Split Ends – 5 Causes And Top 5 Best Solutions To Split Ends

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Split ends can cause frizz and dryness in your hair. So, what causes split ends in hair? They are a symptom of damaged hair’s middle variable. So, in the next piece, we’ll look at why hair is split and what you can do to stop it. Hope that you can apply the sharing effectively.


Split Ends

1. Definition of split ends

When hair strands get dry and damaged, they develop split ends. These are the oldest portions of hair, and they can fall apart with time, resulting in the appearance of a rope’s end breaking free. Sometimes, it will also prevent the hair from growing well and you will have to ask why won’t my hair grow as well.


What are split ends?

Hair thinning happens when the cuticle, the outermost covering of the hair shaft, is damaged and peels away from the hair. Dry, frizzy hair and, of course, split ends can result from this damage. Split ends don’t just affect the ends of the hair; they can happen anywhere along the hair shaft. Damaged hair becomes dry, lifeless, and difficult to style as a result.


Damaged hair with split ends

Damaged hair is typically indicated by split ends. Hair that has been over-processed seems unhealthy. Hair might appear severely dry and uneven at the ends due to split ends and breaking. When the cuticle of the hair is broken, light does not reflect properly, which is why people with split ends often complain about their hair lacking luster and depth. Damaged cuticles are also less pliable, which means they don’t lay flat on each other and tend to coil, causing knots and perhaps causing hair breakage.

2. Causes of split ends

The hair on our heads is made up of a chain of proteins called cystine disulfide linkages that help them cross across. When these ties are disrupted, the hair becomes fragile and vulnerable to injury, resulting in dry, brittle hair, breakage, and split ends. Some of the following causes contribute to the development of dry, brittle hair, breakage, and split ends. As a result, many turn to a reliable wholesale hair distributor for hair extensions. However, this is not an economical solution that anyone can follow. Then, knowing the causes of end-splitting will help you find easier solutions.

2.1 Heat elements cause split ends

Too much heat is the most evident cause of hair breakage and split ends. Using hot tools at too high a temperature on a regular basis might result in significant heat harm. Extreme heat will just burn away the protectant, causing the hair to become much more damaged.


Heat elements cause split ends

Heat has the impact of damaging hair and shortening the period between haircuts. If you use heat tools frequently and don’t apply heat protectants, your hair will split faster than if you let it air dry. Overexposure to the sun can have a similar impact. To give your hair a break, reduce the temperature on hair dryers, straighteners, wands, and other heat equipment. This will take a little longer, but it will help you avoid split ends and extend the life of your hair.

2.2 Bad daily habits in hair care lead to split ends

There are so many daily bad habits that can damage your hair and lead to end-splitting. You may even don’t think that those are damaging, so please pay attention to the list below.

  • Wipe wet hair with a cotton towel: Cotton towels help remove water from your hair fast, but they can promote split ends and tangles. To get rid of tangled hair, you’ll need to be motivated, and this has a significant impact on the hair. As a result, you should only use a cotton towel wrapped over your hair to absorb the water.
  • Comb your hair when it’s damp: It’s incredibly soft and easy to fall out while it’s wet. If you’ve just washed your hair, you’ve probably combed it with a comb, which causes your hair to stretch and break easily. Brush your hair lightly with a broad tooth comb before washing it to repair it. After rinsing, let your hair air dry and avoid using a comb.
  • The tendency of combing hair from the roots down is a phenomena that most women experience. However, many individuals are unaware that this might cause frizzy hair. Brushing from the roots just makes the knots spread further down and get more knotted. As a result, you should begin brushing your hair at the ends and work your way up to the roots.

Comb your hair properly to prevent split ends

2.3 Do not regularly trim the ends of your hair

Trims aid in the removal of broken ends and the stimulation of rapid growth. Many people, on the other hand, pay little care to their hair and trim it just once every 2-3 months. If you commit the aforementioned blunders, your long hair will be more prone to split ends.


Not regularly trimming the hair causes split ends

The chemicals in the dye will modify the structure of the hair, changing the color from dark to light or vice versa, for people who dye their hair but do not cut it. If you color your hair without cutting off the ends, the ends will get weak, split, and fall out. As a result, after dying your hair, you should trim the ends off to improve the structure and quality of your hair.

As a result, you should have a haircut at least once a month. Even if you have healthy hair, you need to have a haircut on a regular basis to make your damaged and tangled hair look its best.

2.4 Wash hair in wrong ways cause split ends

Do you know how to wash your hair properly? Some of the mistakes below may cause end-splitting to your hair.

