Wavy vs curly hair: Top surprising secrets to distinguish 2 hairstyles

The hair business is much more diversified than you ever expect, which consists of a wide range of hairstyles and hair types. If there is no difficulties in distinguishing the body wave vs straight hair, multiple people may find it confusing to tell apart the wavy vs curly hair. If you are among these ones, don’t worry, this article will provide the basic understanding and comprehensive comparison between them. 


Wavy vs curly hair: surprising secrets to distinguish 2 hairstyles

1. Summary about the wavy vs curly hair extensions

This part will provide the fullest definition of the wavy vs curly hair as well as the characteristics of them. There are some prominent factors for you to distinguish these two hair types.

1.1. Wavy vs curly hair: What is wavy and curly hair extension?


Wavy vs curly hair: What is wavy and curly hair extension?

The definition of wavy vs curly hair may be confusing and easy to get wrong. Wavy hair extension is the hair type having hair strands stay aligned and have a loose S-shape. There is a great number of people having wavy hair in the world, whose population is just fewer than the ones with straight hair. Therefore, this hair type was invented early and has stable consumption.

On the contrary, the curly hair extensions have strands with tight S-shape. The curls of curly hair also offer some different appearances: coiled hair, zig-zag… The curly hair is considered to be less oily than the straight hair strands. This hair type has become a trendy item in the hair extensions market for years.

1.2. How to distinguish wavy vs curly hair extensions?

Like the weave vs extensions, wavy and curly hair styles can sometimes be mistaken. Here are some significant clues for amateur to distinguish the wavy vs curly hair extensions:

  • The S-shape look: As mentioned before, both of these two hair styles have an S-shape look of strands. However, while the curly hair has a loose S-shape, the volume of curly hair is tighter. Thus, the wavy vs curly hair extensions have different appearances.
  • The length of hair: With the same length of straight hair, the wavy vs curly style has separated final length. As the volumes of wavy hair extensions are more stretched, this hairstyle is longer after curling than the curly hair. Furthermore, the curly hair style is more likely to get tangled than the other. 

How to distinguish wavy vs curly hair extensions?

1.3. Features of wavy vs curly hair extensions

Wavy vs curly hair extensions are included in the hair with curls category in the hair market; thus, they have some typical features in common. However, there are also distinct pros and cons of each hairstyle:

Pros and cons of wavy hair extensions:

  • Wavy hair with stretched curls offers a natural look of the extensions. It is easy to blend with the real hair strands and the hairline is invisible.
  • Wavy hair extensions can flexibly change into other hairstyles by loosening or tightening its curls. You can definitely make a stunning braid out with these waves.
  • The wavy hair can absorb the essence from caring products. It also requires less proportion of products than the curly style.
  • Wavy hair extensions look amazing in any level of length. You can have short or medium or long waves based on your interest.   
  • Wavy hairstyle requires careful maintenance: you should prepare the relevant shampoo, conditioner and hair oil for regular hydration. 
  • The waves look beautiful but sometimes can get out of alignment. 
  • Wavy hair can not stand too much chemical treatment or being styled by high temperatures regularly.

Features of wavy vs curly hair extensions

Pros and cons of curly hair extensions:

Advantages Disadvantages
  • When put on the curly hair extensions, the users look more energetic and active. This hairstyle makes your appearance more outstanding and unique.
  • Curly hair with multiple volumes and curls can make the hair look pretty thicker than the original quantity. 
  • The curly hair extensions can blend well with the original hair of women living in some particular regions such as South America and Africa. 
  • Human hair extensions curly items are available in a limited number or length degrees. 
  • As the twists of curly hair are tight and small, it is hard for the caring products to be absorbed evenly. This hairstyle even needs more quantity of product for each time use than the wavy hair.
  • Curly hair strands can be easily and quickly dried out. In addition, it can get tangled or broken frequently. Users may find how to define curls challenging.

 2. How to make wavy vs curly hair?

Although you can purchase the wavy vs curly hair extensions items available as the alignments can stay for a long time. The exact durability depends on the types and designs of hair. For instance, you can search for how long does a closure sew in last. However, users can also make wavy vs curly hair at home. 

2.1. How to make wavy vs curly hair?


How to make wavy vs curly hair?

