18 Inch Hair Extension: Best Detailed Knowledge For You

Have you ever felt so bored with your short hair and want to have another gorgeous appearance? Or you just want to make your natural hair longer and thicker? Then, the 18 inch hair extension is exactly what you need! Try to read the following information till the end, and then you will get the most of your 18 inch hair extension by understanding all the characteristics, types, styles, prices, installations, hair care and distribution of this hair extension type.


18 Inch Hair Extension

1. What do 18 inch hair extensions mean?

18 inch long hair extensions are said to be the queen of medium length hair extensions, together with 20 inch ones. In order to choose a suitable 18 inch long hair extension for yourself, you have to find out all the information about it. Let’s follow our introductions, you surely will take delight in them.

1.1. What are 18 inch hair extensions?

18 inch long hair extensions are items that help add length and volume to your natural hair to reach 18 inch in length. Nowadays, this type of hair extensions become more and more beloved and widely used because of its various products, reliable origin, high quality and durability as well.


18 inch hair extensions

1.2. Characteristics of 18 inch hair extensions

What are the typical characteristics of 18 inch long hair extension? There are severals factors we should mention: length, weight and price

1.2.1. How long is 18 inch in hair length? 

The 18 inch hair extension is definitely 18 inch in length. To make it more familiar, we can convert to other units of length such as centimeter, hand, foot. Of course, the length is for straight hair only. If you want to measure curly wavy hair, you’ll have to stretch it first. It is similar for other hair lengths like 22 inch or 16 inch ones, etc.

  • 18 inches = 45 cm
  • 18 inches = 1,5 foots
  • 18 inches = 4,5 hands

1.2.2. How long is 18 inch in body height?

As we have mentioned, an 18 inch hair extension equals 45 centimeter. At 18 inches, your hair is expected to reach to the middle of your back, or it is often called bra-strap length. In order to measure more exactly, we recommend measuring 18 inches down from the top of your ear with a measuring tape, as most types of 18 inch long hair extensions will be applied around the crown of your head. Another thing to notice is that the hair extension can be shorter or longer than your mid back depending on your own height and body structure.


How long is 18 inch hair extension?

1.2.3. How much weight should my 18 inch hair extensions be? 

Many customers would wonder how much 18 inch long hair extensions will weigh. Here is the answer for you. Normally, one bundle of 18 inch long hair extension weft will weigh about 100g. For other types besides hair weft, the weights are different. For example, with tip in, clip in or tape in hair extensions, the hair is not grouped into bundles but into small hair pieces instead. Then, the weight is totally different. You can consult many suppliers’ weight list for details. Each supplier can have different weight lists, too.

1.2.4. Are 18 inch hair extensions expensive? 

The price of 18 inch long hair extensions depends on the origin and quality grade of hair products. Now we gonna discuss 2 main factors affecting price of 18 inch human hair extension: origin and quality grade

  • Origin of 18 inch human hair extension

When it comes to the origin of the 18 inch hair extension, people often think about hair materials which come from Vietnam, China, India, Brazil, etc. The origin is diverse, and the quality is, too. However, it can’t be denied that price always goes with quality. If the origin is clear, and the hair material is chosen carefully, it is understandable that the price is not as competitive as the one which is various and not controlled. 


Origins of 18 inch hair extensions’ materials

  • Quality grades of 18 inch hair extension

There are 3 genres of 18 inch long hair extensions as follows. Please note that in Vietnam, to refer to the quality grade of hair, people use single, double and super double, meanwhile in China, they use 5A, 6A, 7A, etc.

  • Single drawn/ 5A, 6A: 50% hair has the same length and has the cheapest price.
  • Double drawn/ 7A, 8A: 60 to 70% hair is of the same length. The quality is okay, and the price is in the middle level.
  • Super double drawn/ 9A, 10A: 80-85% hair is of the same length. This is the best type of 18 inch hair extension and requires high standards in choosing hair. Therefore, the super double drawn 18 inch extension also is regarded as a luxurious product at the highest price.

Quality grades of 18 inch hair extensions

2. How many types of 18 inch hair extensions are there?

There are a wide range of products of 18 inch long hair extensions. In this section, we would like to provide you essential information about some popular and fascinating types of 18 inch long hair extensions. Hope this will help you choose the one you love.

