Shiny Hair – The First And Foremost Desire Of Customers

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When it comes to shiny hair, that means we are referring to healthy conditions of hair strands as expected of customers. However, not many people come to their mind that there are a ton of external forces which have a negative impact on the scalp and bouncy hair look. If you are still looking for a feasible and effective way to enhance the dull and weak hair, you are definitely fortunate to come across our blog. Don’t skip if you have no idea how to boost the shine for your hair!  


Shiny Hair – The First And Foremost Desire Of Customers

1. Why don’t you have shiny hair – Reasons for dull hair

First thing to mention is that users need to have a profound understanding about your hair conditions and why your hair can’t become shiny overtime. One of the primary reasons for dull hair is mainly from weather, the dryness with harsh ingredients exposure, and both improper daily hair care

On the other hand, the special thing for shiny hair is moisture enough with a bouncy hair look all the time. The habis for hair on a daily basis sometimes becomes a significant influence for a shiny hair. If you are consistent with harmful hair care routines for temporary hair look, it is high time to change them and figure out the durable solutions to get shiny hair.


Why don’t you have shiny hair – Reasons for dull hair

The next part, we not only refer to amazing recipes for shiny hair, we also talk about things and habits that users definitely need to get away from. The daily minimal habits not only have a positive impact on our hair conditions, but also the basic foundation for shiny hair as the desire of clients. 

2. Suggestions for shiny hair

According to the hair professionals, there are a ton of offers that we could apply for shiny hair and get back the gorgeous hair look as well. Below are the most significant suggestions for you to consider. Besides, if you want such shiny hair right away, using hair extensions made by a top best hair factory is a good idea. Hair factories have their own technique to make the hair look so shiny and silky, especially for the bone straight style. Just take this option into consideration and you may need it on such occasions!

2.1 Proper hair care products for shiny hair

One of the factors that makes a direct difference in hair strands may be hair care goods, namly shampoo, conditioner, hair serum, hair spray or sort of like that. With the booming hair care industry, people may be concerned and frustrated among a wide range of choices. This prevalence has both pros and cons. In spite of the rising demands of hair care products, buyers are in front of prestigious hair products or fake hair products. 


Proper hair care products for shiny hair

That is the reason that buyers need to ask sellers for further information about hair care products before finding hair care brands for shiny hair in a random way. It is believed that with each and every single hair conditioner, the use of shampoo or conditioner also has a different exposure. 

Our advice is to bear in mind choosing hair care products from the advice of hair sellers and be suitable for your hair conditions. Buyers also speak a little time to figure out the main function of ingredients printed on shampoo, hair serum, hair conditioner. 

In fact, if you are a hair reseller who buys hair extensions from wholesale hair distributors, you will realize that the hair you receive is also treated with such hair care products. You will see that the hair is super well-textured and often smells good. In addition to good production, good hair spray is also a reason. This further example is for you to see the importance of hair care products, not only for your real hair but also hair extensions.

2.2 Proper hair care routine for shiny hair

With hair lovers, a daily routine for hair care is required to make sure you can get the shiny hair for a long term period of time. When we are talking about planning a proper hair care routine for shiny hair, in other words with each step, users definitely need to consider. 


Proper hair care routine for shiny hair

  • According to the habits, people often miss specific hair tools, for instance wide tooth comb or boar bristle brush. If you wish to prevent detangless and have a splendid hair appearance, don’t forget to add them for your hair routine. 
  • About drying hair? It would be better to dry hair in a natural manner, which can diminish the external force for the development of hair structure.
  • Hair care routines also need to pay high attention to the scalp, which means users need moisture or hydration for the scalp to make a concrete foundation for a shiny hair! 

2.3 Healthy food for shiny hair

There are a lot in common between our body and our hair with the needs for beneficial food  to enhance the quality for shiny hair. The full nutrients will boost the hair look as well thanks to the healthy scalp. During application for hair, users can take the quick massage as a practical way to promote hair volume.


Healthy food for shiny hair

Fatty acid, vitamins, minerals, and natural oil are considered healthy food that we could find from nuts, eggs, blueberries, fish oil and spinach. Accordingly, applying these formulas may boost the hair growth and minimize hair loss effectively. If you always want to have shiny hair, let’s be confident to skip some harmful diet, not for hair, but for our body also. Nowadays, it is hassle-free for buyers to purchase these ingredients for hair and have a healthy diet for the sustainable development of hair strands. Nothing is impossible if you could get the shiny hair for a flawless look, don’t you? 

