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We all know that dyeing hair is usually a damaging process towards our natural hair. Therefore, more and more people now want to dye synthetic hair extensions or wigs instead in order to somehow protect their natural hair from such chemicals. However, synthetic hair is mostly already styled and dyed. Then, can you dye synthetic hair more? If yes, how to do so? Will you be able to get a satisfactory result, or what are all the things to take notice of? This post will help you clarify it all.


Can you dye synthetic hair?

I. First understanding of synthetic hair – Can you dye synthetic hair?

First and foremost, to know whether you can dye synthetic hair or not, you’d better understand some of its significant features beforehand. In fact, having initial knowledge is helpful in everything. 

1.1. Can you dye synthetic hair – Synthetic hair and its characteristics

Synthetic hair is basically hair made from synthetic fibers. The fibers can be some kinds of specific plastics. As the materials are artificial and cheap, synthetic hair is usually styled into different easy-to-get-damage hair extensions or wigs styles like crochet coil quick weave, braiding hair, colorful hair, tight curl hair and so on. Then, can you dye synthetic hair? As the hair is already processed, styled and dyed with so many chemicals, will it be endurable with more hair dye? The answer is exposed below.


Can you dye synthetic hair – Features of synthetic hair

1.2. Can you dye synthetic hair?

The answer is definitely yes. In fact, our natural hair is capable of being dyed and styled many times, and so is synthetic hair. The difference is while human hair can absorb our natural nutrients to recover from such restyling times, synthetic hair cannot. Therefore, can you dye synthetic hair? Yes! Then, the synthetic hair will easily get worn out, but there is an advantage that you needn’t wait for the hair to be recovered for the next restyling time, as it will in fact have no recovery at all!


Can you dye synthetic hair? Yes!!!

1.3. Colored hair vs. DIY dyed hair: Which one is better?

An arising question is that then, should you dye synthetic hair when in fact there are a variety of colored synthetic hair extensions and wigs from famous hair factory to choose from? After answering the question “Can you dye synthetic hair?”, now comes the next one! In fact, it is hard to decide clearly which choice is better. It totally depends on your purpose. If you desire a really special and unique hair shade, then the DIY dye is necessary. However, you also need to consider all the disadvantages like the cost, the time and the effort needed beforehand as well.

II. Can you dye synthetic hair? The best way to follow 

If you decide to dye your synthetic hair to give it a totally new and unique look, you can follow our synthesized instruction. Below are 4 steps of the easiest method to dye hair wigs shared by experienced wholesale hair vendors and hairdressers, and you can apply all the steps to get the satisfactory results. The method for hair extensions are exactly the same.


Can you dye synthetic hair – How to do so?

2.1. Can you dye synthetic hair – Prepare all you need

Before dyeing the hair, you need to prepare all the needed things first. You will need a hair extension or hair wig, of course, to apply the color on! Other needed things are hair dye, a pot, water and protective utilities like gloves, an old shirt or a salon apron.

The most important part is the hair dye. You cannot use the normal hair dye for human hair. In fact, you have to use fabric dye. You can buy it or make it by yourself. You can go online to search for the formula; however, buying the dye will help you save more time.


Prepare all you need to dye synthetic hair

2.2. Can you dye synthetic hair – Wear protective utilities

This step is to protect you from harmful chemicals. You should remember to always wear gloves and an apron. If you don’t have an apron, you can wear an old shirt, so that it will help you protect your current valuable clothes. If you are worried that the dye may dirty your place, you can also cover it with newspapers or nylon sheets.

2.3. Can you dye synthetic hair – Dye the hair

The main step in this process is to dye the hair. Very simple, you just need to boil the water. Then, you add the dye to the water with the ratio of water and dye equaling to 1:3. You need to make sure that the water and the dye are blended well, and then you can add the hair into this mixture. You should let the hair in the pot for a couple of minutes until the color satisfies you.


Dye the hair

2.4. Can you dye synthetic hair – Rinse and dry the hair

Finally, you pick the hair out of the pot and rinse it with cold water. The color can be faded and a little bit lighter. If you are not yet satisfied with the color, you can put the hair back in the dye pot but not for too long, and again rinse it with cold water after putting it out. Then, you just need to let the hair dry, and you’ve just got a totally new hair extension or wig!


