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Have you ever felt in love with a hairstyle caught by from a movie or a music video? The question pops up in your mind: Which hairstyles do they wear? Can I have it in hair extensions bundles for my customers? Then it’s time to read this article to find the most trendy hair extensions before and after installment. 

1. Body wavy hair extensions before and after installment 

Body wavy is one of the popular hair weaves extensions. There is no doubt to know the body wavy hairstyles is chosen by hair sellers thanks to its popularity. If you are looking for hairstyles which are easy to resell to return the capital or to start a hair business, let’s consider the body wavy texture. When you look at how beautiful the hair extension before and after installed, you will agree with us.



Body Wavy hair extensions before and after the installment

The hair looks curl and light in natural black color. There is not much difference between the hair extension before and after it is installed on the human head. The elegant look is what body wavy can bring in. In the blonde color, the hair looks more stunning and shiny. The blonde body wavy can be the highlight of our outfit to walk down the street.  

Thanks to sophisticated workmanship and modern technology, wavy hair can last for a long time. However, it doesn’t mean we can use the weave hairstyles without maintenance. All the hair needs to be taken care of carefully, for example: the right way to comb the hair, the ways to keep the curls and the hair care products suggested by hair experts. Let’s make sure you follow the guideline in order to save your pocket. 

2. Deep Wavy hair extensions before and after installment

The Deep wavy hairstyle is favorite in the USA and African market. The hair is curled by steam and heat in the factory and appears with a gorgeous look.  Deep wavy is full of curl, which makes the fluffy effect when we shake the bundles. It’s also very beautiful in medium length or with long hair. Though the deep wavy can be mixed with different colors, the natural black one is still a good choice for women. Who can say black hair is boring with the Deep wavy hair extensions before and after being installed?


Deep Wavy hair extension is beautiful before and after the installment

3. Funmi Curly hair extensions before and after installment

Rolling back the deep wavy hairstyle above, then you may see how different this Funmi Curly texture is. Only the tail is curled into small pieces. After we comb the hair, the bundle will be more fluffy in the end and brings the charming look.


Beautiful customer wearing Funmi Curly hairstyle

As the same as other Vietnamese hairstyles, the Funmi Curly is divided into three different grades: Super Double, Double and Single. Super Double Drawn means the hair has 90- 95% hair at the same length, others are short hair. Meanwhile, Double Drawn means 70-80% hair at the same length and Single drawn means 50- 60% hair at the same length.

It might be a bit confusing if you have just bought hair from China before (the Chinese hair vendors use the grade A for hair extension). However, you can take a note of the grades like this: Super Double Drawn is the same as grade 10A- 12A, Double Drawn is the same as grade 7A- 9A, and Single Drawn can be understood as grade 5A- 6A.

After seeing the curly hair extensions before and after, you might wonder what is the best grade to choose. Firstly, let’s make it clear, the grade shows the density of the hair, not affects the quality of them. The Super Double Drawn hair looks fuller than the Single Drawn hair, especially when you look at the tail. Quality, durability and other factors have no changes between them.

Moreover, as you can see the photos of curly hair extensions before and after, with short (6- 10 inches or 15- 25 cm) and medium length (12- 18 inches or 30- 45 cm), the Double Drawn hair still looks very full. And for the long hair of 20 inches and above, let’s choose the Super Double Drawn hair for the fullest one.

4.  Circle Curl hair extensions before and after installment

The Circle Curl hair weaves are tightly curled into a circle shape. The pretty hair bundles can turn into beautiful long hair surprisingly. As aforementioned, the curly hair can be mixed with different lengths and colors. The  photo below shows us how the looks of Circle Curl hair extensions before and after the installment.


Circle Curl is the elegant hairstyle extension

The curly hair is suitable for casual clothes and easy to be mixed for special occasions. Let’s use the appropriate accessories to make your appearance have more sparkle. The clothes are very important to tell your style to people, if you haven’t found the best clothing brand, let’s take a quick view of TOP 5 POPULAR CLOTHING BRANDS IN NIGERIA.

5. Water Curly hair extensions before and after installment

Water Curly is the familiar hairstyle to all hair sellers. The hairstyle can be met in every hair collection. You might not know the name of it, but I’m pretty sure you have seen women wear Water Curly in everyday life and in social media. Let’s see how the hair extensions before and after looks.



Water Curly hair bundles and wigs

With Water Curly, the hair is curled by heat and steam. However, no dry hair can be found, The hair must remain moist and shiny. Even after we comb the hair, the curly texture still remains. Besides, the curl can last long with proper maintenance. 

6. Straight  hair extensions before and after installment

It is not difficult to imagine the straight hair extension before and later looks. The texture has no difference before and after we comb hair. The only thing we need to notice is the color of the hair. For straight hair, you can also try the ponytail, too. It will bring an amazing result for sure.

Especially the piano highlight color, the colored hair has a lot of patterns that can look different between bundles and hair on head. After we install the hair, the colored hair strands will mingle altogether. Therefore, if you want to choose piano color hair to resell, let’s send the bundle photos to your supplier. 


Piano highlight hair wig


With ombre colored hair, the hair extensions before and after installment only have a bit different. It is the shorter color part than the other that looks natural in the human head. You can see the photo below of the hair extensions before and after.

7. Bob hair extensions before and after installment

The very cute hairstyle here is loved by women. Bob style is particularly suitable for women who want to wear short hair. The hair looks energetic, simple but in a high fashion way. You can mix the bob hair bundles with a bang if necessary. From the photo of bob hairstyle, we can know the image of the hair extensions before and after it is installed by the hair stylists. 



In the summer, the bob hairstyle is more and more popular. One reason is the hair is easy for matching with clothes, formal and informal places. The other reason is “Simplicity is a key”. With the light curl embracing the face, the hair is definitely trendy though time passes by. 

“A woman who changes her hair is about to change her life” (Coco Chanel). Let your hair collection be updated so that your customers always find newness in your place. By going through the article of THE MOST TRENDY HAIR EXTENSIONS BEFORE AND AFTER INSTALLMENT, we hope you can find the useful information. Don’t hesitate to contact our hair expert to get free hair care advice and the best discount for wholesale orders.

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I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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