Top 10 Hot Trendy Long Hairstyles for Men 2021

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Summer is coming, men tend to cut their hair less to cool it down. But read this article by Hair Expert Jennie to choose one of the Top 10 Hot Trendy Long Hairstyles for Men 2021. For girls, this post about summer hairstyles is for you!!!

1. What are long hairstyles for men?

Long hairstyles for men are when men grow their hair for some time and then they can create many new and unique hairstyles for themselves.

Long hairstyles for men will make women fall in love with their romantic, handsome and sexy appearance. Females believe that in today’s society when girls can cut their hair short, men can have long hair. That is normal and women will like the masculinity of long hairstyles for men.

2. Why long hairstyles for men are trendy?

Long hairstyles for men not only show the difference but also expresses the free and liberal personality of their owner. So do not hesitate to experiment, only you know when you are the best. Be creative because long hair is for you to do it.


Long hairstyles for men will be extremely diverse and many styles for customers to choose from. A beautiful hairstyle must first match the face well. With long male hairstyles, it is ideal for you to have an angular face, with your jawline looking quite square. The reason is that long hair is already a soft feature, the contrast between the face and the hair looks more harmonious. Long hair is also no longer hard to achieve as now we have a variety of hair extensions from wholesale hair vendors all over the word! Just choose one and the long hairstyles are immediately possible!

3. Top 10 hot trendy long hairstyles for men 2021

Long hairstyles for men are one of the hairstyles to help bring you a handsome and elegant look. Below is a summary of the most popular male long hairstyles suitable for all faces and ages:

3.1. Long hairstyles for men is tied

Long hairstyles for men are tied as one of the beautiful men’s hairstyles that give you a perfect eye-catching look. With long styling and tied high columns on the sides and the nape is cut closely, your face is more harmonious. Possessing this hairstyle you will add strength as well as an ideal choice for those who like to experience a new style.


3.2. Long hairstyles for men are curled

Long hairstyles for men is curling is one of the beautiful male hairstyles that many men choose in recent times. This hairstyle gives you a cool, dusty look with a little romance. With a curling style and curls to perfectly conceal the concealer, exuding the elegance and elegance of the face. Incorporating a little color to match you will add strong masculinity and stand out wherever you appear.

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3.3. Medium long hairstyles for men

Medium long hairstyles for men are one of the hairstyles that give you a simple but masculine look. This hairstyle shows eye-catching boldness with suitable styles that are suitable for many faces to help show the necessary masculinity and seduction. Incorporate more bright colors to add a more dynamic youthful look!


3.4. Korean long hairstyles for men

Korean long hairstyles for men are one of the most trendy and romantic hairstyles. This hairstyle is cut with a relative length cut close to the sides and the nape combines the curling and curling style to add a balanced bounce to the face. Add the right dye and you will look very western as well as elegant.


3.5. Curly long hairstyles for men

Long hairstyles for men with a medium-length cut that is curled and styled to add a harmonious elegance to his face. This hairstyle helps you to score points in everyone’s eyes with an extremely romantic style and cool quality. Incorporating a little bright dye will add a lot more glamor.


3.6. Long hairstyles for men are brushed backward

Long hairstyles for men are one of the hottest and most popular male hairstyles today. With a cut style of the same length combined with an upside-down stroke, it enhances the elegance of the face. Possessing this hairstyle, you will add cool masculinity and attract all eyes no matter where you appear.


3.7. Lightly curly long hairstyles for men

Gentle long curly hairstyles for men with a medium-cut style are gently curled with bouncing curls that hug his face. This hairstyle helps you to express stylish, masculine, and extremely elegant. Whether you have a long or square face … it is perfect for this attractive, unique hairstyle.


3.8. Long undercut hairstyles for men

Long undercut hairstyles for men are the hairstyle that has never been hot and promoted enthusiastically by many male friends. With long-stroke styling, it gives you an extremely romantic and unique look. Owning this hairstyle helps your face become more stylish and stylish than ever.


3.9. Layered long hairstyles for men

Layer long hairstyles for men not only give the boys a trendy and glamorous look but also really suits the winter weather to create a few interesting accents. With a layered trimming layer, the face will help to embrace the face to highlight outstanding harmony. Depending on your preference, there will be long curly hairstyles, long straight hair that is straight or flat, long hair with diagonal hair … trendy.


3.10. Long hairstyles for men with square face

With square faces, long hairstyles for men have many variations, making their faces more harmonious. Try this hairstyle to show off a romantic and artistically styled style. You can vary with curls, curls, … to have an extremely handsome and stylish look.


4. How to take care of long hairstyles for men?

To have perfect long hairstyles for men, not only styling, but hair care is also extremely important. You need to pay attention to regular hair care first. While it’s easy to take care of short hair, owning a long, male hairstyle is quite complicated and takes more time.

Here are some jobs you need to pay attention to:

  1. Regularly wash your hair with conditioner and conditioner.
  2. Use Pre-styling types in the styling process
  3. Limit the use of dryers at high temperatures
  4. Use essential oils, hair masks, …
  5. Can refer to women’s long hair care
  6. Pruning and regular maintenance.

Besides, you need to eat and drink in moderation with hair-healthy foods such as eggs, sweet potatoes, oysters, bananas, butter,…. Stress and lack of sleep are also enemies of beautiful hair, which can lead to uncontrolled hair loss. Men need to pay attention to have beautiful and healthy long hairstyles for men.

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