12 Inch Hair Extension: All The Information You Need

What will you do if you want to change your hairstyle? Will you go to a salon or do it by yourself? However, you may think hair styling is costly, time-consuming or may easily damage your natural hair? Then, hair extension is exactly what you need! Try to read the following information about the 12 inch hair extension till the end and you will become an expert about it. As a result, styling your hair will no longer be a worry!


12 Inch Hair Extension


1. What do 12 inch hair extensions mean?

Nowadays, hair extensions, especially 12 inch ones have become more and more widely used and beloved by customers all over the world thanks to its convenience, effectiveness and beauty as well. So what is 12 inch type of hair extension, and why is it so popular? Let’s find out the answer.

1.1. What are 12 inch hair extensions?

Hair extensions are methods that help add length and volume to your natural hair. 12 inch long hair extensions refer to the hair extension which is 12 inch in length. These hair extensions are various in origin and products, meeting high demand of international users.


What are 12 inch hair extensions?

1.2. Characteristics of 12 inch hair extensions

What are the typical characteristics of 12 inch long hair extensions? Three significant factors to discover are the length, weight and affordability. Below will be the analysis of all these factors.

1.2.1. How long is 12 inch in hair length? 

How long is a 12 inch hair extension? It is definitely 12 inch long. However, if you are not familiar with this unit of length, you can convert it into many other measures to illustrate the length better. Now we will give you the equal length of 12 inch in 3 other popular measures: feet, yard and centimeter.

  • 12 inch = 1/3 yard
  • 12 inch = 1 foot
  • 12 inch = 30.48 cm

1.2.2. How long is 12 inch in body height?

As mentioned, 12 inch hair extension is converted to 30.48 centimeters long. At 12 inches, your hair will be a bit longer than the shoulder length hair. It is expected to touch your shoulders of reach to top part of your back. This is the perfect choice for anyone who loves a medium length haircut. For longer hair, you can consult 28 inch hair extensions.


12 inch hair extension in body height

1.2.3. How much weight should my 12 inch hair extensions be?

When it comes to the weight of hair extensions, people will talk about the weight of each hair bundle. For your information, one bundle is a hair weft. Each usually weighs 100 gram. Wholesale hair buyers may be so familiar with a batch of 10 bundles of hair which weigh 1kg, right! In addition, it depends on the regulations of each supplier that the weight of each unit of hair will be different.


How much should 12 inch hair extension weigh?

1.2.4. Are 12 inch hair extensions expensive?

Before finding out the answer for the above question, we would like to provide you with some information about factors affecting the price of 12 inch type of hair extensions. They are the hair quality and length uniformity. Depending on the level of these 2 factors, the price can be expensive or not!

  • Quality: When it mentions the quality of a 12 inch hair extension, people often think about the origin of hair. If the origin is clear and the hair material is chosen carefully, it is understandable that the price is not as competitive as the one which is various and not controlled. In any business, the price always goes with the value.
  • Length uniformity: There are 3 genres of 12 inch hair extension:
    • Single drawn/ 5A, 6A: 50% hair has the same length with the most reasonable price.
    • Double drawn/ 7A, 8A: with 60 to 70% hair of the same length
    • Super double drawn/ 9A, 10A: with 80-85% hair of the same length. This is the best type of 12 inch hair extension, requiring high demand in choosing hair. Therefore, super double drawn 12 inch extension also is regarded as a luxurious product at the highest price.

Are 12 inch hair extensions expensive?

2. How many types of 12 inch hair extensions are there?

There are a wide range of products of 12 inch hair extensions. Below are 5 stunning types for you.

2.1. 12 inch Clip-in hair extensions 

Basically, they are hair weaves attached to clips at the top of the hair bundles. To attach this kind of hair extension, it is so easy for users as they only need to put the clips on their natural hair. This process only takes some minutes, wasting no time or effort. Because of its convenience, clip 12 inch hair extensions are one of the must-have beauty items for modern girls and women. Moreover, instead of harmful processes like straightening, curling or bleaching, simple attachment like this helps customers reduce the damage to their real hair while still having stunning hair.


