How to distinguish between Mixed hair and Virgin hair?

How to test mixed hair and virgin hair
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Hair Industry is becoming more and more prosperous recently. Businessmen gain more profit from the Hair Market. The huge demand for hair extensions makes customers a target for scammers for selling bad hair. Hair vendors always expect that they can get 100% human hair, no synthetic or mixed hair for their wig. So How to distinguish between mixed hair and virgin hair? This article below will guide you to find the answer.

1. Overview of Mixed Hair and Virgin Hair?

There are many types of hair extensions for making a full wig such as human hair, synthetic hair, mixed hair,… Therefore, It is not easy to differentiate between them. So How customers can know exactly which types of hair that they are paying for. This section will focus on how to distinguish between mixed hair and virgin hair?

1.1. Mixed Hair and Virgin Hair Reviews: Characteristic of Mixed hair

Mixed hair can be considered as a mixture of hair types. As usual, they will mix with synthetic hair vs real human hair, virgin hair vs remy hair, Chinese hair vs India hair,…Firstly, We need to have a specific look at the above hair types: 

  • Synthetic hair: Synthetic fibers are made so that they resemble real hair. The synthetic hair ingredients consist of about 10-15 different chemicals (depending on the color and manufacturer) as well as “flexible” plastics, which are then mixed together and processed through a special machine, mold them into a hair-like shape.

Synthectic Hair Extension

Synthetic Hair Extension

  • Real human hair: The hair is cut directly from women, who have long hair. In some countries, The hair can be from donors who want to wish that their hair would change their luck and peace from God. However, recently Hair is mainly collected commercially instead. It is easy to define real human hair because this is one of the essential features on the body of each person. The hair will be soft, smooth and silky with natural color of which country it has origin.
  • Virgin hair: 100% from 1 person, you can bleach with many colors and It is unprocessed hair. It means that there is no treatment on hair textures, except for the cleaning process.
  • Remy hair: It is mixed hair from some heads with real human hair. The same characteristics of hair textures of some people will be chosen to mix with. The quality is still good with many beautiful hairstyles customizing from Remy hair. 
  • Chinese Hair vs Indian Hair : The hair is supplied by Chinese or Indian Factories. Read more on How is the difference between Chinese Hair and Indian hair?

So What is the characteristic of Mixed Hair?

As mentioned above, there are some types of hair that Hair Factories can mix together. Therefore in general, Mixed hair can be understood that the hair is not from just 1 type of hair. It is a mixture of human hair and non human hair. What is mixed hair used for and Why do hair suppliers mix hair? There are some reasons below :

  • Getting more profit: Hair suppliers are more and more popular all over the world. To be more competitive in the Hair Market, some hair distributors mix real human hair with synthetic hair to give customers better prices. As can be seen, real human hair is much more expensive than mixed hair, therefore they treat customers by mixing without 100% real human hair and not admit that. It can make your hair extension lower in durability and It can’t be bleached with some light color because of synthetic fibers
  • Scamming: Some scammers in the hair business will scam customers by selling bad hair. They mix not only with synthetic hair and real human hair but also 100% synthetic hair instead of 100% real human hair that you paid for.

 1.2. Mixed Hair and Virgin Hair Reviews: Characteristic of Virgin Hair

In hair market, there are 3 types of real human hair: virgin hair, remy hair and non-remy hair:

  • Virgin hair: There are 2 main characteristics of virgin hair that It should be followed:
  • It is 100% from human hair and cut from 1 person. There is no mixture with synthetic hair or remy hair. The hair is collected from women, who are from 18-35 years old.
  • There is no treatment on hair extensions. The hair will be cleaned without heat treatment after collecting

Watching this video below to get further details about virgin hair:

  • Remy hair: The hair can be mixed from many people with the same characteristics of hair texture. It can be customized with many beautiful hairstyles and trendy colors. It is more popular in Africa for flexibility. 
  • Non-remy hair: It is also the hair mixture of many people but not the same characteristic of hair texture. Therefore, It is not popular to customize with some hairstyles and colors. The hair is easy for getting tangled or shedding.

