5 Most Flattering Hairstyles For Square Faces

hairstyles for square faces
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Choosing at least one flattering hairstyle for your face is now the desire of all women. No matter whether your face is long, short, square, round or oval, etc. There are always amazing hairstyles that flatter your beauty. In this article, we will dig into the best hairstyles for square faces for all females. Please keep reading for the updated information of hairstyles for the square face.


Hairstyles For Square Faces

1. Hairstyles For Square Faces – How To Identify Square Face Shape

What are hairstyles for square face shape? The first step to getting a good hairstyle actually starts with knowing your face shape rather than anything related to hair. To identify the face shape, you can follow these 2 simple ways.

  • First way, just take a look in the mirror, if your jaw is almost as wide as your cheekbones, and you have angular features then you have a square face shape and suitable for hairstyles for square face shape.
  • Another quick way is to draw a diagram of your face, if it resembles a square, then you have a square face too.

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With that being said, let’s see the best hairstyles for square faces in the below parts.


Hairstyles for square faces: How to identify square face shape

2. What To Consider When Choosing Women’s Hairstyles For Square Faces

Why do you need to choose suitable hairstyles for the square face? It is because the hairstyle plays an important role in deciding your final appearance. The hairstyles may be trendy, but if they do not fit your face, then they are failures. What you need to keep in mind is that all the criteria to choose suitable hairstyles for the square face as analyzed below.

2.1. The Criteria To Remember When Choosing Hairstyles For Square Face Shape

When choosing hairstyles for square faces, you need to remember the criteria of hairstyles to make sure that they can meet all your demands. If you are not yet clear about all the criteria, here is the list:

  • Trendiness of the hairstyles: You ought to make it clear whether you need a trendy hairstyle for a fancy event or you need a hairstyle that is never out-of-fashion for convenience and daily looks. This will help you narrow the options of women’s hairstyles for square faces.
  • Effectiveness of the hairstyles: Many women pay attention to the criterion above but usually ignore this one. In fact, the most important thing of hairstyles is that they must be effective in flattering your square face. The hairstyles must soften or highlight the face in the way you want. Therefore, don’t rush to the trends and forget this important factor!

Choosing hairstyles for square faces

2.2. Choosing Hairstyles For Square Faces Female With Different Hair Lengths

In addition to factors of hairstyles for the square face listed above, another factor that severely affects your face is the length of your hair. Let’s see what are the suggested different hair lengths.

2.2.1. Hairstyles For Square Faces Short

You can try many hairstyles for square face like Korean short hairstyles for square faces. As the hair is sometimes too short to flatter the sharp angles of the face, you need to be really flexible in styling. You should choose the hairstyles that are a little bit bouncy and shouldn’t choose bone straight blunt short hairstyles which can enhance some of the angles that you don’t like. In case the hair is too short like men’s hair, you’d better rely on the make-up and fashion style to shine with your own beauty!


Short hairstyles for square faces

2.2.2. Haircuts For Square Faces Medium Length

Hairstyles for the square face with medium length will make it easier for you to choose suitable hairstyles. The priority of hairstyles for the square face is still bouncy styles, especially those with bangs. Trust me the medium length is born for square faces! In fact, square faces have their own beauty, so remember that what you do is not to try to hide such angles but to flatter instead!


Medium long hairstyles for square faces

2.2.3. Long Hairstyles For Square Faces

This case is similar to that of medium long women’s hairstyles for square faces. The most effective hairstyles are those with bouncy textures and bangs (curtain bangs hairstyles for square face shape, messy bangs hairstyles for square face shape, wispy bangs hairstyles for square face shape, etc.). In addition, loose braids, ponytails or half up half down hairstyles are also highly recommended as well. In case your hair is too short, you can solve the issue using a hair extension supplied by any prestigious hair suppliers near you.


Long hairstyles for square faces

3. 5 Most Flattering Hairstyles For Square Faces

Girls with square face shape can rejoice as many famous celebrities also share the same strong, angular jawlines. But not all of us girls with square faces know how to play up your best features. So read on and check out the most flattering hairstyles for square faces that you can get.

