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Caucasian sew in extensions are always in the top hot searches about hair extensions. If you are about to buy this type of hair either in bulk or in retail, this post will be pretty useful. We will tell you all about Caucasian sew in extensions. Then, you will be informed of their characteristics, hairstyles and usage in order to make the best use of this fabulous hair type. Don’t forget to share this useful post to your friends as well!


Caucasian sew in extensions

I. Caucasian sew in extensions – One of the most popular hair types

The first thing to discover about this type of hair extension is its definition. With the 30-year experience in the hair business as a wholesale hair vendor, we will tell you all about this hair type in terms of Caucasian hair, sew in extensions hair and of course, Caucasian sew in extensions!

1.1. What is Caucasian hair?

If the word “Caucasian” seems a bit strange to you, you can think of its meaning as people with white skin. Then, it becomes so familiar, right! Caucasian hair is then simply the hair of white people. It is typical with the blond or brown color shades. Caucasian hair is extremely popular in European countries for its native attractive vibes.


Caucasian sew in extensions: What is Caucasian hair?

1.2. What are sew in hair extensions?

To know what Caucasian sew in extensions are, you need to know what sew in hair extensions are first. Sew in extensions are actually weft hair extensions that are applied on your natural hair by sewing method. The extension is sewn on your hair with a needle and thread, and it is stuck to a horizontal braid on your hair. As the process is quite time-consuming and difficult to do by oneself, sew in hair extensions are usually applied at hair salons.


Caucasian sew in extensions: What are sew in extensions?

1.3. What are Caucasian sew in extensions?

Caucasian sew in hair extensions are the combination of Caucasian hair and sew in hair extensions. Therefore, they have the typical light blond to brown shades which are very loved by European women. In addition, the hair is applied by sewing method which is also a very popular one.

In general, the Caucasian sew in extensions just need to meet 2 basic demands about the hair color and the applying method, so it is not necessarily made of Caucasian hair. In fact, Caucasian hair materials are now pretty rare due to the little hair source. As a result, hair factory for resellers often choose other kinds of available hair to produce Caucasian hair. After being bleached and processed, the hair will still share all the characteristics of Caucasian sew in hair extensions.


What are Caucasian sew in extensions?

II. Typical characteristics of Caucasian sew in extensions

Now we will move to discovering all the typical characteristics of Caucasian sew in hair extensions. We will clarify them in terms of the hair pros & cons and the best hair materials used to produce this type of hair extensions.

2.1. Why Caucasian sew in extensions are so hot – Pros & Cons

The reason why Caucasian sew in hair extensions are so popular is that they bring about a variety of benefits. Although they still have some drawbacks, the benefits definitely outweigh the drawbacks. Let’s dig into each pro and con to see that more clearly.


What are the pros and cons of Caucasian sew in extensions?

2.1.1. Pros of Caucasian sew in extensions

Wearing Caucasian sew in hair extensions can bring about a lot of advantages for users. Below are significant ones:

  • Classy vibes. With the typical color shades ranging from light blond to dark brown, the hair can bring about a classy vibe. In addition, the hair is usually pretty bouncy and smooth, which attracts all the attention.
  • Semi permanent style. As Caucasian sew in extensions are applied with sewing method, it can last on users’ hair for about 6-8 weeks with the best look, and it is called a semi permanent durability. This is suitable for almost everyone who doesn’t want a hairstyle for too long or too short.
  • Perfect volume & length adding effect. The hair extension is extremely suitable for ones with thin and long hair. By adding more hair in the inner layer, your hair will look much thicker. It can also be longer, as long as you choose the hair extension that matches well with your natural hair to cover the difference in length-adding part. Hair extensions from a reliable and famous wholesale hair distributor will guarantee to give such a perfect result!
  • Natural blending. For the hair extensions being sewn in the inner layer, the final result is pretty natural. In addition, the braid and sewing line are very tiny, so you don’t have to worry that they may be exposed.

Advantages of Caucasian sew in extensions

2.1.2. Cons of Caucasian sew in extensions

Besides the advantages above, Caucasian sew in hair extensions also have some disadvantages that many hair extension users will think of as not very considerable:

  • Time-consuming method. Usually, it takes about 1-2 hours to have the hair extension sewn on your hair. Therefore, it is not suitable for ones who are too busy or not patient enough.
  • Painful application? As the method is sewing in, it can cause a little pain during the application. However, this situation is quite rare as in fact, the extension will be carefully sewn in your braid and not touch your scalp at all.