2.1. 18 inch Clip-in hair extensions 

Clip-in 18 inch hair extensions are hair weaves which have the clips attached to the top of the hair bundles. This is one type of temporary hair extension as it is so easy for users to apply. They only need to put the clips on their natural hair, and this process only takes some minutes, wasting no time or effort. Because of its convenience, 18 inch clip-in hair extensions are a must-have beauty item for modern girls and women. 

Moreover, it can be said that these 18 inch clip-in hair extensions cause no harm. Instead of harmful processes like straightening, curling, bleaching, etc on your real hair, simple attachment like this helps you reduce the damage on your hair while still having an attractive hairstyle.


18 inch clip-in hair extensions

2.2. 18 inch Tape-in hair extensions

Tape-in 18 inch hair extensions include thin hair weaves that are attached to small and sticky tabs. This kind of hair extensions do not require special heat tools or chemistry, so they can be easily applied at home or you can have a stylist install it for you. 18 inch tape-in hair extensions is a great choice for you if you want to temporarily make your hair longer, thicker or add in some highlights. 

Many girls and women are really into 18 inch tape-in hair extensions because of its quick installation, damaged-hair friendly and affordable price. Especially, tape-in 18 inch long hair extensions are very flat, light and can blend in your hair texture easily, contributing in the natural appearance and the comfortability for the users as well.


18 inch tape-in hair extensions

2.3. 18 inch Sew-in hair extensions

Sew-in 18 inch hair extensions is a collection of hair strands which are sewn onto a clothing strip. They are often called hair wefts, too. The ways how the hair is sewn are different. Some will be sewn by machine, some will be sewn by hand. In comparison with other hair extensions, sew-in or weft hair extensions have their own unique point. While using tip-in and tape-in hair extensions, you may have to be concerned about the effect that hair products or harsh weather take on your hair extension. Weft hair is less affected by these external factors. 

Sew-in 18 inch hair extensions are widely loved and used by many women because of their durability, reasonable price and safety for health. In terms of their drawbacks, the installation process requires complicated techniques, so we recommend that you seek for the support from a skillful hair stylist, then these 18 inch long hair extensions would be carefully applied. The users also need to take care and preserve their weft hair extension regularly and properly, so that they can maintain soft, smooth, shiny and will not get into trouble with hygiene problems.


18 inch sew-in hair extensions

2.4. Fusion and Pre-bonded 18 inch hair extensions

Fusion and pre-bonded hair extensions are pretty special in comparison with many other hair extension types. The point is the hair extension is installed on users’ hair strand instead of a long human hair line. The bonding material used is usually keratin glue which is quite gentle to human hair. However, the process of installation requires using heat, so it can be damaging sometimes.


Fusion & Pre-bonded 18 inch hair extensions

2.5. 18 inch Microbead hair extensions

Microbead 18 inch hair extensions are one of the most popular permanent hair extensions. The extension strands will be latched with natural hair using flattened microbeads or metal cylinders. It will take users about 1-2 hours to attach the microbead 18 inch long hair extension, and there is no special chemistry method required. Therefore, it is a little bit time-saving and causes less damage to natural strands. However, the applying process needs to be careful, otherwise your natural hair may be badly affected. 

Besides this downside, microbead 18 inch hair extensions can allow for more flexibility. It can be adjusted to the length you want, or treated in the way you do with your own hair such as washing, blow-drying, straightening, curling, etc. As long as you take care and preserve hair extensions properly, your 18 inch extension can last for 6-8 months and reuse for next installation


18 inch microbead hair extensions

3. Styles of 18 inch hair extension

To choose at least one suitable hairstyle, you need to learn about all the styles available. Then, you can compare and decide which ones attract you the most. Now we will give you 4 most beautiful styles for further comparison and consideration from you.

3.1. 18 inch curly hair extension

Curly 18 inch hair extensions are pretty attractive. There are a lot of curly styles in particular. For example, the typical curls are deep curls, loose curls, medium curls or so on. Besides, wavy curls are also popular. The most gorgeous waves are body waves, natural waves and loose waves. All the styles have their own beauty, so you can look at the picture below and choose the most suitable ones for you.


