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Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you watch TV, admiring celeb’s hair or having been bombarded by hair extension advertisements? This post will introduce the most fundamental information about 22 inch hair extension – the luxury item to assist you in reducing such an onerous task and achieve the most gorgeous hairstyles as your wish. Then, what will you have to know? The hair definition, characteristics, prices, types, styles, installation, hair care or suppliers? You needn’t pick only some as all will be clarified right now!


22 Inch Hair Extension

1. What do 22 inch hair extensions mean?

First of all, have you got any ideas about what a hair extension is and why so many people come to choose the hair extension products, especially the 22 inch long one? If not, don’t worry as we will show all the information right below. 

1.1. What are 22 inch hair extensions?

Hair extensions are a type of non naturally growing hair that is used to thicken and extend your hair in order to make it look lusher and healthier. They can be natural women’s hair, technologically advanced items or synthetic hair fiber ones and made in hair in bulk factory or hair warehouse.

The 22 inch hair extensions are recognized for being a pretty long hair length, since the hair stretches all the way down to your waist or longer. Long hair has always been one of the most popular hairstyles; it has existed since the dawn of time. Besides, it’s a fact that real waist-length hair takes a lifetime to develop. Furthermore, after your hair reaches this length, the strands are frequently in “less-than-stellar” condition. That’s why, if you’re hankering after a sophisticated waist-length tresse, it’s critical to arm yourself with a set of 22 inch long hair extensions.


What are 22 inch hair extensions?

1.2. Characteristics of 22 inch hair extensions

This part consists of 4 main contents: 22 inch long hair extensions in hair length and body height, the weight and price of 22 inch long hair extensions. Let’s see what is special to remember!

1.2.1. How long is 22 inch in hair length?

Hair length of 22 inch hair extensions which is equal to 55cm can be measured in a variety of methods, one of which is based on hair length using specialized rulers. The straight hair length chart is frequently used in conjunction with the hair inches chart. When considering the hair length charts, we always need to remember that that length is usually only given for straight hair style. For curly wavy or any non straight hairstyles, the length will be shorter as the curls make the hair “shrink up”. For example, below is the hair length chart of straight hair commonly used in the human hair bulk business.


How long is 22 inch hair extension?

1.2.2. How long is 22 inch in body height?

The second method for determining hair length of 22 inch hair extensions is to use body height. This method will help you imagine how long the hair extension would be on your body. Certainly, it depends on your height and body proportions that the hair can look a bit longer or shorter. However, in general, the hair will stretch all the way down to your waist or longer to your lower back.

1.2.3. How much weight should my 22 inch hair extensions be?

For the majority of weft hair bundles, a weight of 70 to140g for each bundle is adequate. Hair extensions should be the same weight regardless of how long they are. A pack of 28 inch straight hair and a pack of 22 inch straight hair, for example, are both 100g, but the 22 inch hair has thicker volume and the 28 inch hair has more length. For other hair extension types like tape in, clip in or lace closures, frontals, etc, the weight of each bundle, hair piece or hair group will be different.


22 inch hair extension bundles

1.2.4. Are 22 inch hair extensions expensive?

First two factors, hair extensions are often priced based on whether they are made of 100% human hair or synthetic hair and the length of hair extension. In concrete, human hair is definitely more expensive than the synthetic one. The first reason is that human hair is much more natural and durable than synthetic hair. In addition, the cost of materials is also higher for human hair. Besides, the longer the hair is, the more expensive it is. A 22 inch hair extension will certainly cost more than a 20 inch hair extension or shorter ones.

Another factor that influences the price of 22 inch hair extensions is the hair quality. As mentioned, synthetic hair extensions are significantly less expensive than genuine remy hair, while virgin hair is the most expensive option. The reason is that virgin hair extensions are created from hairs obtained from a single donor, which are normally hand-picked to ensure that hairs are in the greatest possible condition when removed from the donors. To be able to acquire decent things at the most appropriate price, you must understand in depth about the site of production as well as products of that place.


Are 22 inch hair extensions expensive?

2. How many types of 22 inch hair extensions are there?

When choosing your perfect hair extensions, one thing to consider is the application procedure. There are numerous sorts of 22 inch long hair extensions to pick from, depending on your lifestyle and how long you want your hair extension to last. Below are 5 typical types with 5 different applying methods.

2.1. 22 inch Clip-in hair extensions 

It would be a huge error not to consider clip-in 22 inch hair extensions when discussing the easiest type of hair extensions to apply and remove. Clip-in hair extensions are by far the most straightforward kind of hair extension application as they are designed to be removed immediately after each use. Thanks to the available hair clips attached to the hair extension tips, users can easily install the hair by themselves without causing any damage to their real hair.


22 inch clip-in hair extensions

2.2. 22 inch Tape-in hair extensions

If weave hair is the most traditional hair extension type, tape-in 22 inch hair extensions are one of the newest types of semi-permanent hair extension types. Tape-in hair extensions are the most popular hair integration method in 2019, according to hairstylists. As the hair extensions are installed with the tape strands attached to the extension tips, you should leave your hair unwashed for at least 3 days following installation to ensure that all of the bonds are secure.


