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One of the most effective and rapid methods to express our personality is absolutely hairstyles. According to statistics on the hair market, the high rate of customers tend to connect with interest and personality for special hairstyles. We are mentioning lowlights – the leading trend for years thanks to uniqueness and shine. Have you ever thought about what are lowlights? For many, lowlights help you to have a mysterious experion for the first time. It is time to get to know everything about what are lowlights and open the new insights for people around, also tips for creating stunning beauty.


What are lowlights?

1. Get to know what are lowlights

If you are about to transform your hair styles, don’t forget to accumulate the in-depth knowledge about what are lowlights before doing it. Below are the definition and characteristics of lowlights to remember.

1.1 How to define what are lowlights?

We have to be aware that for what are lowlights, they are a coloring process which is definitely for almost all individuals, from short, medium or long hair. They are making use of the benefits of lowlights for highlighting their look. 


How to define what are lowlights

Lowlights that belongs to a hair color method to add up dimension or richness for darkening hair strand through dying as a great way. Keep in mind because of the subtle design of what are lowlights. The darker colors tend to be equally distributed throughout the hair for the best results. Dark-blonde chunks on a sandy background or chocolate-brown streaks on chestnut hair is recommended as the top vote from previous consumers! 

1.2 What are lowlights vs. highlights

Talking about the dying hair process, the definition of highlights are likely familiar with many people. However, not all of us can decipher deep knowledge about what are highlights with what are lowlights? We will give you the best details in this section.

In some cases, highlights and lowlights are deemed as similar in terms of making method. Users dye your hair every single strand with different hair colors with the same goal is to create the natural tone color for hairstyle. On the other hand, highlights mention the lighter parts, compared to original hair, what are lowlights tend to be darker sections. In other words, highlights employ bleach to lift and lighten to raise the natural base, while lowlights mean you darken your base color with a few shaders to support additional dimension and provide contrast.


What are lowlights vs. highlights

Whenever you purchase hair as a wholesaler, the wholesale hair distributor factories will pledge to teach you how to distinguish what are highlights with what are lowlights. Plus, the dark side of both what are lowlights and highlights is a time-consuming process and may be a challenge to work out at home instead of going to hair salons. It would be beneficial to base on the support of your friends or hairstylist for the desired results. 

2. Top 5 tips on proper maintenance for what are lowlights 

When it comes to the lifetime of hairstyles, the best approach to extend the duration of what is lowlights is to ensure proper hair care on a daily basis. We are offering some tips for caring lowlights with practical advice. Don’t forget to try and share your experience with us:

  • Suitable washing: we are do certain that your hair becomes fader and fader partly because of the high frequency of washing. If you used to wash hair two or three times a week to optimize their hair cleanliness, it is highly time to shorten it once or twice. Plus, the temperature of water is absolutely vital, which determines the duration of what are lowlights. Instead of using high temperature after washing hair, it should be perfect to use cool water for better.

What are lowlights – Washing the hair

  • Get away from heat exposure or UV rays: the other factor that has a negative impact on lowlights is heat exposure or UV rays during extreme weather conditions. To minimize the damage from sunlight, you need to get away from it after the first stage of dying lowlights. Additionally, users have a tendency to make use of convenience for hair as a way to save time, such as hair blowers, styling tools or iron curlings. On the flip side, these approaches allow your hair to get closure to damage and dryness as well. Then, we need to utilize them wisely. 

What are lowlights – Getting away from heat or UV rays

  • Apply specific hair care products: different from normal hairstyles, for what are lowlights, users need to highly pay attention to choosing specific hair care products. They are shampoo or conditioners which contain mild ingredients for maintaining the tone color of hair. Moreover, applying shampoo along with conditioner is a feasible way to absorb hydration and moisture for what are lowlights as well. 

What are lowlights – Using hair care products

  • Maintain color through re- dyinging: Due to the hair growing day by day, the roots of dyed strands will reveal the original blonde color and it is obvious to be aware of the new roots. For the best solutions, users should re-dye lowlights after nearly 2 months for the best shiny hair. 

What are lowlights – Re-dyeing the hair

  • Focus on hair during bedtime: whatever hairstyle you are wearing, it is absolutely vital to protect it during our bedtime. You should put a hair bonnet with silk material to keep its shape and maintain the moisture for what are lowlights, which make a great contribution to their  duration for such a long term. 