18 inch curly hair extensions

3.2. 18 inch color hair extension 

Color 18 inch hair extensions are also attractive and diverse. Each skin tone will be suitable with many different color shades.  For example, if your skin is white and bright, don’t hesitate to feel free and choose for yourself any colors, even such outstanding and bright colors like blond, ginger, light pink, baby blue or so on. If you have darker skin tones, the color options are also so diverse. Brown, chestnut and honey are basic but good choices. In addition, individual colors like orange, ombre orange, green or blue will definitely help shine you up.


18 inch color hair extensions

3.3. 18 inch straight hair extension 

Straight 18 inch hair extensions are suitable when you want to go back to a basic but elegant hairstyle. Straight hair is also the easiest hairstyle to install, blend and take care of. What’s more, a straight hair extension enables you to create new temporary styles whenever you want with just a scissors, straightener or hair curler, etc. 


18 inch straight hair extensions

3.4. 18 inch bonestraight hair extension 

Bonestraight 18 inch hair extensions are similar to straight ones. They are quite basic but super elegant and classy. In addition, bonestraight hair is far smoother, silkier and sleeker. Therefore, it will definitely meet the demand of users who have weak hair and want to try a totally new style which has the hair look super healthy and attractive.


18 inch bonestraight hair extensions

4. How much do 18 inch hair extensions cost?

How much do hair extensions with this length cost? In fact, the price of an 18 inch human hair extension depends on each supplier. Many factories may offer customers surprisingly cheap prices with low quality hair extensions. Others may offer expensive prices for high-quality hair, meanwhile there are some suppliers that offer more reasonable prices for qualified products. Below are the price lists from K-Hair factory – top best hair factories in Vietnam. They are well-known for their affordable and qualified 18 inch hair extension and other products.

Please notice that the price is in USD, and each hair bundle is 100 gram, so 1kg equals 10 bundles. The price can vary according to quality grades and types of 18 inch long hair extension. Here are some price tables for different types of 18 inch human hair extensions from K-Hair.


18 inch hair extension prices

Above is the price list of natural straight natural color hair. The price list is pretty easy to read. For example, we can easily see that 1kg super double 18 inch hair extension is $470; 1kg 18 inch double hair is $394, and 1kg 18 inch single hair is $330.


18 inch hair extension prices

Above is the price list of bonestraight/kinky/pixie natural color hair. 1kg 18 inch super double hair is $525; 1kg 18 inch double hair is $449, and 1kg 18 inch single hair is $385.


18 inch hair extension prices

Above is the price list of curly wavy natural color hair. 1kg 18 inch super double hair is $505; 1kg 18 inch double hair is $429, and 1kg 18 inch single hair is $365.

5. How to install 18 inch hair extensions?

To make the best use of hair extensions, knowing how to install and take care of the hair is important. Especially, being able to install the hair extensions at home will help you save a lot of money in comparison with going to hair salons and enjoying the salon services! Therefore, now we’ll show you the most economical way to install and take care of your hair extensions at home.

5.1. How to install 18 inch hair extensions at home?

The easiest, most convenient and economical method to install hair extensions at home is to choose a clip-in hair extension and clip it on by yourself. Simply, you need to brush your hair, and then clip the extension in the middle layer of your hair. You can choose a horizontally long clip-in weft for both length and volume adding or clip-in hair pieces which are smaller. It depends on how much volume you want to add to your real hair.


Install 18 inch clip-in hair extension at home

5.2. How to take care of 18 inch hair extensions at home?

You just need to follow these instructions to take good care of your hair extensions!

  • Be patient with your hair. You should use high quality combs and brush your hair at least twice per day to keep your hair in good condition and avoid losing curls or ruffles.
  • Remember to use heat protectants in order to protect your 18 inch hair extension from heat styling process and sunlight as well. If possible, customers should limit your 18 inch long hair extension to heating processes such as curling, straightening, etc, so that it can retain its soft and silky beauty. 
  • Store your 18 inch long hair extension carefully at house temperature. Moreover, staying out of the sun is the best way to avoid sun damage.
  • Carefully choose suitable products to take care of your hair. You should pay attention to the moisturizing ingredients in hair products for 18 inch hair extensions. We recommend you take a look at hair products that originate naturally, friendly with your hair and contain necessary components. Please notice that enough hydration and nutrients are must-have for a stunning hair extension.

