Top 10+ Best Shampoo for Hair extensions (Newest Updated 2022)

A beauty lover will know taking good care of your hair is just as important as your face. Not only that, to restore and maintain hair extensions also takes a lot of work, so if you do not know how to choose the right shampoo carefully, your hair can be damaged more. The desire to have shiny, strong, and vibrant hair requires thorough nourishment, care, and you must also choose the type of “cosmetics” matching with Quality hair protection and hair extensions. If you are still considering while there are so a huge number of shampoo products on the market, the list of 10+ best shampoos for hair extensions recommended by experts below will help you to solve the problems of hair.


Best Shampoo For Hair Extensions

1. All you need to know about “Shampoo For Hair Extensions”

Hair extensions seem to be an indispensable item for girls especially those with short or thin hair. Nowadays, when beauty has become the top issue that people are caring about, hair extensions have become more popular than ever before. However, it’s not that easy for ladies to take care of or wash the hair extensions by themselves at home. They need to consider what Shampoo For Hair Extensions is the best to use.

1.1. What is “Shampoo For Hair Extensions”?

Shampoo is a product specifically designed to clean the scalp and hair. They are usually in the form of a viscous liquid stored in small disposable bottles or bags.

Shampoos have a fairly simple usage, just apply an appropriate amount to create foam on wet hair. Then massage and lightly scratch the areas on the scalp and rinse with clean water.

Currently, on the market, there are two types of shampoos: those with chemical ingredients and those with natural extracts. In which, industrial shampoo products with chemical ingredients are popular and used the most in the world. However, there are some parts of consumers who love to use natural shampoos because they are benign, less likely to break or lose hair and make hair soft, despite the higher cost.

Though both are used to wash the hair, shampoo for hair extensions have some differences, which means it tends to be used to moisturize the hair and protect the hair, the scalp Is not included. So when choosing a suitable shampoo for hair extensions, you really need to choose the ones good for hair rather than good for the scalp seeing that not every shampoo is good for hair extensions)


What is shampoo for hair extensions?

1.2. Functions of Shampoo For Hair Extensions

Shampoo for extensions hair has two main functions. They are hair cleaning and hair caring:

  • The main use of shampoo is to remove sebum, dirt, sweat, dead cells and other impurities that get on the hair. From there, it helps you to clean your hair in a clean and fragrant condition.
  •  At the same time, the shampoo also has many more effects in hair care such as: softening hair, moisturizing hair to not be frizzy, maintaining healthy hair, limiting hair burns, hair loss, smooth hair care. and lustrous,… Besides, thanks to the appearance of shampoo, there is no burn lice in the hair today (the main ingredient to make real human hair extensions).

Therefore, shampoo is not only responsible for cleaning hair and scalp, but also helps you nourish and protect hair more and more beautiful. A quality shampoo product must ensure both cleansing and beauty elements.


Functions of shampoo for hair extensions

2. How to wash your hair extensions properly (with Shampoo For Hair Extensions)

For hair extensions, it’s extremely important to wash and care for it properly. The steps to wash the hair extensions properly with Shampoo For Hair Extensions

Step 1: Comb and untangle the hair extensions

The first thing you must do before you wash your hair extensions is to brush and untangle it. After spending time on the street, exposure to sunlight and dust, will make hair messy, no longer soft as at first. Furthermore, if the hair extensions get tangled, soaked in water, it becomes more tangled. Troubleshooting is difficult at this point and can damage the hair extensions.

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To brush your hair extensions, use a specialized brush. Comb the hair from bottom to top. With messy hair sections, spray hair conditioner will help the troublesome process easier, minimizing hair breakage.


How to use shampoo for hair extensions

Step 2: Wash your hair extensions with shampoo for hair extensions

After brushing and untangling the hair extensions, begin to prepare water to wash the hair extensions:

There are 2 ways to wash hair extensions:

+ 1:

Prepare a pot of diluted water. Mix shampoo for hair extensions with water. Put hair extensions in a pot and soak it for 10-15 minutes. Then, rinse with water.

Continue to add conditioner to the water bath and soak the hair extensions like with shampoo.

