Weave vs extensions: Top 5 amazing secrets about hair market revealed

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In the hair market, there are countless terms to name the products that may cause confusion. If you are a newbie in this field, the misunderstanding is unavoidable but it can lead to the unexpected financial loss. For instance, can you distinguish weave vs extensions? If the answer is “Not yet”, don’t worry, this article will help you to tell them apart. 


Weave vs extensions: Top 5 amazing secrets about hair market revealed

1. Weave vs extensions: Get to know about two products

Like other fields such as cosmetic or fashion products, the human hair extensions items are named based on their design and function. This part will give you details about the weave vs extensions’ features.

1.1. How can we define weave vs extensions?

Both weave vs extensions products mentioned in this writing are the human hair extensions made in wholesale hair factories. It means those items are made from 100% hair collected from condors living in the exporting countries. The most prominent region of producing human hair is Asia as the native women have the habit of growing their hair long and apply limited chemicals. 

Weave vs

How can we define weave vs extensions?

  • What is weave?: Weave is a hair extension item that consists of a certain amount of hair, which is attached directly and stays fixed on the user’s scalp by sewing or gluing.
  • What are extensions?: They are bundles of hair with varying sizes which are attached into the assistant tools such as pieces of clip, tape or glued together at the top as tips. These extensions are applied on the scalp to thicken and lengthen the natural hair.  

1.2. How to distinguish weave vs extensions?

To be honest, the weave can be considered as a special type of extensions as it has the same function: improving the thickness and length of real hair. However, there are certain differences between these two names.

Weave vs

How to distinguish weave vs extensions?

As mentioned before, the weave is directly attached onto the natural hair by sewing or gluing. This process may require the support of a hair expert. The appliance of weave vs extensions is different. The extensions have a wide range of types that can be easily installed at home. The human hair is applied to the user’s scalp thanks to the tools of the products like clip or tape. The weave stays fixed on the user’s scalp for a long time while the extensions can be removed regularly.   

1.3. Weave vs extensions: the characteristics of each hair type

Beside having the natural look as both weave vs extensions are made from human hair, there are distinct features of each type that will be mentioned in this part.

1.3.1. Weave vs extensions: Pros and cons of weave

As the weave is directly sewed into the natural strands, it is well blended and covers the hair evenly. Moreover, the weave can stay firm and stable in the user’s scalp even when you take part in strong activities. Products from the best wholesale hair distributor will also strongly guarantee this firmness. This hair type also requires less effort during the maintenance process. 

Weave vs

Weave vs extensions: Pros and cons of weave

However, as the weave is fixed, it can not be applied and removed easily. You may ask for the help of a hair expert if you are new to this product. The process to put on the weave may be time-consuming and cause hurt to the real hair. You will have to go to bed with the weave attached to your scalp. The washing of this product is more challenging as well.

1.3.2. Weave vs extensions: Pros and cons of extensions

The first and foremost advantages of extensions is the convenience in installing and removing these products. Thanks to the support of the clips, tapes… you can put it on by yourself at home. These hair types can be removed before you go to bed. The installation of extensions can avoid the damage to your scalp. You can also adjust the position of extensions when your real strands grow out.

Weave vs

Weave vs extensions: Pros and cons of extensions

However, the extensions may have shorter durability in comparison with the weave. You may have to put more effort on caring for the extensions. Some types of extensions may be hard to blend with the natural scalp and the bonds of extensions may be visible when being applied.   

2. Weave vs extensions: Further information about two hair types

After acknowledging the definition and basic comparison of weave vs extensions, here is further information about these two hair types that may be helpful for the interested people.

2.1. Weave vs extensions: The durability

Generally, the human hair extensions products can last much longer than other types such as synthetic hair or fabric hair. The durability of human hair items, including weave vs extensions can vary from 8 weeks to a number of months according to the design and maintenance of the customers. 

The weave can be used only once while most types of the extensions can be reused. The weave can be kept on your scalp from 6 to 8 weeks as after that amount of time, your real hair strands have grown out significantly and the sewing lines will become visible. Otherwise, the tape in lasts from 4 to 8 weeks and clip in hair extensions lasts from 3 to 12 months. 

Weave vs

Weave vs extensions: The durability

2.2. Weave vs extensions: How to apply?

How to sew the weave?

Sewing is the method that makes your weave the most secure. All you have to prepare is a needle, thread and a weave. 

Firstly, sectioning your real hair horizontally, tie up the upper part of your hair. Take a small amount of hair at the top of the lower part and braid the strands’ roots. The braid out of your real hair will be the place to sew the weave into.