12 inch clip-in hair extensions

2.2. 12 inch Tape-in hair extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are a great choice if you want to temporarily make your hair longer, thicker or add in some highlights. They include wide and thin hair weaves that are attached to sticky tabs. This kind of hair extension does not require special heat tools, so they can be easily applied at home. Many girls and women are really into tape 12 inch hair extensions because of its quick installation, damaged-hair friendly and affordable price. Last but not least, 12 inch tape-in hair extensions are very flat and light, resulting in the natural appearance and the comfortability as well.


12 inch tape-in hair extensions

2.3. 12 inch Sew-in hair extensions

12 inch hair extensions with the sew-in method is another popular type of weft hair extensions. This kind of hair extension is quite special as hearing the phrase “sew-in” for the first time, you may be confused about how such a hair weft can be sewn on your hair! However, it is not that complicated. The hair is in fact sewn into a horizontal braid on your head. It is quite firm, and it can last on you for about 6 weeks without putting off.


12 inch sew-in hair extensions

2.4. Fusion and Pre-bonded 12 inch hair extensions

Fusion and pre-bonded hair extensions are also known as tip-in hair extensions or any other kinds that require heat and glue to stick the hair extensions on your hair strands. They are loved as they allow for more flexibility. The hair can be adjusted to the length you want, or treated in the way you do with your own hair such as washing, blow-drying, straightening, curling, etc. With properly moisturizing and care, this type of hair extension can last for 6-8 months and reuse for next installation.


Fusion & pre-bonded 12 inch hair extensions

2.5. 12 inch Microbead hair extensions

12 inch hair extensions which are installed with microbeads are widely beloved and used by many women because of their safety, durability and reasonable price. In terms of their drawbacks, the installation process requires complicated techniques, so it should be applied by skillful hair stylists instead of you DIY at home. The users also need to take care and preserve the hair regularly and properly, so that it can maintain soft, smooth, shiny and will not get into trouble with hygiene problems.


12 inch microbead hair extensions

3. Styles of 12 inch hair extension

There are a lot of attractive hairstyles for medium length extensions. This article would recommend some ways to refresh your daily look with the most gorgeous hairstyles!.

3.1. 12 inch curly hair extension

12 inch hair extensions give you the perfect length to style the curly bob hairstyles! You are highly recommended to try wavy angled combover lob, wavy balayage lob, voluminous coils, loose wavy curls or any patterns of curl you like. The medium-long curls hair will give you a youthful as well as classy look. For a shorter bob, you can also try 8 inch hair extensions.


12 inch curly hair extensions

3.2. 12 inch colour hair extension 

A 12 inch hair extension with colour is an amazing choice for a new hairstyle. You can choose from a wide range of colours to satisfy your style. The special thing is that almost all the colours can bring very unique vibes, so just change the colour and you immediately have a new style! Some of the colours that never go out-of-date are brown, chocolate, honey brown, dark ombre colour. Some for individual styles are ombre orange, green or blue. All of them are easily mix & match, so just be confident and choose the colours you fancy!


12 inch colour hair extensions

3.3. 12 inch straight hair extension 

12 inch hair extensions with straight pattern always seem simple but extremely attractive. With straight hair, you can have it tied, untied, braided or temporarily styled with heat, etc. The combination of straight hair and colour is also highly recommended. With this hair extension type, it is so easy to achieve an elegant look.  


12 inch straight hair extensions

3.4. 12 inch bonestraight hair extension 

12 inch hair extensions but bonestraight ones, what do you think? Boring? Unattractive? No, of course not! In fact, bonestraight hair extension is one of the most easy-to-wear styles. 12 inch bonestraight hair extensions are always in the best-selling collection of any hair sellers. The vibes given to users are agreed to be so classy and individual. You can also try 20 inch one for an amazing length!


12 inch bonestraight hair extensions

4. How much do 12 inch hair extensions cost?

How much do hair extensions with this length cost? In fact, it depends on each supplier. Many may offer a surprisingly cheap price for low-quality hair. Some may offer an expensive price for high-quality hair. Others may offer more reasonable prices for qualified products. In this section, we will give you the price list from one representative of the most concerned group: those offering reasonable prices for high-quality hair. It is the price from K-Hair, the biggest hair factory in Vietnam.