+ 2:

  • Wet the hair extensions. Then, put the shampoo on your hands and lather the hair extensions for a while. Then rinse with cold water.
  • When rinsing your wig with cold water, let the water run from top to bottom, following the direction of your hair. As such, the hair extensions will not be tangled. During the rinsing process, you use your hands to scratch your hair gently from top to bottom.

How to use shampoo for hair extensions

Step 3: Wipe the hair extensions

After you finish washing your wig, use your hand to gently squeeze your hair. Don’t scratch your wig. Will be confused. Then, use a towel to gently squeeze the hair to drain. 

Step 4: Dry your hair extensions

You should top on a manocan or hair extensions holder and leave it in the light sun to let your hair dry naturally. The hair extensions should not be exposed to excessive sunlight. This is the best way to dry a wig.

In case you want your hair to dry quickly, you can use a dryer. However, you should set the temperature to medium, leave the dryer 45 degrees above the wig tip and place the dryer 20 cm from the tip.

When drying hair, drying from top to bottom is recommended. Make your hair more even and fluffy.

Finally, you can apply some conditioner to your wig to keep the hair moist and soft while shampoo for hair extensions have helped you a lot with that.

Here are a few notes when washing hair extensions: What should be noticed when washing the wig?

Shampooing should be done regularly. The frequency of washing your hair extensions is about once a week if you use it a lot. If you use a wig sparingly, you can wash it after each use. Or 1 month / time. After drying the wig, it should be wrapped in a cover, squeezing out the air. This will not dry out the wig.

If your hair extensions are dry, you can do a moisturizing or treatment after washing with shampoo for hair extensions and conditioner. You incubate your hair extensions with hair steaming oil or fabric conditioner for about 10-15 minutes and then rinse with cold water. Here is one way to restore damaged wigs. After hair treatment is finished, the hair will be very soft and smooth to the touch.


How to use shampoo for hair extensions


Thus, the above article has shared to you how to wash your hair extensions properly. With these simple steps, you will keep your wig clean, soft and beautiful at all times. Hair extensions are very fast drying, they need to be kept for the most durability.

3. Top 10+ Best Shampoo For Hair Extensions

Let’s get into the main part! Here are the best recommendations of the best shampoo for hair extensions suggested by hair experts:

3.1. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray – Shampoo For Hair Extensions

This is a dry and textured spray shampoo and it smells good. It makes your hair extensions soft and look fantastic without washing your hair. The price is the only drawback. The way Oribe spray absorbs oil from the roots, without any traces, is another advantage.

With a score of 4.5 stars, there are over 1000 reviews on Amazon.

Estimate of Price: $49 (8.5 ounces or 250 milliliters)


Top best shampoo for hair extensions

3.2. Human + Kind Grapefruit Shampoo and Conditioner 

This kind of shampoo has a variety of uses:

  • Recover weak, dry and damaged hair for pregnant and postpartum mothers.
  • Benign natural ingredients, safe for hair.
  • Provides essential nourishment for hair, helps hair shine.
  • Helps to thicken and strengthen hair
  • Protect your hair from harmful agents from the environment

Completely free of Paraben, toxic chemicals.

Estimated Price: 49$ (Lot of 10 (5 Each) – Each 1 Oz – Total 10 Oz)

Besides conditioners, you can also use hair masks for dry hair.


Top best shampoo for hair extensions

3.3. Pureology Hydrate Shampoo For Hair Extensions

This is a shampoo that is sulfate-free and cleans the hair extensions gently. Iit is organic and natural, which is gentle for hair extensions. Shampoo Pureology Hydrate moisturizes your hair. This makes it very easy to comb or get rid of some frizz. 

This is one of the most popular shampoos in this category. Please do not buy it online because a batch of knockoffs were floating around 2021 and this is a promising shampoo for hair extensions for you this 2022. 

Price Estimate: $29.49 (8.5 ounces or 250 milliliters)

Breakdown: $3.47 / Ounce


Top best shampoo for hair extensions

3.4. Tigi – Shampoo For Hair Extensions

One of the 10+ best shampoos for hair extensions recommended by experts is the Tigi shampoo. Tigi Copyright Repair shampoo has the ability to help restore brittle and brittle hair. The recovery system including Keratin helps to penetrate deeply into each hair, providing 10 times more Keratin, smoothing the external damage.

