, you probably have a few hair vendors in Chicago in mind. However, there are a few steps you need to take to avoid being scammed. Scams rarely happen, but that doesn’t mean they don’t.

3.1. Hair vendors in Chicago offer an unsuitable price

Quality and price are definitely the two most important factors in buying and selling goods. A product with good quality but too cheap price is a sign that hair vendors in Chicago are scammers. 

If you realize that hair vendors in Chicago offer unreasonable prices, consider and take into consideration carefully. Because you can place an order in an untrustable hair provider. 

3.2. Hair vendors in Chicago is unwilling to make a video call

When hair vendors in Chicago tell you your order is available for shipping, make sure that you check the merchandise by making a video call. Hair vendors in Chicago that give you belief in human hair extension products are suppliers who are willing to make a video call with you. 

If they’re always ready for video calling to check out, they could be good hair suppliers. If they refuse to do this many times, it proves that hair vendors in Chicago are scammers.

3.3. Hair vendors in Chicago boast their product too much

Advertising their hair products too much is sometimes just a disguise of hair vendors in Chicago. Many of them conceal poor-quality hair products by exaggerating them. 

Hair vendors in Chicago only talk about the good aspects of all types of hair extensions without mentioning the shortcoming of the hair product at all. The inexperienced customers and wholesalers who are newbies in the hair market will easily be deceived and buy substandard hair.


Tips to avoid scammer in hair vendors in Chicago

4. The best-selling hair vendors in Chicago you need to know

If you feel the above steps are consuming a lot of your time, we have listed some hair vendors in Chicago you can rely on.

4.1. Ted Hair – Hair vendors in Chicago originating from China

Ted Hair is considered one of the biggest hair vendors in Chicago. An interesting fact is that TedHair have headquarters in China although they have many distributors in Chicago.

  • Tedhair’s main product is Indian hair. It is usually cut from the hair of people who give their hair in temples voluntarily.
  • Compared to hair vendors in Chicago, Tedhair’s price is quite cheap. But it is uncertain to make the most accurate assessment of hair quality because all types of hair have the same price.
  • Tedhair is quite famous for its transportation services. They are careful and always find the fastest way to deliver the hair product to the buyer.

If you need to find hair vendors in Chicago which are speedy, convenient and don’t pay attention to hair quality too much, Tedhair is a good choice.


TedHair – the number 1 hair vendors in Chicago

4.2. Lavish AR Hair- Hair vendors in Chicago specializing in virgin hair extensions

Lavish AR Hair is one of the prestigious hair vendors in Chicago that specializes in Virgin Hair Extensions.

  • Their hair products are imported from many different countries: India, Malaysia, Brazil, Cambodia and Russia.
  • They are high in price because Lavish AR Hair is the best supplier of virgin hair extensions in Chicago.
  • Their shipping times are extremely fast, however it is difficult to find any reviews of them on the Internet.

If you are in a hurry to distribute human hair extensions for consumers having high demand in quality of hair products, Lavish AR Hair could be a worthy choice among the hair vendors in Chicago.


Lavish Ar Hair – a well-known hair vendor in Chicago

4.3. Indique – Hair vendors in Chicago stemmed from India

Indique is extremely famous and is a partner of many major salons not only in the US but also in many other diverse countries. Indique can be regarded as one of the best hair vendors in Chicago.

  • Indique has been focusing on manufacturing and distributing 100% Indian hair since the past decade.
  • Thanks to the popularity, the price of Indique’s hair is extremely costly.
  • Customers don’t need long waiting because they ship hair products to client’s hands extremely fast. Therefore, customers rate the service extremely well.

If you want to experience virgin Indian hair and don’t worry about finances, then Indique is the right choice for you.

5. K-Hair Factory – A Vietnamese trustable partner of hair vendors in Chicago

Hair vendors in Vietnam are increasingly asserting their position in the world in terms of outstanding features that are difficult to find in any other hair type. Among them, K-hair is the hair distributor dominating the hair industry not only in Asia market but also in the European market. Let’s learn more about K-hair to better understand.


K-Hair Factory – a Vietnamese trustable partner of hair vendors in Chicago

5.1. The reasons for close the relationship between hair vendors in Chicago and K-Hair

Compared to Indian hair extensions or Chinese hair extensions, Vietnamese hair extensions have several advantages to become the main supplier for hair vendors in Chicago.

  • Vietnamese hair vendors have the best high-quality hair. Vietnamese hair comes from Vietnamese women with a variety of length from 8 inches to 32 inches. Moreover, hair in Vietnam is long, smooth, and strong. Vietnamese women always prioritize taking care of their hair due to the hair appreciation tradition from their ancestors.
  • With the distinguished features above, it comes as no shock that Vietnamese hair has the longest durability. They can be used in 2-10 years. You will not regret the money you invest in hair products with this hair lifespan. Thanks to hair longevity, buyers of hair vendors in Chicago highly appreciate and have a strong desire to use hair extensions from K-Hair.
  • Compared with other hair suppliers in the world, the price of K-Hair is the most affordable with the quality equivalent to the cost. Of the three countries, India is the cheapest nation due to the characteristics of its economy. However, we are not sure that their quality can be guaranteed with a much cheaper price than the rest. The price of Chinese hair also changes increasingly, which is explained due to the influence of political factors between the United States and China. With the analysis above, hair vendors in Chicago make up their mind to do business with K-Hair.

Comparison about price of hair vendors in Vietnam, China and India

5.2. K-Hair Factory – the best provider in Vietnam for hair vendors in Chicago

If you have a concern about hair, you are probably familiar with the K-hair brand, which has made a significant contribution to the hair market. Bear in mind that the primary goal of K-Hair is to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction for every hair product when it is published to the hair market. That is apparent evidence that hair vendors in Chicago have chosen K-Hair as a reliable partner for a long time.  

If you want to enhance your beauty, hair extension products of K-Hair will make you pleased. Let’s contact the K-hair staff to ask for any questions about human hair items.



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