22 inch tape-in hair extensions

2.3. 22 inch Sew-in hair extensions

Weave 22 inch hair extensions, often known as sew-in hair extensions, is one of the most classic types of hair extensions. Because you need to sew the hair wefts onto your own hair strands, this is a semi-permanent hair application method. Hair weave seems to be one of the most popular hair extensions since it has a quick and easy installation and has a long lifespan. A set of sew-in hair extensions can typically last 6 to 8 weeks, and they can be reused if being properly cared for.


22 inch sew-in hair extensions

2.4. Fusion and Pre-bonded 22 inch hair extensions

Fusion or pre-bonded hair extensions are made by placing a line of keratin on the hair tips and melting it later. To dissolve the keratin line when placing the hair, applying ultrasonic waves at a high temperature is necessary. The hair must then be attached to the hair shafts. Because this type of hair extension will be on your natural hair for a long time – up to over 2 months in particular, it is especially vital to take good care of it together with your real hair.


Fusion & Pre-bonded 22 inch hair extensions

2.5. 22 inch Microbead hair extensions

Apart from the above-mentioned types of h 22 inch hair extension applications, microbead hair extensions are also pretty popular. Microbead hair extensions are extensions that add a single strand to our individual locks. Your hair will be linked to the extensions using extremely little beads when you apply it. To keep the hair pieces on your strands, the beads used for microbeads are normally resin or aluminum lined with silicone. Microbead hair extensions provide a highly natural appearance because it is impossible to tell if you are wearing hair extensions or not, regardless of how you style your hair. 


22 inch microbead hair extensions

3. Styles of 22 inch hair extension

22 inch long hair extensions will include 4 main styles: curly, colour, straight and bone straight. All of the styles are so gorgeous and attractive. You can consider and change the styles for different occasions for different vibes and themes.

3.1. 22 inch curly hair extension

Deep curly, loose curly, kinky curly, romantic curly, and funmi curly are the five of the textures available for curly 22 inch hair extensions. To list all the patterns, it needs days! This just shows how diverse the curly hair extensions are. If you are a Caucasian muse, then you really ought to try the loose curly at least one. You’ll be charmed by its elegant beauty. When you are of American African vibes, the kinky or funmi curls will give you the most outstanding and classy look ever! 


22 inch curly hair extensions

3.2. 22 inch colour hair extension 

Colour 22 inch hair extensions are also very diverse, so you can pick and select one for yourself without worrying about clashing with others. Individuality and splendor will accompany each person. For an active summer, you can choose bright colours light blond, orange or yellow, etc. For a sweet winter to celebrate many gathering occasions like Thanksgiving or Christmas, dark colors like brown, honey or chestnut will give you such elegant styles. In general, the choices are up to you, just choose the colours you are into!


22 inch colour hair extensions

3.3. 22 inch straight hair extension 

Natural straight, kinky straight and Yaki straight hair textures are available for straight 22 inch hair extensions. If you are only familiar with the natural straight ones, you are extremely highly recommended to try the kinky and Yaki as well. They will give you an active, sporty and classy style. In addition, straight hair is also the basic style for you to create any other styles you like by yourself!


22 inch straight hair extensions

3.4. 22 inch bone straight hair extension 

The smoothness of bone straight 22 inch hair extensions will add tenderness and grace to your look. It is such a pity if you have never tried this hairstyle before. It is called the “international” hairstyle that can suit all styles, especially the classy American African ones. In addition, this style of hair extension is never out-of-date, so you can buy it once and use it for years, which is pretty economical.


22 inch bonestraight hair extensions

4. How much do 22 inch hair extensions cost?

Leaving synthetic hair extensions aside, most human hair extensions cost $100/kg or more. To give you a better illustration, below are the price lists of K-Hair – the wholesale hair factory from Vietnam which supplies the best hair quality with the best price range in the market now.

All of the price lists are used to give the prices of 1kg of hair weft. For your information, 1kg consists of 10 hair bundles as each hair bundle is 100g. The price is used in USD and will vary for different hair length as well as hair quality (super double, double and single hair). In this post, we will only focus on the prices of 22 inch hair extensions.

Below is the price list of natural straight natural black hair. The row of the 22 inch long hair extension shows that 1kg of super double hair costs $595; 1kg of double hair costs $524, and 1kg single hair costs $459.


22 inch hair extension prices

Below is the price list of bone straight/kinky/pixie natural black hair. The row of the 22 inch hair extension shows that 1kg of super double hair costs $650; 1kg of double hair costs $579, and 1kg single hair costs $514.


22 inch hair extension prices

Below is the price list of curly wavy natural black hair. The row of the 22 inch long hair extension shows that 1kg of super double hair costs $630; 1kg of double hair costs $559, and 1kg single hair costs $494.


