Middle Part Lace Closures: Top 1 Closure Lace In The Hair Market

Middle part lace closures
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The more developed the hair market becomes, the more diversified the product categories are. The human hair extensions are available in multiple designs to meet different demands of purchasers. For instance, lace hair extensions have middle part lace closures and frontals that have separated functions. Do you know about the middle part lace closures? This article will give a detailed review about this hair product. 

Middle part lace closures

Middle part lace closures: Top 1 impressive closure lace item in the hair market

1. Overview about middle part lace closures

If you are an amateur in the hair market, you would not know that there are more than two types of lace closure available and middle part lace closures is one among them. This part will provide the primary information about this product including the answer for the question “how long does a closure sew in last” .

1.1. What are middle part lace closures?

Middle part lace closures 2

What are middle part lace closures?

Middle part lace closures are the hair extensions items that can be applied on the top of the user’s scalp, which have a hairline in the middle. This hair type is used for thicken and lengthen the natural hair of the customer, who wants to have more populated hair at the middle part. 

As the middle part of people’s head is outstanding and easy to catch the sight, the middle part lace closures are always made from human hair to commit the natural look and the hair strands can blend well with the real hair.  

1.2. How are the middle part lace closures made?

As mentioned before, this product is always made from people’s hair. The factories producing human hair middle part lace closures gather the hair source from women living in their countries or import from the neighboring countries. Asia is the most developing continent in producing human hair extensions and Vietnamese hair is recognized as the most luxurious human hair source with limited chemical appliances. 

After being collected, the hair is washed properly and processed slightly. The hair strands can be flattened, dyed into different colors or even bleached. There are pieces of lace with a common size of 3×4 or 3×6 inches prepared. The hair strands will then be sewed or weaved by hand into the net by two methods: single knots or double knots. The last step is bleaching knots process to make the middle part lace closures look more natural. 

Middle part lace closures 3

How are the human hair lace closures made?

1.3. The characteristics of middle part lace closures

Like other products of human hair extensions, the middle part lace closures have typical features including both advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of middle part lace closures:

  •  Offering natural look: The human hair extensions strands have the most similar characteristics to the real hair. Thus, the middle part lace closures will be smooth and silky after being applied. Moreover, the hairline with bleaching knots would look more natural and resemble the scalp of the user.
  • Having long durability: Human hair extensions are the most stable products in the hair market. The strands collected from people can be dyed or bleached with a limited breaking or tangling. If you take care of the middle part lace closures extensions carefully, the product can last for upto a year.
  • Being safe for natural hair and scalp: The lace closures, including middle part items, do not require glue or heat during appliance. Thus, the real hair strands as well as the head skin of the user can be protected from being damaged by high temperatures or other impact.
Middle part lace closures 4 1

The characteristics of middle part lace closures

The disadvantages of middle part lace closures:

  • Being expensive: As mentioned before, human hair is the highest-quality source of middle part lace closures; thus, the price offered for this product is more luxurious than other types of hair extensions like synthetic or fabric hair extensions. However, the quality goes with the price, the cost is still considered to be reasonable.
  • Possibly hard to put on: If you are new to this hair product, it may be a little challenging at the first time applying as it is on the top of your scalp, which is hard to see the whole. However, there are tutorial videos available on youtube which you can follow step by step.

1.4. How to maintain the middle part lace closures?

To help the human hair extensions closure lace stay as long as possible, you have to follow a certain caring routine. Here are some tips helpful for you to maintain your middle part lace closures products:

Middle part lace closures 5

How to maintain the middle part lace closures?

  • Keep your scalp clean before appliances: Remember to wash your hair and keep your scalp clean before putting on the closure lace. This product will stay on your head for a certain amount of time; thus, make sure that it will not get the dirt from the scalp or your real hair strands.
  • Wash your middle part lace closures rightly: You should wash your lace closure at least once a week. You should rinse the lace with warm water at the first time and then wash the hair with cold water as the hair strands get weaker in warm water and can easily drop or break.
  • Invest in washing and caring products: You should go for relevant shampoo with the hair type you are using. You can go for shampoos with natural ingredients to avoid the chemical bad effect. You should definitely use a deep conditioner on your hair after washing. The moisturizing hair oil should be used regularly as well to keep your middle part lace closures hydrated and smooth.   

2. Comparison between middle part lace closures and other types of closure

Beside the middle part, there are also other types of human hair extensions and lace closures. This part will give you a comprehensive review about these human hair extensions lace closures. 

