Such is a must that every girl needs to possess flawless hair every single moment since they need to stay beautiful all the time. Some choose to style their own natural hair, while others make a decision on using hair extensions or wigs instead. Also, two of the most popular hairstyles now are loose wave and body wave. Just by looking when applying it on the head, people can hardly tell them apart, so what is the difference between them? This blog will partly help you see the differences between them.

Definition of Body Wave and Loose Wave

There are actually a bunch of things about Body Wave and Loose Wave to tell but here are some main things.

Body Wave

There are three unique characteristics, which are:

Has a specific S-shaped curl

As you can see from body wave made of Vietnamese human hair, body wave is not too straight and not too wavy, owning a deep “S” pattern and consists of numbers of “S” in one bundle.

Sparkling Body Wavy by K-Hair

Sparkling Body Wavy by K-Hair

No need much special hair care

This type of hair extension is so soft and smooth that it can last longer as long as under proper care. Body wavy hair is considered one of the best hairstyles to go with any outfits especially with colorful ones for this Christmas. It is also “easy going” with hair restyling like cutting curtain bangs or so on.

Fits any face shape

Due to the density that body wave can trick people’s eyes though it doesn’t seem so in straight strands, body wave can be suitable for any type of face shape, even your face is round or oval.. With Vietnamese body wavy hair extensions, you’ll become gentler but still sexier than ever before.

Loose Wave

Meanwhile, Loose Wave is:

Gorgeous Loose Wavy by K-Hair

Gorgeous Loose Wavy by K-Hair

More Curly

Literally, the wave in loose wave turns out to be “Curlier” than body wavy hair extensions.

A Unique Appearance

If Body Wave creates you such a nice and soft look, Loose Wave makes you become such a sexy lady in this Christmas

How To Tell Body Wave And Loose Wave apart?

Beautiful Body Wave And Loose Wave By K-Hair

Beautiful Body Wave And Loose Wave By K-Hair

  1. Loose waves are greater than body waves in length. For people seeking elasticity and complete appearance, loose wave is the best.
  2. Loose wave is more curly than body wave. If you are looking for hair that is more on the curlier side or on the straight hair side would be the choice between the two. This relies on personal choice.
  3. In Vietnam, loose wave lasts longer than body wave. Body waves are going to get straighter over time, and if you are going to curl, we suggest that you should choose the other one.
  4. Volume: Loose wavy hair extensions have way more volume than body wave, which would be the best for dreamy girls.

How to take care of Body Wave and Loose Wave?

These are some popular problems and the solutions to them faced a lot by hair-lovers.

Dying or Bleaching

As long as the hair is 100% virgin, you can feel free to bleach and dye it to any colors that you want, however, please be noted that curly or wavy hair will take more time as well as patience than normal to do this, sometimes, the hair after being dyed can’t come back to the original wavy look. Hence, if you’re not really specialized in dying or bleaching, order the available one in some wholesale hair factory that supplies the best quality body wave and loose wave, in which K-Hair Factory perfectly exemplifies for this situation.


Use the specialized comb for the hair will help you keep the hair in wavy strands in the long-term time.

For loose wave, its wave seems to be stronger and you can use more force to brush it than body wave, which needs to be handled with care. Don’t be surprised that in the middle of the day, the body one may break apart.


There’s no doubt that for loose wave and body wave that are kept in stable shape, so it’s harder for those who are not used to it for the first time washing. Accordingly, you really have to wash it and use your hands carefully to keep the shape, or else, you must know the result.

For more helpful hair care techniques, read more on: 8 Tips To Take Care Of Curly Hair Wave 2020

Where to buy the best loose wave and body wave?

The best hair in terms of quality is Vietnamese hair. No matter it’s virgin or remy hair, Vietnamese hair will always bring you great experiences due to the natural and soft look, which is easy to blend with your own hair

Vietnamese loose wave and body wave are highly recommended by hair experts because of its full of moveability and shine and longer warranty in using time than Chinese, Indian or Brazillian hair.

If you’re having the intention of purchasing hair in Vietnam, K-Hair factory will be the best choice out of all.

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