Take care of 18 inch hair extensions

6. How to import wholesale 18 inch hair extensions?

You can see that there are many hair markets all over the world. So what matters is that “Where should you import 18 inch long hair extensions for your use and your business?” Here are our recommendations of wholesale hair vendors all over the world.

6.1. Where to buy 18 inch hair extensions for personal use?

Firstly for personal use, you can buy the hair in retail or wholesale quantities. The personal use here refers to wearing and wig making, so the quantities can vary. If you need a retail quantity, you can go to a hair retailer to directly choose and buy the hair. When you need a wholesale quantity, you can go to a hair wholesaler or import the hair overseas. The latter one is a bit more recommended, especially for really big orders.


18 inch hair extension suppliers

6.2. Where to buy 18 inch hair extensions for wholesale purposes?

For wholesale purposes, we prefer giving you the list of wholesale suppliers worldwide, so that your choices will be more diverse. Below are top 5 countries with top 5 distributors that you can consider.

6.2.1. K-Hair – Top 1 Vietnamese 18 inch hair extension factory

For many years, Vietnamese 18 inch human hair extensions have had a great reputation and a significant standing in the worldwide market for the most reasonable price, high quality and various range of products. Vietnamese hair extensions, especially 18 inch human hair extensions are always in high demand in a lot of areas such as Europe, South Africa, Nigeria, Russia, Mexico, etc.

K-Hair is the biggest factory in Vietnam with the slogan “Quality is King”. Being the pioneer in the hair business market for many years, K-Hair Vietnam is the most reliable destination for hair vendors from all over the world when mentioning 18 inch hair extensions. K-hair has a famous reputation for high quality with the best price. Therefore, it is frankly that end-users or hair vendors can get factory prices – the best price with no intermediates.You can learn more about K-Hair through:


K-Hair – Best 18 inch hair extension supplier

6.2.2. Youngraceful – Top Chinese 18 inch hair extension supplier

Chinese 18 inch long hair extensions are so famous because of their diverse products and surprisingly cheap price. However, there are more and more competitors now. In addition, instead of cheap prices, customers are paying more attention to the quality and durability of the hair extensions. Therefore, the low-quality cheap 18 inch hair extensions suppliers from China are trying their best to keep the position.

Youngraceful is a famous supplier in China whose hair extensions are made of 100% remy hair extensions. Their hair extensions are available in different types. The hair mostly comes from India and meticulously sorted and washed by skilled workers to ensure the best hair extension quality possible. The hair extensions and their packaging can be customized enabling the customers to take their hair extension brand to the next level.


Youngraceful – Chinese 18 inch hair extension supplier

6.2.3. SalonLabs – Top Indian 18 inch hair extension supplier

India is said to be one of the earliest hair markets all over the world. Indian 18 inch long hair extension originates from 2 main sources: temples and collections. In general, the quality is not too good, and the price is amazingly cheap.

SalonLabs is an Indian hair supplier which offers directly to consumer companies with no middlemen. It provides hair extensions for consumers with the cheapest price.


SalonLabs – Indian 18 inch hair extension supplier

6.2.4. Russian Vip Hair – Top Russian 18 inch hair extension supplier

Russian hair extensions are always known as of high-quality and high prices. 

Russian Vip Hair is a top Slavic hair supplier. The hair extensions are not only of great prices but also great diversity. The hair is especially always available in the quantity of 300kg to 1 ton. The only weakness may be that the hair is so expensive.


Russian Vip Hair – 18 inch hair extension supplier

6.2.5. Hair Factory – Top USA 18 inch hair extension supplier

USA hair extensions are mentioned with the reputation of being good-quality and expensive. In addition, due to the rare raw hair sources, the hair is usually imported overseas.

Hair Factory is a top human hair extension supplier in the USA. The brand was founded in 1985 in New York. This supplier is also famous for good services as well.


Hair Factory – USA 18 inch hair extension supplier

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