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Bouncy curl hairstyle brings a harmonious natural beauty and accentuate your hidden beauty. To what extent are you expert at bouncy curl texture ? Today, let’s hear some interesting experience from our K-hair expert about bouncy curl in this article.

1. Overview of bouncy curl

Bouncy curl hair is one of the hottest and most sought-after hairstyles this year. This hairstyle gives you a youthful dynamic personality that even the most demanding girls can satisfy. Let’s check how to define bouncy curl

1.1.  Definition of bouncy curl

Bouncy curl hair is one of the hairstyles that bring out a youthful, luxurious and strong appeal. This hairstyle is becoming a hot trend to be hunted in recent years. With frizzy curls, it embraces her face with a soft charm. This hairstyle helps to conceal all facial defects and reveals outstanding elegance. Therefore, this is the first choice for those who love curly hair and want to change themselves more beautifully. For many other trendy items, you can also read our sharing about best summer hair extension styles here.

1.2. Feature of bouncy curl

The short, light-wavy short hairstyle is gradually taking over the hearts of many women because of its outstanding advantages that help to perfectly conceal. With a short-cut style that is gently curled, it helps to cleverly conceal face defects to enhance the elegance.

1.2.1. Which type of face does bouncy curl suit ?

 If the round face with the cheeks of dumplings makes women “hack” their age, the long face creates the feeling of old age for the girls. For those who own a long face, you can refer to the curly shoulder-length hairstyles combined with thin bangs. At the same time, girls should also avoid choosing to have long, straight hair or bangs. This will probably make your face look longer!


type of face for bouncy curl

1.2.2. Which outfit does bouncy curl match ?

A small, lovely shoulder that is revealed under the coat is an extremely sexy and delicate detail. When combining a shoulder-length shirt with skirt legs together, it will build up for girls with short hair with a feminine and youthful beauty. This style is very suitable for going out, traveling and even going on a date. 

Based on their preferences, they can replace many different T-shirts. Besides, we can mix with some accessories such as glasses, watches, bracelets, bags, … to have a youthful, more beautiful appearance. When mixing 2 t-shirts and short skirts together, it will help to cheat height very well. This is a choice that dwarf mushroom girls should pocket for themselves.


outfit for bouncy curl

2. Types of bouncy curl hair

Let’s check different types of bouncy curl in term of length and color as below.

2.1. Bouncy curl in term of length

  • Short bouncy curl: Lightly wavy short hair gives you a gentle, feminine look. Short curls are gently wavy to create a sense of fluff to help conceal the flaws that bring out the elegance. You can choose to have the roof or not so that it is more balanced and beautiful than ever

short bouncy curl

  • Long bouncy curl: Long-tail curly hair is also a favorite hairstyle for many women. Featuring natural curls, the tail curls help conceal facial blemishes skillfully. Owning this hairstyle gives you a youthful, luxurious look without taking much time to take care of it. This hair type is suitable for any occasions like Valentine, Christmas or so on.

long bouncy curl

2.2. Bouncy curl in term of color

  • Piano bouncy curl: Green hair in general and blue highlighted hair in particular is one of the trends that have been “promoted” very actively recently. Therefore, if you want to find something new and completely different for your appearance, you can experience with this option. A little note for the trendy girls is the trendy beautiful blue-highlighted hair that attracts the eyes of the beautiful Asian girls association, so absolutely do not miss it.

piano bouncy curl hair

  • Ombre hair bouncy curl: Beautiful ombre hairstyles will bring new and unique hairstyles. Currently, the ombre dyeing style is extremely popular with young people, with different colors that will give her a very impressive and personality break. Especially with this ombre dyeing style for short hair girls, short hair has exuded personality for them, and combined with the colors of this ombre dyeing style ensures no confusion. Anywhere, it’s very attractive and impressive for the girls when they go down the street to see.

piano bouncy curl hair

3. How to care bouncy curl hair ?

  • Choice of shampoo: should choose a shampoo for curly hair to help maintain hair. In the case of curly hair due to the use of chemicals and heat tools to curl the hair, you should use a nourishing shampoo and keratin supplement to restore the hair cuticle.
  • Shampoo: for curly hair, you should not mess up and down while washing will cause rapid loss of wrinkles. Let the tap rinse from above and massage your hair gently from the top down to avoid frizz.

how to care bouncy curl

  • Use conditioner: the chemical curling process can dry your hair so using conditioner is necessary. However, be careful not to let the conditioner get to the roots – this will make your hair become dandruff quickly. 
  • Wipe / dry hair: Normally, we often wrap our hair in a towel and squeeze it vigorously to make it dry quickly, but this is a way of applying too much force to the hair, making the hair easily damaged and especially fast.
  • Comb: for curly hair, use a paddle comb or a wide-tooth comb to easily remove hair without causing loss, or if you feel that the hair is not too tangled, just use your finger to separate the strands time to roll them in a curly direction to help keep hair in line.

4. Top 1 best bouncy curl hair supplier

Contact this pic below to get discounts and support 24/7 from sale manager K-hair


bouncy curl hair supplier

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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