Girl with black hair blue eyes: Top 1 attractive appearance

Do you agree that the colors of hair and eyes have a great impact on our appearance? The hue of the hair is considered as a way for people to express their characteristics; meanwhile, if the hair matches well with the eyes’ color, you will be more stunning. Have you ever imagined a traditional color of black hair with a light color of eyes? For instance, a girl with black hair blue eyes will definitely be attractive and outstanding in the crowd. In this writing, K-Hair Vietnam will give you an insight into this unique and impressive combination. 


Girl with black hair blue eyes: Top 1 attractive appearance

1. Girl with black hair blue eyes: Overview 

Is there a girl with black hair blue eyes in real life? Which criterias create this combination of appearance? The answer will be revealed in this part.

1.1. Is it hard to find a girl with black hair blue eyes?


Is it hard to find a girl with black hair blue eyes?

Although the chance to see a girl with black hair blue eyes is pretty rare as this gene type of contrast colors is not common in the world population.

Why do people have blue eyes?

The only pigment in human eyes is melanin. The melanin itself has a brown color, the eyes that have the least melanin in the iris will appear to be blue. We can see the blue-eyed people when the light strikes their iris’ layers then reflect back toward our vision.

Why do people have black hair?

The pigment determining the color of human hair is also the melanin. When people have adequate eumelanin pigment in their strands, they will get the black or dark brown hair. However, due to different genes and living environment, the black hair of people in separated regions can be wavy vs curly or straight. 

The chance to come across a girl with black hair blue eyes

 While 75% to 85% of the population of the world have black or dark brown hair, only 8 to 10 percent of us have blue eyes. Therefore, the chance to get both black hair and blue eyes is not high. However, there are still girl with black hair blue eyes naturally.   

1.2. Where can I see a girl with black hair blue eyes?

People with light colors of eyes are found in Europe, North Africa, and Central Asia. Meanwhile, black-haired people can be located in any region around the world. Girl with black hair blue eyes are most found in Europe, Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia. 

The celebrities or fashionistas are also into this combination of hair and eyes. Thus, if they do not have the colors naturally, they would dye hair and wear the lens to change the colors of hair and eyes. 


Where can I see a girl with black hair blue eyes?

2. Becoming a girl with black hair blue eyes

As mentioned before, if you are not naturally a girl with black hair blue eyes, there are solutions for you to get this look. 

2.1. Girl with black hair blue eyes: If you are not blue-eyed

If you have light colored eyes, it is easy for you to put on the blue contact lenses to have blue eyes, However, if your eyes have dark colors like brown, the effect depends on the shade of the blue lenses. If they are vibrant enough, you can turn the dark brown eyes into the blue ones. 

You can wear the blue contact lenses everyday but no more than 16 hours per day to protect your eyes. Remember to have the eye drop by your side in case the lenses make your eyes dry. You should not wear contact lenses overnight. 


Girl with black hair blue eyes: If you are not blue-eyed

2.2. Girl with black hair blue eyes: If you are not black-haired

If you already have blue eyes, it is easier to become a girl with black hair blue eyes by having your hair processed. Here are the methods for you to consider. 

2.2.1. Girl with black hair blue eyes: Dye your hair black

This is a common solution to get black hair if you can spend a certain amount of time and effort. You can come to the hair salon and ask the hairdresser to dye the hair for you or you can do it at home. If you prefer to DIY dye black hair, here are the basic steps:


  • A tinting bowl and brush 
  • Hair dye
  • Developer
  • A comb
  • Gloves


  • Step 1: Put on gloves to protect your hands from chemicals. Take the same amount of hair dye and developer and mix them up by the brush. use the developer with 10 volumes for permanent color and 5 to 7 volumes for demi-permanent color. Keep stirring until the mixtures are blended properly. 
  • Step 2: If you want to carefully protect your scalp from the black stains, you can apply the vaseline or any other types of petroleum jelly around your hairline. You can easily wipe this cover away at the end of the process.
  • Step 3: Section your hair into small parts. Each part should be easy to hold and control. Apply the mixture of hair dye and developer you have prepared on the hair parts one by one. Remember to coat the hair strands evenly, from the roots till the ends. Depending on the amount of the mixture, you can apply twice.
  • Step 4: After covering the mixture on all the hair strands, let the hair dye sit and soak into your hair. Each type of hair dye has a distinct amount of time for waiting, check it on the instructions of the box. You can wear a plastic hat to keep the hair in shape.
  • Step 5: When the time required for waiting is up, wash the hair with shampoo and apply conditioner after that. The deep conditioner is a must as your hair strands will become pretty dry when you dye them. 

