Why Ombre Hair Extensions are Must-Have Items for Valentines?

Why ombre hair extensions are musr-have items for your Valentines
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For couples, Valentine’s Day is a huge celebration of the year. This is a great holiday for couples to express their feelings for each other or to express their affection to someone they love. So Why ombre hair extensions are Must-Have Items for Valentines and What hairstyles can you prepare yourself to appear on Valentine’s dates? This article will guide you to be more outstanding and beautiful than ever.

I. Overview about ombre hair extensions?

There are many types of hair extensions like synthetic hair extensions, real human hair extensions, … This article will just mention real human ombre hair extensions and suggest some reputable factories that you can prepare for your Valentine

1.What are hair extensions?

First, we need to understand clearly what the hair extension is? Normally, in some European or African countries, the weather is extremely harsh, so people’s hair is very thin and curly. Some people cannot even grow hair. This is the reason why the demand for hair extensions in these countries is enormous. Gradually, people are into hair extensions and use them more often; for examples, now we have hair extensions for summer, for long hair, for short hair or tons of other types. Recently, ombre hair extensions are one of the most popular hairstyles in European and African countries. The following sections will summarize you with the most memorable information for the most memorable valentine and suggest some ombre hairstyles to make you more beautiful and outstanding than ever.

What is hair extension

Real human hair extensions cut from the heads of women. They are cleaned, customized into different hairstyles and then exported to some markets with great demand for hair. They are then sewn on the women’s heads if they are wefted hair or are attached to the heads if they are clip-in or tip and tape. In general, hair extension is an indispensable accessory for women. For a natural look, it’s important to buy good hair extensions and a professional hairdresser to make you look better.

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2. What are Ombre Hair Extensions?

Why ombre hair extensions are musr-have items for your Valentines

Ombre colors have been around for a few years. We can easily see ombre colors mixed on clothes, accessories or some other design. However, they have been tested into the hair industry. Fortunately, ombre hair extensions have become a trend this year around the world. So ombre hair extensions are definitely one of the hairstyles that you cannot ignore. Ombre hair extensions are blended from at least two different hair colors. They can be mixed together or joined together on the same hair.

Some of the hair colors below will make you extremely excited because they are not only very eye-catching but also extremely stylish and stylish. At a special ceremony like Valentines, make yourself not only beautiful and even the most special compared to other girls. Add special colors to the milestones of your life. And for a similar occasion – first date, what can be your choices? You can discover more here.

II. Why are ombre hair extensions are Must-Have Items for your Valentine?

As mentioned above, ombre hair extensions are coordinated with unique colors. they create unique and new for boring everyday straight hairstyles. However, you already know which hair color suits you or not, and you will choose which hairstyle to become prettier.

1. Which are the most trendy Ombre Hair Extensions Colors?

At present, ombre hair extensions is the most popular hair color with huge orders and spikes. Especially on the occasion of Valentines, the occasion when girls want to be the most beautiful, the sexiest and have the most memorable holiday, ombre will definitely be a hair color that anyone cannot ignore. The hair color is subtly coordinated, creating a variety of hairstyles.

In Europe, customers prefer simple and elegant colors. Therefore, mainly ombre hair extensions are simply coordinated from 2 different colors. The main hair color is still light colors like blond color, mixed with some other colors like brown or black. They may seem simple enough, but this is one of the hottest ombre hair extensions colors available today.

In Africa, customers prefer more striking colors. They are coordinated with a lot of different colors and are always attractive at first sight. Creating these colors is not easy, so you should research carefully to choose from a reputable Hair vendor. You can refer to some ombre hair extensions  below to never go out of style.

The most trendy Ombre Hair Extension Colors in Africa e1612081884638

2. Some ombre hair extensions hairstyles you can create yourself on Valentine’s dates 

Once you’ve chosen the right hair color for you, choose the hairstyle that you can look the most beautiful and confident in. Choose hairstyles that make you lighter and more feminine, combined with your unique hair color. And in the end you will look both girly, but no less personal and special on Valentine’s Day.

To save money and time, you can even make those hairstyles at home instead of paying too much for the hairdresser or makeup artist. First, buy yourself a set of ombre hair extensions that you like best. Then follow the steps below in this video for a perfect look for Valentine’s Day.

III. Where can you get your ombre hair extensions for Valentine?

Once you have chosen your favorite hair color or hairstyle, it is more important to decide where to buy it. Currently there are many hair vendors around the world. However, you can check out prices from a number of vendors where you live in terms of price and quality. In terms of quality, they can be assessed relatively well since their origins are mainly from Asian countries like Vietnam. However, the price is relatively high for 1 hair extensions in general and for ombre hair extensions in particular. But don’t worry, I will suggest you the top 3 most reputable factories in Vietnam where you can buy hair at factory price and without going through any intermediaries. You can also consider becoming hair vendors in the future because the hair business is very promising and thriving.

1. K-hair Factory

K-hair Factory have been popular on all social media sites such as facebook, instagram or blog, … They are known as one of the largest factories in Vietnam and have the best prices for customers. With a staff of experienced, skilled and large-scale workers, They supply hair mainly to Europe and Africa. They can customize a lot of different hairstyles, especially they research and synthesize the hottest hair models for each moment. That makes it easier for customers to choose the hairstyle that not only suits them best but also the most trendy. They have created a wide variety of ombre hair extensions colors for the European and African markets. They are considered as one of the leading companies in creating the ombre hair extensions color trend in Vietnam.

2. Jenhair Company

They are one of the major hair companies in Vietnam. With years of experience in the hair industry, Jenhair is continuously improving the quality of their products and services to serve their customers in the best way. They focus primarily on the African market and offer a wide variety of hairstyles to their clients. However the price is a bit higher than other companies, but this is one of the companies where you can try and test the quality. They also produce some ombre hair extensions but It is not too popular.

3. KFHair Factory

The brand name closely resembles K-hair but they are an independent company. They have a large-scale hair production plant supplying to large markets such as Europe or Europe. But they focus on providing the black, curly hair styles popular in Africa instead of focusing too much on the color order. This is also one of their competitive advantages

Wish you have a meaningful Valentine’s Day with the one you love. Be beautiful all the time. Let me accompany you in that mission!


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