12 inch hair extension prices

Above is the price list of 12 inch hair extensions from K-Hair, and the hair is natural straight with natural black colour. You need to take notice that each hair bundle is 100 gram, so 1kg equals 10 bundles. The price for 1kg of super double, double and single hair respectively are $250, $209, $187.


12 inch hair extension prices

Above is another price list from K-Hair for 12 inch hair extensions which are bonestraight/kinky/pixie with natural black colour. The price for 1kg of super double, double and single hair respectively are $305, $264, $242.


12 inch hair extension prices

Similarly, above is another price list from K-Hair for 12 inch hair extensions which are curly wavy natural black colour. The price for 1kg of super double, double and single hair respectively are $285, $244, $222.

5. How to install 12 inch hair extensions?

Another important factor to care about hair extensions is how to install and take care of the hair at home. Please read the sharing from hair experts below for the answers.

5.1. How to install 12 inch hair extensions at home?

You can easily install hair extensions at home following our 3 simple steps below:

  • Choose the hair extension type: Just choose the type you want. However, to easily install it at home, you’d better choose easy ones like wigs, clip-in or tape-in hair extensions, etc.
  • Search for the applying instruction: This is the most important step. No matter how simple it is, you still ought to learn the method carefully beforehand to ensure the best result.
  • Apply the hair extension: Now just follow what you’ve learned, and you will have a perfect hairstyle!

Install 12 inch hair extension at home

5.2. How to take care of 12 inch hair extensions at home?

It is quite simple to take care of the hair at home. Just make sure that you follow our instructions here. 

  • Use high quality combs and brush your hair with patience to keep your hair in good condition and avoid losing curls or ruffles. Make sure you brush your 12 inch hair extension twice a day to keep it in its best state.
  • Always use heat protectants in order to protect hair extension from heat styling process and sunlight as well. If possible, customers should minimize heat exposures to hair extension, so that it can be preserved with soft and silky beauty. 
  • Store your 12 inch hair extension carefully with house temperature and avoid being contacted with direct sunlight.
  • Choose suitable products for your hair care. Enough hydration and nutrients are essential for a stunning hair extension.

How to take care of 12 inch hair extensions?

6. How to import wholesale 12 inch hair extensions?

The last question for today’s post! How to import hair extensions? To help you answer this question, we will first give you a comparison of top 3 suppliers in the market for an overview. Then, we will dig into specific distributors for your particular buying purposes.

6.1. Comparison of top 3 markets supplying 12 inch hair extensions

There are different ways for you to evaluate hair extensions that are 12 inch long from different markets before deciding on exactly where and how to import the hair. However, in order to help you have an overview about the quality and competitive edge of the top 3 most popular markets, here is the most crucial and prominent information you should know.

6.1.1. 12 inch Vietnamese hair extensions

Originating from Vietnam – an area with an abundant source of material, hair extensions are made of 100% Vietnamese human hair, collected from one to group of donors. Donors are young mountainous women who have healthy life-styles and take care of their hair with natural moisturizing products very often. Hence, the hair is extremely smooth, strong and thick. For many years, 12 inch hair extensions from Vietnam have had a great reputation for the most reasonable price, high quality and product diversity. They are always in high demand in many areas such as Europe, South Africa, Nigeria, Russia, Mexico, etc.


Vietnamese hair

6.1.2. 12 inch Chinese hair extensions

With the large scale of production and competitive edge in marketing, this giant market has a certain position in the worldwide hair business. The hair sources minorly come from local people and majorly from nearby Asian countries like India and Cambodia. Because the amount of hair imported is huge, it is difficult to control the quality of hair resources and products like 12 inch hair extensions as well. In addition, some hair factories even process material with chemistry and mix with synthetic hair. 

Chinese hair extensions used to be so popular thanks to their diverse products(12 inch hair extensions and more) and amazingly cheap prices, but now everything is changing. There are more and more emerging hair markets such as Vietnam and Malaysia. Besides, instead of cheap prices, customers are focusing on the quality and lifespan of hair extensions. These movements require Chinese factories reconsider their core value and future strategies. 


