Chinese hair extensions - TOP 3 OUTRAGEOUS SECRETS

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Have you ever wondered why you can buy hair from China with a dirt-cheap price or why they can prepare your order with a warp speed? The world’s factory attracts investors and entrepreneurs globally to take a stake in the business, especially in Chinese hair extensions with a vague belief that they provide the best price. Albeit, does it come with good quality? This editorial with all MUST KNOW THINGS about Chinese hair extensions and TOP 3 OUTRAGEOUS SECRETS you never know behind its breakneck growth.


Is Chinese hair extensions good? The first thing we want to introduce is the market analysis of Chinese hair extensions. Through the overview about the hair and market as well as all about the hair extension products, you will understand the real Chinese hair secrets for sure.

1.1. Overview of Chinese hair extensions

China is expanding its market and heading for becoming the leading figure in the global import and export industries. Over and above, Chinese hair extensions are not of exception. According to recently updated statistics from World Bank in 2018, Chinese hair extensions stand as the runner-up competitor in the global hair market with approximately 3 million kilograms export of this commodity.


Chinese Hair Extensions Data WB

1.2. COVID-19 pandemic repercussion

COVID-19 epidemic has a profound impact on the second-largest economy in the first quarter of 2020. Specifically, the outbreak has led to business suspensions of many big Chinese hair extensions distributors of the country, such as ChangjingHair Co., Zhualing Extensions, etc. Moreover, the challenge to China’s economy is just beginning, as cited in Time Magazine, 2020. 


COVID 19 Pandemic effects on Chinese hair extensions market

For more information and details of the hair business market 2020 as well as expert tips for your business, follow the link below: Hair business market in the world in 2020 – expert view

1.3. Chinese hair extensions products: Quality and price

Is Chinese hair extensions good? The graph below denotes the distribution of wig and hair extensions export from China updated in Statista, 2020.


Chinese hair extensions quality and price

Chinese hair extensions are like a hotpot with diverse grades of quality. Therefore, the price of Chinese hair extensions varies accordingly. Is Chinese hair extensions good? In general, 3 grades of quality and price are registered in the Chinese hair secrets.


This type of hair is Chinese hair secrets and used to be very popular among consumers in the last 20 years. However, when the living standard improves, this hair extension is losing its prevalence. Currently, Chinese synthetic hair extensions account for 20.1%  are just only distributed to regions with financial hardships.


According to Chinese hair extensions review, this grade of quality is becoming  Chinese hair secrets in hair market, represent nearly half of the hair extensions China export. With Chinese hair secrets, Chinese factories will collect materials mostly from India and combine it with the synthetic fibers to lower the price.


Human hair extensions are the spanking new Chinese hair secrets of the Chinese hair extensions market to carter to the demand of picky customers. Remarkably, this Chinese hair secrets comes mainly from Vietnam. According to the summit meeting VOIEF 2020 ( Vietnam Online Import& Export Forum) on July 18th 2020, 80% of high-quality hair (for example, Chinese remy hair extensions and virgin Chinese hair extensions) in China is originally imported from Vietnamese hair factories.


Here comes the part that you may feel curious about the most – top 3 Chinese hair secrets of the Chinese hair extensions! Is Chinese hair extensions good? Let’s discover all about the Chinese hair secrets: production, origin and inventory of Chinese hair here.

2.1. LARGE-SCALE PRODUCTION: An outstanding component

Production in large-scale is the Chinese hair secrets that makes China among the leading hair distributors in the world. Particularly, about Chinese hair secrets, each manufacturing unit has about 500-1000 workers with numerous storehouses. Therefore, Chinese hair secrets are always ready to provide a large quantity of Chinese remy hair extensions and virgin Chinese hair extensions for the global market. You can consult Top 5 Chinese hair suppliers to know more about Chinese hair secrets.


Chinese hair extensions large scale factories

2.2. ORIGIN: Where do Chinese hair extensions come from?

Have you ever wondered about the Chinese hair secrets: origin of Chinese hair extensions? Is Chinese hair extensions good? Here is the answer for Chinese hair secrets!

  • Limited material from domestic sources: 10-20%
  • Import from India: 40%
  • Import from Vietnam: 20%
  • Import from other countries: 20%

( Sources: Hair Extensions Market Research 2019, Google AdWords campaign – for Hair Extension Business. You can also read this post to know more about Chinese hair secrets: Chinese vs. Cambodian hair.)