Rinse & dry the hair

III. Can you dye synthetic hair – What to notice before dyeing the hair

Besides knowing some ways to dye the hair, you ought to also take all of these following notes into consideration. As a result, you can be assured to get the best outcomes and be satisfied with your hair.

3.1. Which hair should you choose to dye?

First of all, which hair should you choose to dye? Although the answer to the question “Can you dye synthetic hair?” is yes, it does not necessarily mean that you are recommended to dye all kinds of synthetic hair. 

  • You should firstly think of the hair price when it comes to choosing a hair extension or a hair wig to dye. We all know that the dyeing process will make the hair extremely easy to get damaged and worn out, especially when the hair dye you use is not qualified. Therefore, you shouldn’t dye your expensive synthetic hair extensions or wigs. Instead, you should choose cheaper ones or old ones. If you still want a beautiful qualified hair extension, you’d better choose qualified hair dye as well.

Can you dye synthetic hair – Which hair to choose?

  • You should also choose the hair with the suitable color to carry out a dyeing process. Can you dye synthetic hair? Yes, but it is better when you choose the color smartly! As a result, the outcome color will be ensured to be satisfactory. This part will be concretely analyzed right below.

3.2. Which dyeing colors should you choose for different hair base colors?

The answers to this question are divided into 2 main items: when you need to dye the hair into light colors and when you need to dye the hair into dark colors.

  • For dyeing light colors, can you dye synthetic hair? Yes, but you ought to choose the hair with an already light base. It is similar when we dye our natural hair. When we need the hair to be dyed into a light tone such as blond, yellow, light pink, light blue or so on, we are always recommended by hairdressers to have the hair bleached first. Such a light base will help the colors turn out as exactly as you want.

Choosing light base hair

  • For dyeing dark colors, can you dye synthetic hair? Yes, and you can choose the hair with a dark base or a light base, as long as the base is lighter than the dyed color you choose. This similarly helps the color to turn out exactly on your hair. To ensure the best color outcome, you’d  better use a totally light base.

Light color hair

3.3. How many times can you dye one hair extension/wig before it is worn out?

Last but not least, another issue you need to notice besides “can you dye synthetic hair” is the total times that you can have your hair dyed. As synthetic hair is not of high quality as human hair, it can easily be totally dry and worn out after only a couple of dying processes. Therefore, you should get recommendations from your seller for each type of hair. They will be the ones that can give you the most exact answer. In general, you’d better not dye the synthetic hair so many times, including those from well-known wholesale hair distributor as well.


Can you dye synthetic hair? Yes but don’t dye it too often!

IV. Can you dye synthetic hair – How to take care of dyed hair

Although synthetic hair cannot absorb our natural nutrients to stay healthy, we can actually take care of it and provide it with added products to improve its quality. Below are the most concerned topics about synthetic hair care.

4.1. Can you dye synthetic hair – How to comb dyed synthetic hair

How to comb synthetic hair is one of the most asked questions. Combing the hair is simple, but combing the hair without causing shedding is not that easy. You are suggested to use a rake comb to brush the hair. If your hair extension or wig is curly, don’t forget to brush from the hair tail first. It will pretty much prevent the hair from tangling or shedding.


Comb the hair

4.2. Can you dye synthetic hair – How to wash dyed synthetic hair to keep the color durable

Washing the hair is a must to take care of the hair from dust. In fact, washing synthetic hair is quite similar to washing human hair. The slight difference is that dyed synthetic hair needs to be washed very carefully with suitable kinds of shampoo for dyed hair in order not to make the color fade so quickly. To do so, you should also wash the hair with cold water. Hot or warm water can wash away the colors. In addition, the hair shouldn’t be washed very regularly. Dealing with shampoo too often will make the colors easily fade out.


Wash the hair

4.3. Can you dye synthetic hair – How to improve the texture of dyed synthetic hair

Dyed hair is usually dry and not silky at all. It is the effect of chemicals, especially when the synthetic hair has no hair cuticle to help it stay healthy. However, you can solve this problem by adding conditioners to the hair. Like clothing fibers can be softened with fabric softener, synthetic hair fibers can be smoothed with specific hair conditioners. You should apply conditioners after washing to get the best result.


Can you dye synthetic hair? Yes but don’t forget to add conditioners!

Above are all sharings from K-Hair about the question “Can you dye synthetic hair?”. You can read many other useful posts on the website or contact us:

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