2. How to test Mixed hair and Virgin Hair?

As a business savvy, you already know how to buy quality hair that corresponds to the value you paid for them. It is not easy to distinguish between Mixed hair and Virgin hair with the naked eyes, so how can you test which hair extensions are?

2.1. Smell check

One of the most simple ways that you can test mixed hair and virgin hair is by smelling. You can smell hair extension and feel how it is. Normally, virgin hair will not have any chemical smell, just the natural smell of real human hair. 

Smell check with mixed hair and virgin hair

2.2. Burn Check

This is one of the difficult methods to do but with the most obvious results to differentiate between mixed hair and virgin hair. You just need to filter out enough hair from the bundle you just bought, then burn them to wait for the results. There are two cases in the above experiment:

  • Hair burns off and does not get clumped, hair has a characteristic smell like when you burn real human hair.
  • Hair burns, but after 1 segment, it will be black lumpy, hair is smoky and smells bad. When you use your hands to squeeze the burned mixture, it does not melt, even stick together.

How to test mixed hair and virgin hair

Mixed hair and virgin hair will give clear results for you to check which hair extension you have just paid for?

2.3. Cuticle Check 

100% virgin hair should have cuticles. Because of unprocessed hair, It will keep the properties of real human hair. You can test by going through the hair with your hand. If the hair feels smooth going down without tangling, It is real human hair. However, You can’t conclude between mixed hair and virgin hair, which it is? 

One more step to make you more sure of your conclusion. You can use scissors to check if the hair cuticle is still present. You just need to gently shave the strands of hair, the hair will appear a fine powder. If the powder is white, you can totally conclude it’s virgin hair. But if the powder is dark brown, the hair has been heat treated and It is not virgin anymore. If nothing appears, the hair is made from synthetic fibers.

2.4. Bleaching check

Basically, for testing mixed hair and virgin hair, you can bleach with virgin hair with its cuticle intact. Hair at this time has not been heat treated, cut from one head down, so the hair is even. If you bleach on high colors like blond and your hair turns well, congratulations on purchasing quality virgin hair. For more information on how to bleach virgin hair, you can read this post: How to bleach natural hair to blond 613. However, after bleaching that some dark strands of hair still appear, they may have been mixed with virgin hair. You can pick them up and check them out in a few ways I have suggested above

Bleaching check with mixed hair and virgin hair

3. What should you buy between Mixed hair and Virgin hair?

Each hair type has different properties. So What should you buy between mixed hair and virgin hair? There are some elements that you can consider between mixed hair and virgin hair.

3.1. Purpose of Usage

Before starting a hair business, you should identify several factors such as:

  • What is your budget?
  • Who are your target customers?

You need to identify the customer segment that you are targeting? It then makes a decision on what type of hair you will choose for the business

  • What do you want with that characteristic of hair? 

If you want the hair to look natural with long durability, of course you will choose real virgin human hair between mixed hair and virgin hair.

If you are just asking for temporary accessories for beauty, It is better with mixed hair or synthetic hair to save your money.

You may wonder how to customize these kinds of hair for a new look? The, styling bangs is an amzaing choice. Check out our suggestion on 3 best ways to style curtain bangs!!!

3.2. Price of Mixed hair and Virgin hair

It is evident that real human hair is always more expensive than any other hair type, with virgin hair the most expensive. As I mentioned above, mixed hair is not just a mixture of synthetic hair with real human hair, It can be mixed from virgin hair and remy hair. The price for them is better than virgin hair but the quality is still good to customize with many hairstyles and dyed with beautiful colors.

Watching this video below to consults some beautiful colors from virgin and remy hair:

In short, you should cultivate a deep understanding of hair types and how to test them. From there, depending on the purpose of use, price, business strategy, … you will choose the right hair type for your hair business and the quality of your hair must correspond to the amount you paid for them. Through this article, you have learned how to distinguish between mixed hair and virgin hair. 

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