The 3 Best ways to take care of Bone straight hair

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If you are hair dealers or hair lovers, you must be familiar with the term  “Bone Straight Hair”. However, do you know how to take care of bone straight hair correctly? The answer will be provided in this article, as well as all the best way on how to maintain bone straight hair in the right way, so let’s get started!

1.  The truths need to be known before you take care of bone straight hair

Bone straight is the favorable hairstyle for all women. Time passes and everything can fade but bone straight is the hair that never goes out of style. It is always of the hot-selling item in all Vietnamese wholesale hair factories. Before getting the way to take care of bone straight hair, let’s find out what it is. 


Bone Straight Hair is the favorite items of African women

“Bone straight”  is the popular term with hair sellers and customers who love beauty. For hair starters, it’s time for you to discover this best-selling item. You can see the differences between Natural Straight hair and Bone Straight hair below.


The differences between straight and bone straight hair

To conclude, both natural straight and Bone straight from reliable hair suppliers are from 100% real human hair. Natural straight hair has the natural Vietnamese hair texture while Bone straight is the heat and steam straightened. Therefore, the Bone straight hair is straighter than the Natural Straight. However, it doesn’t mean Bone Straight hair is processed with chemicals, its production needs steam, heat and Vietnamese herbal.  


Vietnamese natural straight hair

2.  How to take care of bone straight hair in the right way?

Due to shipment (packaging way and long shipping time), sometimes, the hair can not come to customers with the good texture as the videos. So how to keep the hair for a long time? Let’s find out now. 

One tip that you need to learn by heart when first opening the package is: shake the bundle. With bone straight hair, the texture may look sloppy due to shipment. By opening the package and shaking the bundles, the hair strand can return to its original form. Sometimes, the human hair bulk extensions are rolled before packed for shipment. Therefore, you need to straighten the bone straight bundles again before usage. 

2.1. Using the hair straightener instead of an iron- the best way to take care of bone straight hair

Before you learn how to revamp bone straight hair, you need to know how to maintain them correctly. And it’s shocking news to me when I know some customers use an iron to straighten hair. We need to clarify that: an iron is used for clothes and fabrics while hair extension bundles need  specific tools, such as a hair straightener. The hair straightener needs to have the special surface with keratin and coconut oil covered in order to reduce color fading or dry hair. This is all the best oil for bone straight hair.


Don’s use an iron to straighten bone straight hair

Why shouldn’t you choose an iron for human hair? An iron has a wattage of about 1200W,  used for all fabrics type, from the delicate ones like polyester to the ones that need very high temperatures such as cotton or wooden. The  human hair is more delicate than fabric and deserves a more gentle treatment.  If you use the iron to iron hair, you will ruin the keratin layer of the hair strand, fade colors, and erase all herbals applied to the hair to keep it shiny and silky. Let’s use a hair straightener, which the wattage from 20W to 60W- the suitable one that you can use at home. This also a best products for bone straight hair.


Using an iron to straighten hair ruins the keratin layer of the hair

Some customers use the iron to straighten the hair bundles, they may see the image above and wonder if the hair is mixed with silicone or synthetic hair. But the truth is all the keratin layer and nutrition applied are ruined due to rough handling.  You can know more about the way to distinguish human hair and synthetic hair in this report: Differences between human hair and synthetic hair.

Steps to straighten hair by a hair straightener: 

  1.  Use a hair serum bottle to apply on the hair. The hair serum helps the hair have moisture in order to reduce damage caused by friction.
  2.  Comb the hair in the tail. Then comb the top of the bundle
  3.  Split the bundle into small pieces and use a hair straightener to straighten the hair
  4.  The appropriate temperatures that you have to notice when using heat tools for human hair are: 180 Celsius (= 356 Fahrenheit) for natural black hair and 160 Celsius (= 320 Fahrenheit) for colored hair.

Hair straightener for bone straight hair

No hairstylist uses the iron with customers, and you can see in all hair salons, hair straightener is the popular tool. Therefore, let’s choose the correct hair tools for your hair to maintain the styles. 

2.2. Do you comb hair correctly to take care of bone straight hair?

When you wake up or let the hair flow into the wind, the hair can tangle (your real hair and hair extension, obviously). Brushing hair is necessary but let’s do it in the correct way.  If you have long hair, let’s comb the tail first, where there are a lot of tangles. Then you can comb the top of the hair. A hair expert always remembers to apply nutrition before brushing hair. The nutrition may include keratin and coconut oil- luxurious ingredients for hair extensions. Even when you import qualified hair extensions from top hair in bulk suppliers, you still need to comb the hair before giving it to your customers.

2.3. Washing hair is a necessary step to take care of bone straight hair

Is it necessary to wash human hair extension? The answer is “Yes”, because of real human hair. Let’s take a look at some characteristics of real human hair:

  1.  Human hair can be dry 
  2.  Human hair can be greasy and dirty due to dust in the air.
  3.  Human hair can tangle due to dry condition

 Therefore,  don’t hesitate to wash the hair and apply hair conditioner to maintain the bone straight hair. All the hair is applied to nutrition and Vietnamese herbal in production. However, in transit, many factors can affect the hair: long shipment time leads to a lack of moisture and dry hair, roughly handled by the carrier makes skewed hair. Knowing how to treat bone straight hair is the key to gaining beautiful hair. 


Taking care of bone straight hair guideline

Keywords: Be gentle!!! Let’s treat the human hair in the right ways. 

3.  Where to buy high quality bone straight hair with the best haircare advices?

Bone straight hair is the best-selling item for all occasions. To meet that demand, Vietnamese hair factories have produced this item in large quantities. From the original natural black ones, K-Hair factory has created a lot of bone straight versions. 

K-HAIR was established in 1992 with the first aim to become a top 1 hair factory in Vietnam. But we don’t stop at such a high position, in the 2020s, we expect to be in top global manufacturers for all countries around the world. Our main goal is to raise the beauty of every woman, stimulating their belief in self-confidence and to prove that high- quality hair extensions are affordable for everybody.

Though Bone Straight Hair is favorable to all women, some hair starters may haven’t known about it. Therefore, let’s consider the Bone Straight in your collection. Buying hair is just the first step, knowing how to maintain hairstyles, for example: how to take care of bone straight hair will keep a long life span for hair extension. To order this item and other hairstyles, contact Astrid- CMO and hair expert from K-Hair factory, for the factory price.


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I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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