22 inch hair extension prices

5. How to install 22 inch hair extensions?

In the past, it would be difficult for you to install hair extensions by yourself. However, now with the advance of technology and specialized equipment being widely produced and sold, you can do it by yourself at home without fear of pain or loss of aesthetics after a period of time. Let’s see how to do so and how to take care of the hair afterwards.

5.1 How to install 22 inch hair extensions at home?

Besides clip in hair extensions which are the easiest to wear at home, today we’ll introduce a new method to apply the microbead hair at home, though it is always recommended to be done at the hair salons. Below are all the steps you need, and of course, you’d better have a partner around to help you!

  • Cleanse and dry your hair.
  • Prepare the following items: 22 inch hair extensions, pliers for smashing microbeads, a comb to section off your hair, hair cutting scissors, a hair clip and microbeads.
  • Thread the fishing line through both ends of the microbead after sectioning your hair. You now have a bead on one end and a loop on the other.
  • Take a gleaming strand of hair and separate it into two sections.
  • Pull your natural hair through the tiny link and into the ring while inserting the hard piece of the extensions. Then, use your pliers and secure it.

How to install microbead 22 inch hair extension at home

5.2 How to take care of 22 inch hair extensions at home?

22 inches of hair is such a kind of long hair, and it is understandable if you do not know what to do with it once you get it home. So, in order to give you some suggestions on how to take care of your 22 inch hair extensions, this part compiles a list of key procedures to follow.

  • Heat-resistant materials should be used

When caring for your 22 inch hair extensions, the first thing to remember is to always use a heat protectant when styling them. If you actually want a long-lasting set of hair extensions, utilize heat protectants to protect your hair from the high heat levels generated by heat tools like the straightener or hair dryer. When it comes to hairstyling, you might wish to put a leave-in product on the hair extensions. These leave-in products will act as moisture providers, hydrating the strands and maintaining them in the best condition.


22 inch hair extension hair care products

  • Brush hair extensions with care

Hair fusions are actually pretty delicate. As a result, if you brush them carelessly, it will create a chance that your hair will shed everywhere and, of course, breakages will emerge. Brushing your wefts is as simple as starting at the hair tips and working your way up. You need to make every effort to be as gentle as possible. Once you have finished brushing, store your 22 inch hair extensions in a box, bag or a case to keep them from becoming tangled or stacked up.


Brush 22 inch hair extensions

6. How to import wholesale 22 inch hair extensions?

Now comes the last part of the sharing today: how and exactly where to import the hair extensions. We hope that our suggestions are useful for your personal use purposes or wholesale purposes.

6.1 Where to buy 22 inch hair extensions for personal use?

When it comes to buying hair extensions for personal use like to directly wear them or customize them into wigs, you can go online and search for reliable hair suppliers around. Just make sure that you make the best use of the information on the website and social media like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Tik Tok, etc. Then, it is certain that you understand enough about the suppliers and are able to come to the next step: contacting and dealing with the distributors.


22 inch hair extension suppliers

6.2 Where to buy 22 inch hair extensions for wholesale purposes? Top 5 suppliers

For wholesale purposes, you can outsource overseas wholesale hair suppliers for better prices and better choices to meet the demands of all of your customers. Here are top 5 wholesale hair suppliers worldwide that you can consider.

  • K-Hair Factory – Best 22 inch hair extension supplier in Vietnam

K-Hair Factory is considered the best hair extension manufacturer in Vietnam. Weft curly wavy, colour hair extensions, lace frontal closures, wigs and more are among the hair styles available. K-Hair has been supplying wholesale orders to all international traders, especially in Africa like Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, etc, North America, Canada, The United States, Russia, Brazil, Dubai, etc. K-Hair, which has over 30 years of experience in the hair industry, can easily meet the strict requirements of both domestic and foreign customers with its products.

For more information, please contact:


K-Hair – Best 22 inch hair extension supplier

  • Virgin Cabelo Ltda – 22 inch hair extension supplier in Brazil: This wholesale hair supplier can be a good choice if you want to try a new hair type which is pretty famous and positively reviewed. However, it is better that you make a sample order first to check the quality and check whether the prices deserve it.
  • Xuchang Aviva – 22 inch hair extension supplier in China: Chinese hair extensions are always cheap and available. Therefore, it is a good choice for short term use when the quality is not very important.
  • Kaluga Hair – 22 inch hair extension supplier in Russia: This supplier is famous for high quality, professional services and high prices. It is exactly the destination for luxury hair search!
  • Dellahs – 22 inch hair extension supplier in Cambodia: This is a raw hair supplier in Cambodia and can provide a lot of hair extension types. It is recommended that you consider and contact this distributor for further deals of Cambodian hair.

To sum up, all of the five wholesalers above are praised for offering high quality hair extensions. If you are still hesitating to make a decision, you should purchase it directly from a reputable Vietnamese hair supplier like K-Hair rather than through any immediaries. As a result, you will be assured that every strand of hair is high-quality Vietnamese raw hair supplied at the best price.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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