Disadvantages of Caucasian sew in extensions

2.2. Which hair is best for making Caucasian sew in extensions?

As mentioned, Caucasian sew in hair extensions are not necessarily made of Caucasian hair due to the rare source. Then, when it comes to finding a high-quality hair source to bleach and produce this type of hair extensions, Vietnamese human hair is always in the top listed choices. Vietnamese hair is collected from young Vietnamese women who live in mountainous areas with mild weather and healthy lifestyle. As a result, the hair quality is perfect, and the virgin hair is amazing to use for bleaching.

If you want to discover more about Vietnamese hair, you can visit or contact its biggest factory – K-Hair Factory. There have been so many sharings about high-quality Vietnamese hair, so you can learn more through:


Caucasian sew in extensions: Human hair from K-Hair Vietnam

III. Fabulous hairstyles with Caucasian sew in extensions

Caucasian sew in hair extensions are not only famous for their quality or usefulness but also for the variety of fancy hairstyles that they have. Below will be our sharing of top 3 groups of hairstyles from Caucasian sew in hair extensions.

3.1. Straight Caucasian sew in extensions 

The first style to mention is the straight one. Normally, natural straight and bone straight are two popular hairstyles. No matter what styles they are, they all give a super classy vibe. Many people worry that applying straight hair can expose unnaturalness when the hair extensions are longer than the real hair. However, you can totally fix that by choosing the right color and the right length for the hair extensions together with a careful blending. These pictures will help you imagine better.


Straight Caucasian sew in extensions

3.2. Curly Caucasian sew in extensions 

Talking about curly Caucasian sew in hair extensions is talking about a wide range of choices. There are a variety of curly patterns for you to freely choose and style. There are 3 major groups of curls. They are tight curls, medium curls and loose curls.

  • For tight curls, you can take a look at voluminous coil hair, pixie hair, deep wavy or water curly hair, etc. These styles all have tightly curly patterns that will satisfy you. Although the curls are tight, the hair texture is not dry or tangled at all. In fact, the hair is very silky, bouncy and smooth. The combination of blond color and individual coils will definitely give you a fresh look!
  • For medium curls, body wavy Caucasian sew in extensions are always the first to be mentioned. This style is very popular as it is simple, natural and elegant. When you wear these hair extensions, they look like your real hair as the blending capability is too amazing.
  • For loose curls, you can try wearing natural wave, egg curl or loose wavy hair extensions. They are said to be the most natural and easy-blending styles.

Curly Caucasian sew in extensions

3.3. Colored Caucasian sew in extensions

Besides the typical blond to brown hair shades, you can be creative with many other new colors. Who said Caucasian hair always has to be blond? You can definitely color your hair extensions to bring it a new vibe. If your hair extensions are already perfectly blond, you can directly dye it without bleach. If the hair is brown, you can bleach it first, so that you can try many kinds of light colors on the hair. If you decide to bleach and dye your hair at home, don’t forget to pay attention to the uneven bleach issue!


Colored Caucasian sew in extensions

IV. How to use Caucasian sew in extensions

The last topic to share today is the way to use Caucasian sew in hair extensions. We will clarify it in terms of two issues: how to apply Caucasian sew in hair extensions and how to take care of them to maintain a durable use.

4.1. How to apply Caucasian sew in extensions

The steps to wear Caucasian sew in hair extensions is exactly the same as those to wear normal sew in extensions. They all use the sewing method. Below will be the very concise instruction to wear the hair. You actually just need to understand it in general as the application is highly recommended to be done by hairdressers.

Step 1: Make sure your hair is clean before sewing in extensions

Step 2: Create a tiny horizontal braid to sew the extension in

Step 3: Sew in the hair extension

Step 4: Comb, style and blend the hair well


How to apply Caucasian sew in extensions

4.2. How to take care of Caucasian sew in extensions

Taking care of Caucasian sew in hair extensions is also similar to taking care of sew in hair extensions. You need to be careful when brushing the hair, so that the sewing line and the hair won’t be tangled. If your hair extension is bleached or dyed, you also need to take good care of it with proper hair care products like shampoos, hair conditioners, hair serums or hair masks, etc.

Above is all sharing about Caucasian sew in extensions from K-Hair. Don’t forget to visit us for many more useful posts like this!

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

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