Top 10 Best Valentine weaves HairStyles for Valentine Season 2021

10 best valentine weaves hairstyles
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Valentine Weave Hairstyles is the most concerning topic in the hair business  recently. Valentine is not only a special occasion for couples, it’s also the shopping season for business dealers. With the hair extension field, we can have a golden ticket thanks to this special event. That means more trendy hairstyles are required, so let’s take a look at this list to choose some for your new collection. Welcome to our Top 10 Best Valentine Weaves Hairstyles, updated for 2021 Valentine season. For other special occasions like Easter, you can read more here: Best Easter weave hairstyles.

1.  Why should you buy Valentine Weaves Hairstyles for reselling?

“Life is too short to wear boring hair”, this quote means the demands for hair extension is something that never changes though time passes. Your customers want to buy hair when they want to change their appearance. This can happen for no special occasion, because for some people, hair waves are luxurious goods and necessary items as well. 

However, we’ve seen a lot of Sale off programs in Black Friday, Year End, Christmas, Valentine… organized by hair retailers. It can be easy to understand because there is higher demand for hair at these times. Most people want to look special in the important event. The tendency is we are more comfortable to spend money on some habits and products or services to spoil ourselves in holidays than in usual days. Therefore, if you are wondering what’s the best time to hustle for business or launch your hair brands, let’s consider this 2021 Valentine with the best Valentine Weaves Hairstyles below. And don’t forget to read more about summer hair extension styles here!

2.  Top 10 trendy Valentine Weaves Hairstyles

It’s difficult to define the most beautiful hairstyles for extension because each woman has their own beauty standard. However, we can take a look at the hair weaves, which is popular with all people and never go out of style. 

2.1. Natural Black Bone Straight Hair- must try Valentine Weaves Hairstyles

It would be a mistake if the bone straight hair were not stated in this Valentine Weaves Hairstyles list. Indeed, bone straight hair is more and more favorable by women and becomes the best- selling item with a lot of hair wholesalers. 

As other hairstyles from Vietnamese hair factories, bone straight hair has 3 different grades: Super Double Drawn, Double Drawn and Single Drawn. The quality is not different by the grades, only the density and the fullness of the tail changes. If you want the full tail hair, Super Double Drawn won’t disappoint you. 


Bone straight is popular with silky and shiny texture

In this Valentine season, let’s rock your collection with bone straight hair.  Its soft, silky texture will make you feel love at first sight.  Besides, one question we received a lot is: How to take care of bone straight hair in the right way? Understanding that our customers want the hair with long durability, we are ready to share with you all the useful tips that you can do at home. You can read this report for more information: THE BEST WAYS TO TAKE CARE OF BONE STRAIGHT HAIR

2.2. Piano color Bone straight hair

The second hairstyle in our Valentine Weaves Hairstyles list is  Piano Bone Straight hair. The hair with highlight color is familiar to girls who love hair extensions. Piano color is an upgraded version with a complicated colors mixture.  We can easily see the blonde, brown and black stripes in the same bundle. Moreover, the color shapes can be adjusted according to the customer’s requirement. 


Piano color and bone straight texture is a perfect match

To have this beautiful color, the hairs can be chosen are: natural straight, bone straight, wavy and curly. However, piano color and bone straight texture is still the best matching item. You can choose the medium length (from 14-18 inches) and long hair (from 20- 30 inches) to feel clearly its silky texture. Even your fingers can go through the hair easily thanks to no tangle hair strand. If you love creation, piano bone straight hair with different colors deserves to be in your collection. 

2.3. Burgundy Bone Straight hair- Valentine Weaves Hairstyles you need to try

How about an outstanding hairstyle but still looks delicate? Don’t miss the Burgundy Straight hair for your Valentine Weaves Hairstyles collection. 


Beautiful Burgundy hair in the sunshine

Burgundy is one of the most trendy colors for all hair markets. From the original Burgundy colors, hair factories produced different versions, such as: Ombre Burgundy, Ombre Mix, Burgundy Mix. You can choose the way the hair looks, it can be completely dyed by colors, or just highlighted and dyed in some parts of the hair bundle. 

Burgundy Bone Straight hair remains the silky texture and looks more glamorous under the sunshine. In the room light, the hair looks delicate and beautiful. Let’s consider this unique color in this Valentine season. 

2.4. Ombre Wavy Hair- cozy Valentine Weaves Hairstyles

Deep wavy and Loose Wavy are popular items with all hair dealers. Have you ever wondered about the mixture of wavy texture with colors? Let’s see how the Ombre Wavy hair looks like in the photos below.