Chinese hair

6.1.3. 12 inch Indian hair extensions

It can be said that the Indian hair market is one of the earliest hair markets all over the world. The material of 12 inch hair extensions originates from 2 main sources: temples and collections. According to their custom, it is believed that donating your hair to gods is a good behavior and then you will receive support from them. A lot of Indian people share this belief, so annually there is a huge amount of hair that comes from temples. 

However, the demand overweighs the supply. Therefore, Indian hair vendors have to rely on mixed and low-quality hair resources. This hair material is collected from various places like salons, stores, etc and even scattered strands on the floor. This kind of hair material can be called “non remy hair”, which means the outside cuticles of all hair, not only 12 inch hair extensions are not in the same direction, making hair easily tangled and undurable.


Indian hair

6.1.4. Conclusion

This following table will show you brief information about 3 mentioned hair markets based on price, quality and origin. Thereby, you will be able to decide where to import the hair based on your own needs.


A comparison of 3 suppliers

After all, 12 inch Vietnamese hair extension is the optimal choice for end users or people who are running a hair business as well. Especially with hair vendors, choosing these 12 inch hair extensions will be one of the most excellent decision you have ever made with the following reasons:

  • Reasonable price maximizes your profit.
  • High quality 12 inch hair extensions from Vietnam helps your business to meet the high demand of customers as easy as a piece of cake.
  • Available and stable source of material from Vietnamese hair market could guarantee the amount of material for your input.
  • Diverse products of 12 inch Vietnamese  hair extensions will help your business stand out in this potential market.
  • Easy foreign trade proceedings with stable politics and support from local government.

Vietnamese hair extensions

6.2. Where to buy 12 inch hair extensions for personal use?

When it comes to how and where to buy hair extensions with the personal use purpose, it is highly recommended that you buy the hair at local stores for your convenience. However, in case you need to import the hair extensions in quantity to make wigs sold at your own salon or hair store, you’d better import the hair from reliable wholesale hair vendors. The prices will be much better.

6.3. Where to buy 12 inch hair extensions for wholesale purposes?

For wholesale purposes, there are a lot of wholesale hair suppliers with top best hair in bulk for you to work with. Below are top 5 considerable distributors that you can contact and discuss more.

6.3.1. The Belli Capelli hair store and factory in Russia

Talking about hair extensions suppliers with all lengths of hair like 12 inch hair extensions, 14 inch or 20 inch types, etc, Belli Capelli is usually recommended, especially in Europe. The supplier is famous for its high-quality tape in hair, machine sewn wefts, keratin I tip & flat tip and many other hair extension types.


Belli Capelli hair store & factory

6.3.2. Hot Hair Pieces supplier in South Africa

Hot Hair Pieces is a wholesale hair distributor in Durban, South Africa. Contact this supplier and you’ll be provided with a wide range of hair choices. Some of the significant ones are human hair extensions (12 inch hair extensions, clip-in, tape-in hair extensions, closures, buns, etc), braids, wigs or so on.


Hot Hair Pieces supplier

6.3.3. K-Hair Factory – The leading supplier of Vietnam hair

K-Hair is the biggest factory in Vietnam. Being the pioneer in the hair business market for many years, K-Hair Vietnam is the most reliable destination for hair vendors from all over the world when mentioning 12 inch hair extensions. With the slogan “Quality is King”, K-Hair has a great reputation for high quality with the best price. Therefore, it is frankly that end-users or hair vendors can get factory prices – the best price with no intermediates. You can discover more about K-Hair through:


K-Hair Factory in Vietnam

6.3.4. XBL hair supplier in China

XBL is a popular wholesale hair distributor in Guangzhou, China. It has been in the hair business for as many as 21 years, so the reputation and prestige is amazing. This company’s factories can produce a variety of products like 12 inch hair extensions, hair weaves, lace wigs, closures and so on.


XBL hair supplier

6.3.5. Chennai hair factory in India

The Chennai brand was established in 2009, and it has had so many experiences in the hair market. It is said to be one of the most well-known human hair exporters in India with a variety of hair products available. Some of them are raw bulk hair, hair extensions and hair wigs.


Chennai hair factory

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