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Wig is a popular beauty accessory nowadays especially in Africa. The demand of hair extensions is increasingly day by day create lucrative jobs for hair businessman. Many hair salon owners earn a lot of money from selling wigs or restyled wigs (with curtain bangs, colors, etc) because the profit from this business is high. Therefore, a large number of people join in hair business. This can be a challenge for hair starter business because it is not easy to make a wig. Today I’ll share you easy ways to do quick weave.

1. Prepare to do quick weave

Prepare a wig sample and take your customer’s head size parameters to to create a wig of the right size, which is comfortably adjustable. It is imperative that the mechanic measure directly on the customer’s head and use a plaster model with the correct parameters to do it. This is a common way of making wigs that the mechanic must adhere to. It is important to take all six basic parameters from the customer’s head, then the worker must carefully pay attention to the irregular shapes on the head such as convex, concave, dented, distorted. In addition, the wig must be designed in the style that the client desires after completion. And another point is, many people still don’t make it clear between a weave and an extension, so reading more is all good for you.

do quick weave 1

do quick weave 1

Draw the client’s head hat design on paper and cut it to form the shape.

2. Make a hat for the wig.

Initially, the technician uses a soft mesh with the same color as the hair that the customer wants to design. Fine silk and cotton are used as top pads. Next they will sew the gasket and mesh together into a single block. A strip of white silk is inserted properly positioned to link them together to create the wig’s hat.

do quick weave 2

do quick weave 2

Design paper samples are carefully placed on a wooden model with a human head shape. And then, they put the hat frame on top. When this paper is neatly placed under the mesh cap, it is very convenient to observe, facilitating knotting (knitting hair on hat) more easily. The inner lining of the hat is connected by stitching on a galloon silk band (fine material with the same color as the mesh frame). Finally, if you want to keep the mesh cap fixed on top, the worker will use the cotton thread to sew through the liner bag and to the anchor points (thin steel ring for the hat frame).

The next step is adding the comb pin at the predetermined position, the fasteners will keep the wig firmly on the client’s head. These accessories are 1.5 to 2 inchs (3.8 – 5.1 cm) long and are usually made of high quality steel sewn to the caps.

3. Knitting the hair on the hat (knotted).

do quick weave 3

do quick weave 3

This is the most complicated process of making wigs. The mechanic must be really skillful and meticulous. The long strands of hair are sewn directly onto the hat by a special method called “knotting”.

Each manufacturer applies at least three ways “knotted” but the most popular today is the button “V”. It is similar to weaving a rug. In this method, a 25 inches (63.5 cm) bundle can produce a wig around 12 inches (30.5 cm). The craftsman uses different sizes of needles depends on the number of wigs attached in a “knot”. The outer parts and contour edges of the wig are knitted with a hair, while the area above the top of the head can be more, up to 6 strands of hair for a single “knot.” The full wig must have at least 35,000 such knitting. Therefore, this stage is very time-consuming, the in bulk mechanic undergoes a total of 40 hours of continuous labor.

do quick weave 4

do quick weave 4

When the wig is finished “knotted” (all hairs are attached to the hat), remove the hair from the mannequin head and attach to a soft cloth model (The outside is made of cloth inside stuffed with sawdust). The worker carries out sewing over the contours to complete it. The keychains and fasteners are arranged and fixed position to ensure the absolute safety of customers.

The process of making a wig is complicated and taking a lot of effort. Therefore, the value of a wig is quite high and requires the user to have appropriate knowledge of care and preservation if they want to prolong their durability.

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