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Women increasingly prefer short hairstyles, flat hair with countless pretty variations. The beautiful short hairstyles were transmitted to each other by the sister association in the group, receiving countless attention and discussions. If you are also looking for a suitable short hairstyle, then find out with the Natural Beauty Blog in the article below.

1. Why you should choose short hair weaves for summer 

The list below will provide you the best reasons for choosing short hair weaves for summer


1.1. Short hair weaves for summer retains more curly waves than long hair

Short hair is much lighter than long hair, and so if you have curly or wavy hair, they will be more frizzy with a lighter weight than short hair. Long strands tend to pull curls and ripples downward, making them more stretchy, but short hair helps keep your hair curled.

1.2. Short hair weaves for summer doesn’t take long to style like long hair

One obvious advantage of having short hair is that it takes less time to dry your hair. Dry until the hair is about 50% dry and then use the styling products. Let your hair dry naturally and you’re ready to go!

1.3.Short hair weaves for summer use less shampoo and dry hair faster

Shorter hair means less shampoo, and also saves you money when buying hair care products. In addition, the hair drying time is also fast, which is convenient for busy girls. The quality is also good if you buy the weaves from reliable worldwide wholesale hair vendors.

1.4. Short hair weaves for summer does not take much care time

Short hair usually doesn’t have the ‘concept’ of being frayed or burned, so it doesn’t take much effort to take care of them. This is a huge advantage of short hair over long hair.

1.5. Short hair weaves for summer grows more slowly than long hair

It will only take a few minutes to cut your hair short, but letting it grow back takes a lot longer. On average, hair grows about 1 cm per month. So, if you are thinking about hair, understand that you will have to stick with it for quite a while.

2. Top 1 best short hair weaves for summer: Short bone straight hair 

Short bone straight hair has appeared for a long time, but they still have their own place in the hearts of women because they still have the advantages that young girls need. The tenderness, femininity, and arrogance are multiplied when women own this beautiful short hair weaves for summer. Join us to explore the new features that this hairstyle brings.

Short bone straight hair is the hairstyle still chosen by many young people, especially when the weather turns hot, this hairstyle is even more popular and popular. A natural short hair weaves for summer brings a gentle, feminine beauty to your girlfriend, more confident, dynamic and extremely youthful.

When the weather changes, it’s time the new hairstyles will change to suit. Fluffy curly hair has cooled down and is replaced by straight short hair weaves for summer that creates a new trend. Not as fussy and eye-catching as curly roofs with water waves, beautiful bulging presses in a separate way, that’s simplicity. And sometimes it is the seemingly simple thing that makes them stand out. Not as straight as traditional straight hair, short puffed hair brings soft, sweet and extremely feminine beauty.

Beautiful short hair weaves for summer must have been tried once by everyone, no matter how many hairstyles you change to suit fashion trends such as dyeing, curling, hair pressing, … there will come a time when You also want to go back to this natural straight hairstyle. Because this hairstyle always exists over time and is never out of date, especially because they are gentle, feminine and very liberal.

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2. Top 2 best short hair weaves for summer: Short curly hair 


Curly short hair weaves for summer are gradually taking over the hair market, the reason is very simple: because this hairstyle easily helps to effectively conceal the defects on the face of women.

Moreover, only with short, curly hair, but there are many different styles, from light water wavy hairstyles to big curls, natural curly hair, light noodles. , C-shaped curly hair…. a myriad of short hair weaves for summer hairstyles ranging from short, curly hairstyles.

And if you are confused, wondering between a forest of short, curly hairstyles without knowing which one is right for you. Don’t worry, we will have the most specific advice for you.

2.1.Big waves short hair weaves for summer

You are afraid that curly hair will make your face older, which is a mistake, because this hairstyle will give you a youthful, fresh look. Large waves do not look too fussy, but bring natural and gentle beauty.

If you are looking to change yourself to find new features, highlighting your hidden beauty, you should use light-wavy short hair weaves for summer, which is also considered a variation, suitable. with many different face designs.

Or the curly short hair weaves for summer are similar, considering the hairstyle that has never ceased to be hot, it brings a personality, dynamic, youthful that even the most difficult girls must nod. like. Short, curly water hair is also very suitable for round faces because it will help the face become softer, more slender like waves of water floating like clouds.

In addition, you can choose curly water short hair weaves for summer, with very gentle, short curls that will help you attract all eyes. It creates a sexy softness, while making your face look more V-line, thinner, bringing an irresistible charm.

2.2. Curly short  hair weaves for summer 


Curling short hair weaves for summer is the perfect choice for any face. This is one of the hairstyles that will make your face slimmer, better looking. Moreover, curly curls are very easy to combine with outfits from walking, going to work to going out.

In particular, the slightly curly short hair weaves for summer will help you cheat age extremely effectively when you vary with the deviated bangs or flat bangs, they will help you much younger. With this hairstyle, you can choose for yourself to add the right hair color tone to enhance the glamor of your face.

2.3. C-shaped curly short hair weaves for summer

C-shaped curly short hair weaves for summer is very popular today and this is also the hairstyle that has captured the hearts of most women. Up to this point, the C-shaped short curly hairstyle has been modified by barbers to create many different hairstyles to meet the needs of customers. For example, the C-shaped curly short hair weaves for summer are cut in layered style, very suitable for girls with round, lovely faces, combined with slightly curly bangs will increase youthfulness. like a pretty face.


Or if not, with C-shaped curls, you choose the short hair weaves for summer of the never-out-of-date bob, with the roots straight, the tail is slightly curled in the C shape, the bangs Keeping the roof thin, ensuring youthful and feminine features will be something that everyone can easily recognize when looking at your delicate face.

Or more stylized, you can combine Korean curly hair with C-shaped curly short hair weaves for summer, extremely dynamic, of course all face shapes can be combined with this hairstyle.

However, we also understand that there is a small disturbance that makes you hesitate to make short, curly hair because worrying about taking care of curly hair will be a feat, hair is easily dry and broken. This is all right, but we’ve got a way to give you total peace of mind with short, fluffy, short hair weaves for summer.


3. How to take care of short hair weaves for summer 

3.1. Drying short hair weaves for summer

We should not dry our hair after washing our hair. Use a soft cotton towel to absorb water from the hair first. Drying at high temperatures is not recommended as hair is very easy to dry. You can shoot in cool or warm breezes below 55 degrees Celsius.

Short hair weaves for summer drying tips are very simple. You keep your head down so that your hair bounces in the front. Comply with the rules from inside to outside, from top to bottom. Dry until slightly damp hair. Do not dry your hair completely, as this is very damaging to your short hair weaves for summer. When you flip your hair back you will see the hair curl and hug your face.

3.2. Brush your short hair weaves for summer

When the hair goes out in the rain, the wind is easily crooked. Do the following to curl your hair:

Use 10 fingers to stroke the hair back, while stroking while using your fingers to clip the hair.

Use your fingers to curl the ends of the hair inward.

Divide your bangs in the way you want it and you’ll see it cuddle your face.

4. Where to buy best short hair weaves for summer 

In order to meet all business and creative needs of all customers, K-HAIR introduced a sewing workshop to process wigs from A to Z.


If you are:

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Machining wigs

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If so, contact K-HAIR FACTORY, we provide a full package sewing service from A to Z, delivered to the customer with the best price.

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I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

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Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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