2.4 Additional essential nutrients for shiny hair

Besides focusing on food for healthy hair strands, we once again expanded this list with a variety of food with essential nutrients for a shiny hair look. The reason is the nutrients come from a different food source. For example, with the condition of dry hair, users can take full advantage of avocado, yogurt or egg to make a natural hair mask which can deal with this common hair matter. These natural ingredients are also highly recommended for a variety of hairstyles as well. When it comes to how to take care of curly hair or dyed hair, these nutrients are essential.


Additional essential nutrients for shiny hair

As we mentioned earlier, lack of hydration of moisture will have a direct impact on hair status and it is time to base on the support of natural oil, combined with vera aloe or something like that. Don’t miss our daily diet for a wide range of meat, fruit, veggies to complete a healthy eating for shiny hair. With this kind of food containing certain nutrients and benefits, it is definitely good to balance the daily meal for shiny hair. 

2.5 Mild materials for shiny hair

Along with protection for hair from inside, we also highly recommend outside advice. That is to build up a habit to keep hair during our bedtime. Particularly, after completing the hair care routine for shiny hair, users also can use silk or satin pillowcase to make sure your hair in the next morning is smooth and gorgeous as usual. The time at night is also the primary moment for nourishing and restoring hair structure. 


Mild materials for shiny hair

Another offer belongs to the way of wearing hair bonnet. This tool gets the huge attraction among different customer segments in the hair industry because of their convenience and easy to find. Wearing a mild pillowcase or puting hair bonnet for your hair can guarantee you will have a sound sleep with any sleeping gestures. 

3. Must-avoid things for shiny hair

Here are our pro tips for getting close to shiny hair and avoiding related hair matters due to a collection of reasons. Hope you found it practical and applicable for your hair conditions at that time.

3.1 Frequent heating exposure

For girls, we can’t miss styling tools during the application with their premium convenience all the time, even being feasible for newbies or hair professionals. From the research about hair information, users can definitely get into trouble with machine tools, including flat irons, curling irons, hair blowers, and so on. 


Must-avoid things for shiny hair

If possible, follow our following things for shiny hair. Firstly, pick up the highest quality with suitable settings for styling tools to minimize heat exposure for hair as much. If you tend to dry hair with hair blowers, hold it away from at least 5 to 9 meters for decreasing harmful effect. It is vital to consider using machine stools for shiny hair. On the flip side, we can replace using hair blowers into microfibre towers to protect hair in a perfect way without causing heat impact as much.

Besides the fantastic use of styling tools, if you want to have shiny hair, it would be better to minimize their convenience and hurdle damage risks for hair strands for a long-term period of time. The easiest-to-see result may be the question of “why is my hair so staticky” when you overuse the electronic heating tools!

3.2 Treat chemical process

The next factor that we highly recommend to limit if you are looking for shiny hair is chemical treatment from dying or bleaching. With the trend of the young generation, they tend to convert their original hair color into lighter and trendy one, which forces them to suffer from chemical processes with the support of hair dye according to the desired tone color of customers. 


Must-avoid things for shiny hair

Along with the benefit for a fashionable and attractive hair look, users tend to consider the dark side for this matter of dying or bleaching hair. Accordingly, with the impact of chemical ingredients, the development of hair structures and shiny hair can be limited as much.

Moreover, if clients don’t follow proper hair care routines for these special hair conditions, they are likely to get into trouble with hair loss, dryness or brokenness as well. The transparent difference between original hair and dyed hair is to use specific shampoo with specific conditioner to maintain the dyed color. So, if you are about to dye or bleach your hair, make sure you make a serious consideration for shiny hair in the long run. 

3.3 Hot water temperature

Water with too high a temperature will dry out your scalp and hair, causing breakage and dandruff and of course, non shiny hair. Furthermore, while washing hair with very hot water, the hair becomes weak and falls out more easily as a result of the high temperature. Thus, with the suggestion of hair experts, you should not wash your hair with hot water; instead, use warm water. The appropriate temperature will help clean deeply and effectively without harming the hair, as well as make it easier for the nutrients in shampoo and conditioner to permeate and nourish the hair.


Must-avoid things for shiny hair

A vital step before cleaning is brushing your hair before shampooing may not appear to be necessary, but it is. First, brushing your hair for a few minutes before bathing will soften your hair, help you avoid tangles when washing it and help form shiny hair afterwards. Furthermore, brushing your hair before shampooing helps to eliminate some of the dirt from your hair, making it easier to wash your hair later.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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