In addition, the active fiber strengthens protein bonds and protects hair from damage. In addition, the color-nourishing complex is a barrier that protects hair from damaging and fading agents from outside the environment such as sunlight, wind and high temperatures.


Top best shampoo for hair extensions

3.5. Moroccanoil Color Continue Shampoo For Hair Extensions

If you are a big fan of colored hair extensions, this will be a great choice for you. Moroccanoil Color Continue Shampoo (Moroccanoil Color Continue Shampoo) helps to improve hair color retention by restoring health, making hair appear shinier, and dyeing becoming more vibrant and attractive.

A mild, sulfate-free cleanser, formulated with Colorlink, to help restore and nourish every hair. Hence, Moroccanoil Color Continue Shampoo is such a good choice of shampoo for hair extensions.


Top best shampoo for hair extensions

3.6. Botanics by Boots Intensely Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner

This shampoo is used to strengthen hair that is dry, and it works awesome. It’s a really affordable shampoo with conditioner and it’s available all over the world. The item is absolutely sulfate-free and very gentle on your hair. Botanics by Boots. That’s what you want exactly. 

However, as of 2019, it has been discontinued, but we have plenty more options to cover.


Top best shampoo for hair extensions

3.7. Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner

Since long ago, Vietnamese have known about the amazing effects of Coconut oil and they have been using it to wash the hair to maintain the hair in good conditions. Inspired by that, “Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner” is good especially for curly hair extensions. 

It makes it easier to comb and helps with frizzy hair. It also provides extensions with smoothness and shine. This shampoo and conditioner moisturizes your hair, clarifies the locks and leaves no part of it greasy. 

Keep in mind that coconut milk, which is not harsh on your hair, is a very natural product. That’s one of the most critical elements of quality shampoo picking.


Top best shampoo for hair extensions

3.8. Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo and Restorative Conditioner

Have you ever heard about the awesome functions of butter? Apart from being used for cooking, butter can also be a perfect element in the shampoo to moisturize your hair extensions. Try this one and you’ll be amazed by the power of this shampoo for hair extensions.

This type of hair shampoo will be especially suitable for colored and severely processed hair extensions which are usually dry and need so much moisturizing.

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Top best shampoo for hair extensions

3.9. Liz Earle Botanical Shine Shampoo For Hair Extensions

This is also a shampoo that is sulfate-free, sodium-free, very organic, and natural, ideal for extensions. Shea butter, a natural source of vitamin E, apple, and orange extracts, is found in Liz Earle. They say that the ingredients list contains 8 essential oils. Your hairstyle will have the shine it needs as a result. 

Unfortunately, it isn’t a well-known commodity. However, just try once and you’ll want to continue using it!


Top best shampoo for hair extensions

3.10. The Big Kizzy F.A.T.T Biotin Shampoo & Conditioner Set

As far as we are aware, this is a fresh product, but it is already gaining grounds in various beauty and hair salons. Do not have parabens or sulfates, making it healthy for hair extensions or keratin dye! Moreover, the following substance has never been tested on animals. At least that’s their argument.

However, it has gained thousands of positive reviews and is going to be thriving among hair extensions care markets in 2022.


Top best shampoo for hair extensions

3.11. X-10 Hair Extension Care – Shampoo For Hair Extensions

X-10 Hair Extension Care is well-known as the best choice for Vietnamese Hair Extensions in 2021 and will keep being one of the best options in 2022 due to its functions to keep the hair bright and smooth, nevertheless, it’s quite hard to use and costly.

In general, this type of lightweight formula will be one of your best choices of hair extension shampoo. The price is just worth the quality!


Top best shampoo for hair extensions

3.12. Loma Nourishing Conditioner and Shampoo For Hair Extensions

This shampoo for hair extensions is considered luxurious because it’s safe for hair and most recommended by hair experts, you’ll recognize some differences after 5-7 weeks.

Those are just some of the best options of shampoo for hair extensions. To get more advice on hair extensions, contact K-Hair’s Expert now via Instagram or WhatsApp:

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