Deep Wavy hairstyles in Burgundy and Honey Blonde colors

Sometimes, you may feel bored with straight hair, you can try the ombre color, also mix with coily texture. Some trendy colors create the perfect mixture such as: Burgundy, Honey Blonde, Copper Brown…  Don’t miss this item for your Valentine Weaves Hairstyles. 

2.5. Blonde Straight hair- delicate Valentine Weaves Hairstyles

Let’s add this beautiful blonde hair in your Valentine Weaves Hairstyles cart. The blonde hair is bleach and dye sophisticatedly to make sure all hair strands have the same color. The light shade requires a large volume of hair bleaching. However, a good hair supplier always knows how to maintain the soft hair. 


Blonde hair still remains soft and silky hair strands

With blonde color, you can choose the different shades and mix with different hairstyles. While 613 is a familiar color in hair salons, you can also try something new in our collection for this Valentine: Blonde hair for Valentine

2.6. Ombre Straight hair- Valentine Weaves Hairstyles for girls love newness

Colors can make your hair be more interesting than natural black ones. The mixture between straight hair with warm brown is not a bad idea in this Valentine season. It brings us cozy feelings in the love month.  


Ombre hair is created from different colored hair

To maintain good texture, let’s use the proper hair care products. Hair shampoo and hair conditioner are necessary. Before you want to comb the hair, don’t forget to apply the hair serum. There are a lot of hair care tips that you can do at home, which can last your hair not only for the Valentine occasion, but for a long time. Therefore, let’s make sure you know how to maintain the hair correctly. 

2.7. Burmese curly

Burmese Curly is the new hairstyle that appeared in 2020. Though having the newness, Burmese curly hair has become the top trending hairstyle in the USA market. How about in your country? Let’s take a look at the photo below, you will know why we list it in the top 10 best Valentine Weaves Hairstyles. 


Burmese Curly from Vietnamese hair factories 

The texture is made by complicated curly hair strands. Some look like roses. And we believe that Burmese Curly hair won’t only rock the top list hairstyle in 2020, but will appear in all hair shops in other countries in the next years as well. 

 2.8. Pixie curly 

Pixie curly hairstyle is made by deep coily hair strands. The process requires steam and heat. We suggest the long pixie hair if you want to stand out of the crowd at Valentine this year. 

One tip for hair starters, especially whom customers worry about the hair density but wants to save money, you can choose the grade Double Drawn instead of Super Double Drawn for curly hair. Each hair bundle is 100 grams and by the look of the eye, the difference of double drawn hair and super double ones is the same for curly hair.


Natural black Pixie Curl bundles. Who says black hair is boring?

As one of the most part of hair maintenance, you also need to know how to comb pixie hair in the right way. So let’s take a look here, where you can do it step by step: HOW TO COMB PIXIE HAIR?

2.9. Tip Twist Curl- why don’t you wear it as your Valentine Weaves Hairstyles?

Have you seen something familiar now? The answer is “Yes”, the color you’ve seen of this hairstyle is piano color, which appeared in this list once.  Piano Tip Twist Curl is the choice for who tried the straight hair. The curly tail creates fluffy hair after combing the hair. We also produce the matching closures or frontals  in  each length. As a factory, we can customize the lace size and the partings. 


Piano color Tip Twist Curl

Another tip for hair starters when you buy hair in this Valentine season: if you buy frontal to make a wig, you only need 2 more weft hair bundles instead of the formular: 3 bundles and closure as usual. Also, with the short hair from 6 to 10 inches, 2 weft bundles and 1 closure can be enough for a full head. 

2.10. Bob hair style- lovely Valentine Weaves Hairstyles

The last name listed in Top 10 Valentine Weaves Hairstyles is Bob hair. With the straight top and the curly tail, bob style is favorable with short and medium hair. 


Bob style bundles and closure

You can choose bob hairstyles in many colors: ombre orange as the above photo, violet, or just natural black color if you love simplicity. Thanks to the strong hair structure of human hair, you can use the hot tool to curl the hair and wash it to apply moisture.  

3.  Where should you buy Valentine Weaves Hairstyle? 

You can buy hair from wholesalers in your own country or hair factories for the best price. When you can have more trust to buy hair from some suppliers in the domestic source, the hair factories can offer the competitive price and diversity of hairstyles. You can consider the Top 5 Best Vietnamese hair factories in this video.

As one of the leading hair suppliers from Vietnam and export hair worldwide, K-Hair offer all hairstyles for wholesalers. In 2021, we are ready to sell the best Valentine Weaves Hairstyles for the first special occasion. Let our experts give you the useful haircare advices and support with Marketing activities.  

With the list of 10 Valentine hairstyles, we hope you can have the inspiration for your next hair collection. Moreover, Valentine Weaves Hairstyles will be used for other special occasions and loved by women. Let’s create your own favorite hair expert from today. 


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