Besides, you should do your own research, for example, reading Chinese hair extensions review.


Do you know why some Chinese hair factory still can distribute their commodities worldwide IN ANY CASES, even during the COVID-19? Is Chinese hair extensions good? It is Chinese hair secrets.

It’s because they manufacture Chinese remy hair extensions and virgin Chinese hair extensions in large quantities and keep them in the warehouse. After that, they make use of chemicals, as preservatives, to keep the Chinese remy hair extensions and virgin Chinese hair extensions fresh. Therefore, Chinese remy hair extensions and virgin Chinese hair extensions vendors can purchase and fill their stock perfectly with the Chinese hair extensions at lightning speed even when the manufacturing activities of Chinese remy hair extensions and virgin Chinese hair extensions are suspended.


Is Chinese hair extensions good? When choosing the stock from Chinese hair distributors, hair vendors have Chinese hair secrets and should get to know the demand of customers and the pros and cons of each type. You should also read Chinese hair extensions review.

3.1. Synthetic and mixing Chinese hair extensions

  • PROS: dirt-cheap price, always available
  • CONS: low-quality (easily gets tangle, shedding), lasts from 3 to 6 months.

3.2. Human natural Chinese hair extensions

  • PROS: high-quality, lasts from 3-5 years
  • CONS: not always available in stock

3.3. What to choose among Chinese hair extensions?


Natural Hair and Synthetic Hair. What to choose?

There are 2 Chinese hair secrets for your business development:

  • If you want to stay in small-scale business and sell your goods to your customers once only, make a start with the synthetic and mixing hair extensions!
  • If you want to build a big and long-standing business and get profits from it, natural hair extensions like Chinese remy hair extensions and virgin Chinese hair extensions are your ideal choice.


Phil Crosby


Here are top 3 wholesale hair vendors of Chinese hair secrets to import hair extensions from. In fact, we all know that Chinese hair extensions are not that high-quality, so we also give you the recommendation on K-Hair factory, the supplier for Chinese hair secrets and the best wholesale hair vendor in Vietnam for high-quality hair extensions at reasonable price as well.

4.1. K-HAIR factory

K-HAIR factory is the leading hair supplier in Vietnam. With more than 30-year experience in the hair business market, K-HAIR has provided natural hair extensions for more than 100 hair factories and trading corporation in China, including ECI Corporation, LiWei Hair, Chanjang Co., etc. K-HAIR is very famous in Chinese hair extensions review.

Additionally, the motto: QUALITY IS KING brings K-HAIR the position as the most reliable supplier of high-quality hair for this big and lucrative market and many other big hair vendors all around the world. Its quality is proven to outweigh all Chinese hair, you can find more details here: Vietnamese hair vs. Chinese hair.

K-Hair-Vietnam-the best-hair-supplier

K-Hair Vietnam- The best hair supplier

Contact Mrs. Jasmine Expert from K-Hair factory to get a off-base equal opportunity for your business and special COVID-19 promotions:

WhatsApp: +84886331903


4.2. PingHair Co.

PingHair Co is a new player in the Chinese hair secrets but quickly gains a reputation as a Chinese hair secrets distributor in China. Established in 2015, the company has specialized in providing Chinese remy hair extensions and virgin Chinese hair extensions for small factories and retail stores of Chinese remy hair extensions and virgin Chinese hair extensions in the northern part of Chinese hair secrets. PingHair is rated at a high rank in Chinese hair extensions review.


Vietnamese Hair Factories Small Scale




4.3. BeLaidHair Extension

About Chinese hair extensions review, BeLaidHair Extension, previously known as BeLayla Hair, is a Chinese hair secrets among wholesale hair vendors suppliers in the market. This company will purchase hair from many different factories in Vietnam, including the K-Hair factory, and send the hair to China. Because of its business method, the price of its hair is higher than directly from the factory. However, it still arouses interest due to great customer services.


Chinese hair-extensions import human hair from Vietnam

In conclusion, it’s obviously seen that Chinese hair extensions have their own Chinese hair secrets and are broadly diversified and varied. Therefore, getting a whole picture of the world’s factory is a crucial thing before kicking your business off. Try to read Chinese hair extensions review to learn new things. Whatsoever, providing the best quality is the only way to build your business as a top brand as well as attract and retain your customers.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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