  • Wash your hair every day: Many studies have shown that routinely washing your hair strips it of its natural oils, leaving it dry and prone to split ends. As a result, stop washing your hair every day and simply wash it once or twice a week.
  • Choose the incorrect shampoo: When picking a shampoo, many individuals opt for one that contains Sulfate, a harsh detergent often found in today’s shampoos. Although excellent in removing dirt and dead skin cells from the skin, using a product with this level of powerful detergent can cause hair to become dry, frizzy, and split ends.
  • Wash your hair in hot water: Many individuals like to wash their hair in hot water since it is more comfortable. According to several studies, this behavior alters the oily skin structure and causes the cuticle to grow, the horny layer on the hair to gradually disappear, and split ends to result.

Washing hair in hot water causes split ends

2.5 Overuse chemicals in treating hair result in split ends

One of the main causes of split ends is the abuse of chemicals. In particular, they are hairdressing methods such as straightening, dyeing, curling but forgetting to nourish.

Perming, coloring, and straightening hair with chemicals on a daily basis is the leading cause of hair damage, breakage, and split ends. These chemicals will drain moisture from the hair, removing the mantle tissues, making them dry and brittle, if the intense heat of beauty equipment affects the structure of the hair. Your hair will become frizzy, brittle, and more prone to break ends as it loses its smoothness and sheen.


Overusing chemicals causes split ends

3. How to prevent split ends

When your hair is split, it not only looks bad, but it also makes you feel insecure every time you leave the house. You may use a variety of techniques to get rid of split ends and care for your hair so that it does not split. Use the following basic suggestions:

3.1 Cut off split ends part

However, split ends aren’t the only indicator of hair damage. Hair damage is characterized by dry, knotted hair. However, using a mirror in a well-lit area, you should inspect for the split end extremely carefully. Split ends are most common near the ends of your hair, although they can appear anywhere.


Cut off split ends part

You can clip the split end to get rid of them. Regular scissors can produce tangles and promote split ends, so use tiny scissors to trim split ends. Cut a portion of each hair about 0.65cm above the split end. If you cut too near to the damaged hair, the split will reappearance.

Because some split ends form a little knot immediately above the damaged hair, be sure to remove this section while removing the split end. Furthermore, removing the split end might alter or harm your natural hairdo. As a result, you should cure the split end at the salon for the optimum results, whether you want to preserve your existing hairstyle or change it up.

3.2 Use hair masks to minimize split ends

Incubating your hair with masks is one of the secrets to preventing split ends. To nurture your hair, build your own hair mask using natural components. Natural hair masks contain substances that are both healthy for the hair and scalp and have long-lasting benefits.


Use hair masks to minimize split ends

Hair mask ingredients are inexpensive and simple to get by. You only need to be consistent in your efforts and you will have gorgeous, silky hair without having to worry too much.

3.3 Wash hair properly to minimize split ends

It is necessary to wash your hair in order to maintain your hair and scalp clean. However, not everyone understands how to properly wash their hair. Washing your hair too frequently and incorrectly might cause your hair to become dry and frizzy more quickly. As a result, you should wash your hair roughly three times every week and avoid using too hot water. Hair is easily damaged by hot water since it dries out rapidly. To calm the hair and help it retain moisture, use warm water, preferably 20-25 degrees.


Wash your hair properly to minimize split ends

Because wet hair is more prone to breaking than dried hair, it is vital to dry it with a soft towel. After washing your hair, do not massage, wring, or twist it with a towel; instead, absorb some water and allow it to dry naturally.

3.4 Limit heat elements on hair to prevent split ends

Heat from dryers, curling irons, and irons is one of the main reasons for dry hair and split ends. As a result, females should use these machines sparingly and allow their hair air dry after washing. Alternatively, you may establish a protective barrier between the machine and the hair by using a serum containing a nourishing protein every time you style your hair with these devices.


Limit heat elements on hair to minimize split ends

Don’t forget to Protect hair from sun light, especially when you have split ends

Hair gets dry, lifeless, split ends, and knotted as a result of excessive sun exposure. As a result, whenever you go out, wear hats with a broad brim to protect your face and hair from the sun and dust. You should also pick hair care and style products with sunscreen elements for your hair.

3.5 Choose the right hair products for split ends hair

You should prioritize picking specific treatment products for dry hair that are high in moisturizers and nutrients to help restore hair, such as essential oils, keratin, ceramide, and other fatty acids, to enhance the state of damaged, dry, and split hair.


Choose the right hair products to minimize split ends

Additionally, please look for shampoos that have natural components like coconut oil, aloe vera, olive oil, grapefruit, and others that can help heal dry, split ends. Some shampoos on the market now include substances that are damaging to dry hair and should be avoided, including sulfate, sodium chloride, and formaldehyde, etc.

Above are all about the definition, reasons and solutions to hair end-splitting. We hope that our sharing is useful for you. K-Hair is the top best hair factory in the world, so in addition to the best hair extensions, we can also give you a variety of tips on hair in general!

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

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Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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