Styling the wavy vs curly hair with heat tools

  • Step 1: Sectioning your hair into small parts for curly style and medium parts for wavy hair. Apply moisturizing oil to protect your hair strands from high temperatures.
  • Step 2: Prepare a barrel curling iron, large size for the wavy hair and small size for curly style. Charge and wait for the equipment to get warm before styling.
  • Step 3: Wrap the hair sections around the barrel curling iron from the upper part till the end of hair strands. Releasing the curls by pushing the curling iron gently up and outward. 
  • Step 4: Keep doing step 3 for the rest of the hair sections, you should start from the front part, then the lower sections at the behind to the upper ones. 
  • Step 5: After finishing curling the hair strands, blend hair sections together to make them look more natural. Finally spray the hair to keep the form fixed. 

Styling the wavy vs curly hair without heat tools

If you want to avoid the bad effect from high temperatures on your natural hair and scalp, you can go for this simple method of making curls for your wavy vs curly hair. You should wash your hair properly before styling it. Before going to bed, section your hair into three to five parts and braid them: the tighter the braid is, the tighter the curls become. Therefore, depending on which hairstyle you want to get, you can adjust the braid. Keep the braid overnight and release the curls in the next morning. Blend the hair well together and spray the strands to keep the form. 


How to preserve wavy vs curly hair?

2.2. How to preserve wavy vs curly hair?

  • Reduce the amount of time you wash your hair: While your hair should be cleansed on a regular basis, too much washing might strain the strands. As a result, you only have to wash your curls when they’re dirty. You should wash curly hair twice a week if you can wash your straight hair three to four times a week.
  • Carefully drying your curls: Your curls will also be messed up because of the high temperature and powerful airflow from the dryer. As a result, after washing your hair, gently dry the curls. You may even preserve the curls by cupping pieces of hair in the palm of your hand and scrunching upwards.
  • Brushing the curls: Brushing your hair with a brush, especially a tight-teeth brush, causes the strands to spread out and the curls to become less defined. As a result, instead of using a hair brush, gently disentangle the curls by hand.
  • Protect your curls while sleeping: Wear a bonnet every night before going to bed. The silk material of this hat helps keep your curls in form and moisturized. If you don’t have a hat, a silk scarf might be used in its stead.

3. The market of wavy vs curly hair extensions

If you are into the market of hair extensions, especially the wavy vs curly hair items, this part will provide valuable information about the price of these products.


Why should I buy wavy vs curly hair extensions?

3.1. Why should I buy wavy vs curly hair extensions?

As mentioned before, you can properly make the wavy vs curly hair at home by different methods. However, the human hair extensions appear to be an ideal replacement if you do not want the scalp and real hair attacked by the outside impacts such as high temperatures. 

Furthermore, the wavy vs curly hair extensions can help you save time in styling, lengthen the durability of curls and protect your natural hair strands. You can keep your real hair straight as originally and put on a wig of wavy hair or curly hair today and then turn back to the straight hairstyle the next day.    

3.2. The price of wavy vs curly hair extension


Retail price of curly hair extensions

The prices of wavy vs curly hair extensions on e-commerce sites or at the hair shops are the retail price. The cost of these products varies based on the length and the type of the hair extensions with curls. Wavy vs curly hair extensions are commonly available from 10 inch to 22 inch.


Retail price of wavy hair extensions

For instance, on Amazon, the clip in human hair extensions curly with the length of 18 inch are sold at the price of $56.99. Meanwhile, the clip in human hair extensions wavy with the same length of 18 inch costs about $41.99. As mentioned before, with the same length of straight hair, the final wave is longer than the final tight curls. Thus, to have the same length of wavy vs curly hair extensions, the material for the latter is more.

4. Tips for buyers of wavy vs curly hair extensions

If you are planning to buy a wavy vs curly hair extensions product, you can take these pieces of advice into account before ordering.

4.1. Where can I purchase wavy vs curly hair extensions?

As the Internet is developing significantly, the logistic service is convenient, you can order the product of wavy vs curly hair extensions online through the marketplaces or official websites of the sellers. The benefits are you will have your items shipped to your location instead of going out to take and you also have more options of products and sellers by buying online. 

You can go to the hair shops or salons in your area and purchase wavy vs curly hair extensions. You can try on the hair item to consider if it fits you or not. You will also have the chance to evaluate the quality of the hair strands by yourself.


Where can I purchase wavy vs curly hair extensions?

4.2. Tips to buy the high-quality wavy vs curly hair extensions

As mentioned before, if you purchase the hair at physical stores or the hair salons, you can see the quality of the wavy vs curly hair products by eye. Therefore, ordering hair online seems to be more risky. It is advised that you should ask the online sellers to provide unfiltered photos and videos of the hair items. You should read the feedback and rate of previous clients of the shop before ordering. 


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