If your hair has been dyed into a color like red or orange, you can bleach the hair first and follow the steps above to have the finest result. If the bleached hair is brassy, you can use the best toner for orange bleached hair


Girl with black hair blue eyes: Dye your hair black

Maintenance for black-dyed hair

  • Reduce the washing times: Normally, we have three times per week to wash our hair; however this schedule is not relevant to the black-dyed hair. You should wash your hair once to twice a week as the more you wash, the faster the color is rinsed out.
  • Rinse the hair with cold water: When the hair is washed in water with high temperatures, the color will easily go out and the hair strands will become weaker, which causes the shedding. Thus, rinsing the hair in cold water will protect the black pigment in your hair, making the color last longer.
  • Deep conditioning is necessary: When your hair is dyed, the strands get dried faster. Therefore, deep conditioning every week is essential if you want your hair to be hydrated and smooth. You can also use hair masks to secure the moisture of your hair. 

2.2.2. Girl with black hair blue eyes: Buy black hair extensions

Another way if you want to avoid the harm of the dying process is wearing hair extensions. This product can be made from human hair, synthetic hair or fabric. However, the human hair extensions offer the most natural look and longest durability. In the market of human hair, the bone straight is one of the most purchased items.


Girl with black hair blue eyes: Buy black hair extensions

Here are some types of human hair extensions available:

  • Tape in hair extensions: A small amount of hair is attached evenly on a piece of tape. The tape can be applied directly on the natural hair strands with no requirements for extra tool or heat assistance. You can use 30 to 40 pieces of tape for a full head, based on how thick your hair is.
  • Clip in hair extensions: The hair is stuck fixed together while the roots are designed to be in a horizontal line. There are clips attached along the hair to apply on the scalp. This hair product is also safe for the real strands and scalp of whoever wants to be a girl with black hair blue eyes. 
  • Tip hair extensions: This is one of the earliest hair items in the market. A small amount of hair is stuck at the roots into the nail-like or cylinder shape. For appliances, the hairdresser has to use the heat tool to melt the bonds of tip hair and stick it to the real hair strands. This hair type is fixed and can be kept for weeks. However, the process requires a certain time and effort.
  • Lace frontal/closure: The human hair is sewn or weaved into a piece of net which can cover a part of the human scalp. The frontal has a bigger size of lace than the closure hair extensions. There is also another type called Wig that has the same method of manufacture as the lace frontal/closure but the net has 3D shape that can cover the whole scalp of the users. It is considered to be the fastest product to transfer into a girl with black hair blue eyes.

3. Hairstyles for a girl with black hair blue eyes 


Hairstyles for a girl with black hair blue eyes 

Here are some typical hairstyles that you can take into account, there would be some options that fit your face shape:

  • Long and Wavy: Long hair with waves is considered the most popular hairstyle, especially for round faces. Your wavy hair may slim down both the jawline and the face frame. If you want your waves to seem silky and smooth, you should moisturize your hair strands often. Meanwhile, how to define curls correctly should be paid attention to as well.
  • Pixie with Bangs: The combination of a pixie and a thick, side-swept bang as the hairstyle’s highlight will hide weak points of your face shape. Wet the strands with the hair gel, then use a flat brush to align the hair, you will appear more stunning.
  • Straight hair: This is another popular hairstyle in the market for hair extensions. The straight hair can be coloured in a range of shades or used for making braid out. Trendy bone straight human hair with the strands flattened precisely for a natural and smooth effect are highly recommended. You might also go for straight hair with layers, which can make you look younger. 

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