2.1. Other closure types beside middle part lace closures

Middle part lace closures 6 1

Other types of human hair extensions lace closures

Beside the middle part lace closures, there are three part and free part closures as the typical types of this category. Both types of closures lace have the same way of manufacturing but the design of each one is different

  • Three part closure: This is the hair type that has three parts of hair in a lace. Therefore, when being put on the scalp of users, one part of this lace type is in the middle and the two side parts attach on either the left or right part of the head.
  • Free part closures: This is considered the most versatile type of human hair extensions closure laces. This hair type can be applied on any part of your scalp based on your using purpose. 

2.2. Differences between middle part lace closures and other types

Here are the common differences among these types of lace closures:

  • The appearance: Although all the human hair extensions lace closure items have the most similarity to real hair, there are minor differences among these three products. The free parting closures have the most natural look while the two other types, middle part lace closures and three part closures, have hairlines and require bleached knots to blend well on the scalp.
  • The appliance: As mentioned before, new users of middle part lace closures would find this product hard to apply at the first try; however, the three part closures seem to offer more challenging installation as you have to keep three separate parts in the appropriate positions and look natural. The free parting closures sometimes may not be placed well in some certain part of your scalp.  
Middle part lace closures 7

Differences between middle part lace closures and other types

3. Review of the middle part lace closures’ market

Have you got interested in middle part lace closures and want to purchase one for yourself? If the answer is “yes”, this part is helpful for you because it will tell you about the trading activities of this product.

3.1. The popular styles of middle part lace closures

Generally, lace closure categories have a wide range of hairstyles for customers to find the most suitable one for their appearance such as body wave vs straight middle part lace closure. Here are the particular details about them:

  • Wavy closures lace: The wavy hair extensions lace closures, especially for the middle part, are available in multiple styles: curly hair, wavy hair, zig-zag hair and so on. While the relaxed curls bring a girly and elegant look, the tight curls make you look active and energetic. After purchasing this hairstyle, you also have to care about how to define curls beside preserving the middle part lace closures.  
  • Straight hair closure lace: This is one of the most typical hairstyles in the hair extensions market. The straight hair can be dyed into multiple colors or used for braid out style. You can purchase trendy bone straight human hair middle part lace closures which have the strands flattened carefully with a natural and silky look. You can also go for straight hair with layers that can make you appear younger. 
  • Dreadlocks hair closure lace: As the process of making dreadlocks requires a large amount of time and effort, the human hair loc extensions appears to be the best replacement. You will not have to suffer for the hurt on your scalp caused by braiding or twisting your real hair. The middle part lace closures can satisfy both single ended and double ended types of dreadlocks.
Middle part lace closures 8

The popular styles of middle part lace closures

3.2. How much are middle part lace closures?

The retail price of human hair middle part lace closures is not different from other types of human hair extension. The cost of this product varies according to the range of length, hairstyles and number of pieces. For instance, the straight blonde highlight hair with the length of 8 inches middle lace closures costs about $48.99, which is $6.94 per ounce.   

Middle part lace closures 1

The retail price of human hair middle part lace closures

3.3. How to buy middle part lace closures?

Here are some major method to purchase the human hair extensions product closure lace, consider the review and choose the best option for you:

  • Buying online: In the technical time, customers can take advantage of the Internet to order this hair product. You can search the keyword “middle part lace closures” on online marketplaces like Amazon, Aliexpress, Walmart… and there will be countless products with full details suggested. You should pay attention to the rates and feedback of the shop and item seriously before ordering.
  • Buying at hair stores: You can go to the hair shops or hair salons in your location to buy the human hair middle part lace closures. When you visit these stores, you can try on the products, see the hair strands in your eyes and evaluate the product before buying. This method can minimize the unexpected loss of money.
  • Buying from wholesale vendors: These vendors are always the factories which produce and export their products concurrently. As there is no mediator, the prices offered by these suppliers are cheaper than retail prices. 
Middle part lace closures 9

K-Hair Factory is the top wholesale hair vendors of human hair lace closures

Asia is famous for having countries, including Vietnam, exporting the greatest quantity of middle part lace closures. K-Hair Factory is considered to be one of the top wholesale hair vendors in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. They make lace closures from the most luxurious hair source and process them by unique technique which received international certification. If you want to start a hair business with this trustworthy hair vendor, contact the staff through the hotline attached on K-Hair official website and you will receive the finest customer service.


I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

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