Place the weave with its hairline right under the braiding line of real hair. Make the thread go through the needle and make a knot to secure. Starting at the left or right side of the nape of the hair, begin sewing the needle through the braid then pull the thread all the way out, and repeat. Bleaching knots process is not required.

Weave vs

Weave vs extensions: How to apply?

How to put on some types of extensions?

  • Tape in hair extensions: Lift up a certain amount of hair on the upper part of your scalp. Take a small amount of hair strands at the lower part which has the same size with the tape piece. Remove the strip covering at the bottom of the tape and press this part on the amount of strands you have prepared. Remember to make the hair stick evenly on the tape. Do it repeatedly one by one until you finish. Blend the natural and extension hair well.
  • Clip in hair extensions: Section your natural hair into upper and lower parts. Tie up the upper part until you see the hairline between these two parts. Place the human hair extensions clip in right beneath the hairline. Clip down the pieces of clip to attach the extensions on your natural hair strands. Finally, blend two types of hair strands together.   
Weave vs

Weave vs extensions: How to apply?

2.3. Weave vs extensions: How to maintain the hair?

  • Before putting on the weave vs extensions, remember to wash your hair and clean your scalp. Because this product will be on your head for a long period, make sure it doesn’t pick up dirt from your scalp or natural hair strands.
  • Wash your weave vs extensions twice a week at the very least. Because the hair strands weaken in warm water and can easily drop or break, you should first rinse the lace with warm water before washing the hair with cold water.
  • Invest in shampoo and hair care products that are appropriate for your hair type. To avoid the negative effects of chemicals, use shampoos with natural components. You should use the purple shampoo for the blonde dyed or bleached hair. After you’ve washed your hair, you should use a deep conditioner. Hair moisturizing oil is an ideal addition for the hydration of your hair.
  • For the fixed types of hair extensions, especially the weave and the human hair extensions tip, you should put on a sleeping bonnet made from silk to keep your hair clean, aligned and hydrated.
Weave vs

Weave vs extensions: How to maintain the hair?

3. How much are weave vs extensions hair?

If you are interested in the market of weave vs extensions hair, this part is helpful for you. The fundamental knowledge about the trading activities of these products is available.

3.1. Weave vs extensions: Categories of extensions

As mentioned before, there are multiple types of extensions offering different functions that can satisfy diversified demands of consumers. Here are some typical types: 

Weave vs

Weave vs extensions: Categories of extensions

  • Lace Frontal/Closure:  This human hair extensions item is hand-stitched into a net and is made completely of actual hair. The lace closure is larger than the lace frontal (the grid is a square piece). The most common sizes are 13×4 for lace frontal and 4×4 for lace closure including middle part lace closures.
  • Wigs: this hair type is made in the same way with the lace frontal and closure. However, it has a three-dimensional shape that may cover the whole user’s head.
  • Tape in hair: Human hair is evenly dispersed and linked to tape pieces in a certain pattern using tape. Other types of hair, as well as synthetic fibers, do not mix well with human hair extensions.
  • Clip in hair: human hair extension clip in is a product in which the hair strands are braided together and then secured with little clips at the root. The clips are used to secure the extension to the user’s head as well as to change the hair’s position. Because of its ease, this is one of the most popular virgin hair extension varieties. This hair type may be reused several times if it is kept in good condition.

3.2. The price of weave vs extensions hair

Weave vs

Retail price of weave

The weave vs extensions hair do not have much difference in prices. For instance, the weave hair is often sold in bundles with a combo of three bundles for a full head. Three bundles of human hair weave with the length varying from to 20 inch for the sew-in method cost around $146.99.

Weave vs

Retail price of extensions

Meanwhile, the clip in human hair extensions is sold in pieces. Particularly, there are often 7 pieces of clip in hair for a full head. With the same length of 18 inch for 7 pcs, the clip in hair extensions cost upto $110.99 without discount.  

3.3. K-Hair: A top vendor in supplying weave vs extensions hair

If you want to buy weave vs extensions in large quantities, you should go for the wholesale market. Purchasing hair from top wholesale hair vendors is both cost-effective and secure. These vendors are always factories that manufacture and export their goods at the same time. Because there is no middleman, these providers’ prices are lower than retail pricing.

Weave vs

K-Hair: A top vendor in supplying weave vs extensions hair

Asia is known for having countries, such as Vietnam, that export the most human hair extensions products. K-Hair Factory is regarded as one of Vietnam’s and Southeast Asia’s leading wholesale hair suppliers. They produce weave vs extensions from the finest hair available and prepare them using a proprietary procedure that has earned international recognition. If you wish to establish a hair company with this reputable vendor, contact the staff via the K-Hair official website’s hotline and you will receive excellent customer support.

Website: K-Hair Vietnam.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

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Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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