3.1. Wavy – Glamorous Hairstyles For Square Faces

One of the most glamorous and prettiest hairstyles for square faces must be wavy hair. Elegant, classy, and beautiful, this texture does a great job of softening your sharp features but not so much that it completely drowns out the best angles of square face. You can not only add texture and softness to your angular face shape but also look incredibly sexy when tousling your hair into tumbling, beachy waves too. 

If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, even better! Rocking your natural texture is a good way to effortlessly soften any sharper features. With natural waves or curls, consider leaving them natural as they will soften your angular features. Bigger, bouncier curl is also another great choice. If you have straight hair, then you can use the help of a texturizing spray and a 1.5-inch curling iron to add a few bends throughout the lengths of your hair. Finally, finish everything off with some hairspray to keep the hair in place.


Wavy hairstyles for square faces

3.2. The Bob – Short Hairstyles For Square Faces

Another great hairstyle that will look amazing with a square face is the bob. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance hairstyles for square face shape that can save you from the scorching heat of the summer, then this is the one for you. You can also read more about top 5 best summer hairstyles here. There are many great bob hairstyles for square face, as they can show off your best facial features in different ways. 

If you’re proud of your sharp edges, then try out the asymmetrical cut with longer face-framing pieces. An angular bob will also help to elongate your face and make it appear slimmer perfectly too. However, if you want something softer, then try the loose waves hairstyles. Having the ends cut just a couple of inches below your jawline will soften up any angular features. No need to rush during your morning routine anymore, as this is also one of the easiest to style during the morning rush.


Bob hairstyles for square faces

3.3. Slicked Back – Chic Hairstyles For Square Faces

For the ladies with square faces out there who are looking for a red carpet look, this slicked-back hairstyle is chic, sophisticated, and full of charm that can make people turn their heads as you walk by. This will turn you into the center of attention anywhere you go, whether at a party or a business meeting. It’s for the ladies who are confident and unafraid to show their sharp edges. 

Red lipstick and smokey eyes will make a great pair with this hairstyle as they can make you feel like an actress on the silver screen. Accessories such as earrings and necklaces will also add a nice touch to this look. If you’re proud of your sharp jawlines, then you must try this.


Slicked back hairstyles for square faces

3.4. Layers With Bangs – Soft Hairstyles For Square Faces

Short layers can make your cheekbones look wider, but longer layers that fall beside the borders of the face can actually make your face softer as it hides the width of a strong jawline. This classic hairstyle will offer movement and flatters the face shape. If you decide to try this hairstyle, remember to concentrate towards the ends so it will still elongate the face and close off the corners. A safe choice would be to have your layers beginning from your chin downwards.

You can add more definition to your best layers with bangs. Curtain bangs are a great choice that will curve around the widest part of a square face and flick outwards, parting to either side and blending softly into the rest of your hair, giving balance to your face shape. The bangs are paired with long layers that fall beneath the collarbones and you just got yourself best hairstyle. Another great choice is the feathered side bangs that fall along the cheekbones, and they will create a nice dynamic to your face.


Layers with bangs hairstyles for square faces

3.5. The Lob – Classy Hairstyles For Square Faces 

If you can’t decide between getting a bob or leaving your hair long, then why not try the in-between? The long bobs, or the lobs, are great on a square face as the hair is soft and layered. Soft, multi-length layers create movement and round out the corners of the face to counter the harsh edges. This is the perfect hairstyle for classy girls who want something quick but still look awesome in the morning. 

The lob is great for square faces because it elongates the face and frames your face by closing off the edges of the jawline a bit. If you decide to give this a try, remember to avoid a sharp, blunt bob that hits right at your chin as it can accentuate your jaw and create a boxy effect.


Lob hairstyles for square faces

And this will conclude our list of the most flattering hairstyles for square faces. We hope that through our list, you have found the next hairstyles for the square face to try out or at least get inspired to try out new things and build a better style for yourself. And if you realize that your face shape might not be square, then check out our post on 5 Best Prettiest Hairstyles For Round Face (2021 Updated) and 5 Best Effortless Hairstyles That Take You Less Than A Minute (2021) for even more beautiful hairstyles!

You might need help with your hair length and volume with some of these hairstyles for the square face, so don’t be shy and check out our awesome hair extensions such as ombre, wavy, or raw bulk for some extra help with hairstyling. And if you’re still hungry for more hair-related topics, then you can go here

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