What are lowlights – Taking care of the hair for bed time

3. What are lowlights with inspired hairstyles

To help you choose suitable lowlight hairstyles, we are now giving the list of the best hairstyles with lowlights ever. However, before coming to the particular styles, let’s see how lowlights can work for all hair and some further characteristics first!

3.1 What are lowlights – How do they work for all hair? 

There are some unique points of what are lowlights, of this, their versatility. It is believed that lowlights are absolutely a good pick for all hair types, from wavy to straight to curvy, best updos to braids, and they may be incredibly subtle or dramatic, depending on your natural base color. For example, are popular among blondes who want their hair to be black all the time, as well as brunettes who want to add depth and movement to their look. Make sure you’re using the right hair color for the right balance of lowlights.


What are lowlights – How do they work for all hair?

The question is what are lowlights that are harmful or not? Firstly, compared to highlights, the damage level of lowlights is lower as much. To get the right hair color, highlights techniques require more complex and combination for application. 

Besides, there is some misleading information that highlights the process or lowlights the process. In fact, we truly have the ability to combine highlights and lowlights at the same time. Whatever you need to require to combine these two hair coloring, and pick up highlights with tons of contrast for the best natural and blended look. 

3.2 Inspired hairstyles with lowlights

Before finishing this writing, we want to show all the stunning ideas for trendy hairstyles of what are lowlights. Follow us to not miss useful and practical content right here.

3.2.1 Chocolate brown lowlights

Lowlights allow the beauty look for brunettes, particularly those who want to leave dimension for a more natural grow-out by using standard lightener for a lighter blonde. For the purpose of getting special and keeping dimensions, what are lowlights are effectively utilized.


What are lowlights – Chocolate brown lowlights

In case you have applied ash blonde, it is highly suggested to add some rich chocolate brown lowlights for more depth and texture, particularly applied for boosting hair volume. To work out this hairstyle, make sure you can have the ability to color hair by yourself to avoid unexpected hair problems, as well have a negative impact on your hair strands and avoid wasting time and effort. Also, just choose suitable hairstyles for square faces, round faces or oval faces, etc to make sure you get the most suitable hairstyle! 

3.2.2 Caramel lowlights

As we mentioned, what are lowlights are definitely for different hair conditions. For caramel lowlights, we especially go for falling hair due to a wide range of reasons. To get the desired results, we intend to combine highlights and lowlights techniques. We assume that during the gentle weather conditions of autumn or early winter, if you have caramel lowlights, you are likely to become a spotlight in public with a sweet and lovely hair look! Try it out and let us see the performance. 


What are lowlights – Caramel lowlights

3.2.3 Ash lowlights

Whenever we mention ash hairstyles, you guys tend to imagine a cool look with strong personality of individuals, right? For what are lowlights, this truth is not an exception. Furthermore, you are truly used to the trend of ash shade in the hair market year by year. Make sure you are falling in love with ash lowlights and hope for a refreshed hair look to get into doing this hairstyle thanks to the support of hair colorists. 


What are lowlights – Ash lowlights

3.2.4 Cute baby lowlights

When it comes to cute baby lowlights for what are lowlights, we often imagine its ability to blend hair in a natural manner. The process is to combine a darker dye, which is applied to finer hair sections for overall hair look of users. The cute baby lowlights are deemed as well- suited for many ages for both depth and brightness. 


What are lowlights – Cute baby lowlights

3.2.5 Trendy lowlights for black hair

The next hairstyle in the list of inspiring lowlights ideas is trendy lowlights for black hair. This option is definitely good for those who pursue a unique and gorgeous hair look but don’t want the blonde hair. This look is also perfect who requires less maintenance and still guranteer shiny hair appearance. A color- free and sulfate- free shampoo and conditioner is must- have steps during maintenance.


What are lowlights – Trendy lowlights for black hair

3.2.6 Multidimensional- deliciousness

Talking about wearable and flexible, multidimensional- deliciousness allows people to style with a range of styling, in terms of long, short, curly, straight, fine or thin hair as well. That is why this hair item is significantly interesting to users. 

If you are looking for the perfect dimension for your hair, choosing what are lowlights will surprise you with stunning hair look over time. After this blog of K-Hair Company, we truly hope you guys can figure out the practical knowledge, also be confident to take care of your lowlights, and of course willing to get the refresh hair look beautifully! 

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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