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People frequently purchase virgin Indian hair or other human virgin hair from online shops without understanding much about it until they receive it. Virgin Indian hair is one of several options in the popular hair extensions category; among numerous African American hair extensions, virgin Indian hair is a type of excellent hair extensions. Now we’ll share some virgin Indian hair knowledge with you to help you understand more about it.

1. What is virgin Indian hair

This is perhaps the most widely accessible kind of hair. The term indicates that this hair is from India, which signifies that the contributors are Indians. When the United States banned Chinese hair in the 1960s due to communism in China, virgin Indian hair became fashionable. Following the prohibition, Indian hair became more common on the market.

1.1. Definition of virgin Indian hair

Virgin Indian hair is hair from India that is defined as 100% human hair that has never been chemically processed by producers. Chemically unprocessed hair has not been colored, bleached, or permed in order to affect the color or texture. As a result, it is also known as unprocessed virgin Indian hair.

Because of this technique, it is the greatest virgin Indian hair on the market. Indian hair textures range from smooth straight to deep curled. Heat can be used to modify curl patterns, but the hair is still called virgin because it has not been chemically processed. 

1.2. Features of virgin Indian hair

  • Indian hair can be either delicately wavy or intensely curly in its natural state. Deeply curly hair is difficult to find and seldom in great quantities. Virgin Indian hair that is naturally curly to deeply curly. You might not be able to get the hair you want on the market if you want bone straight hair or a certain pattern of curls.

Features of virgin Indian hair

  • Natural straight, slightly wavy, naturally wavy, and curly virgin Indian hair are regularly available, with the degree of curl tightness varies. While virgin Indian hair may be curled or flat ironed to create the desired style, virgin Indian hair is far more flexible.
  • There could be some color variations between bundles because virgin Indian hair is never dyed and is supplied in its natural form. This is genuinely advantageous. Your skilled hair stylist is skilled in blending two bundles of hair with little color variations. Additionally, when mixed properly, it gives you a more realistic appearance and deeper, richer color because the hair on our actual heads is never one flat shade of color but rather a variety of tones.

1.3. How to use virgin Indian hair

You must treat virgin Indian hair extensions the same way you would your own hair. If you maintain your virgin Indian hair extension properly, you will have smooth, silky, tangle-free, natural-looking hair for a long time and will be able to reuse it multiple times.

  • Brush your hair on a regular basis. It is advised that you brush your hair in the morning. Brushing from the ends towards your scalp can minimize excessive tugging and help your extensions stay longer.

How to use virgin Indian hair

  • Wash and rinse your hair frequently, especially if you use an amount of hair chemicals. The silky, natural texture and movement of virgin hair can be affected by deposits from hair care products, which, when paired with heat treatment, can cause the hair to behave and decrease in quality similarly to your own.

2. How to find good quality virgin Indian hair

Without a doubt, virgin hair extensions are the greatest form of hair extensions. Virgin hair has not been treated or colored and is simply removed off the donor’s head and packed. Furthermore, virgin hair weaves are highly smooth, brilliant, and delicate. But do you know how to choose virgin Indian hair with good quality, let us show you the ways.

2.1. Find good quality virgin Indian hair through visual of virgin Indian hair

Quality virgin Indian hair will be dark in color and naturally prone to frizziness in humid conditions. Good quality virgin Indian hair extensions will retain their smooth and silky hair texture for the whole of their functional life if properly cared for. 

When it comes to hair extensions, length is crucial. Unless you desire lengthy hair, you may get virgin Indian hair of any length and have them trimmed to your specifications. In addition, all cuticles of the virgin Indian hair run in the same direction, from root to tip.

If you desire glossy, straight hair, virgin Indian hair is ideal. Straightening your hair will result in shiny hairstyles. The hair is coarse and thick. The virgin Indian hair is available in dark colors and can be exceptionally lengthy in length.


Find good quality virgin Indian hair through visual of virgin Indian hair

2.2. Find good quality virgin Indian hair through tactile sensation

As we mentioned before, all cuticles of the virgin Indian hair run in the same direction, from root to tip. So that cuticles should be present in 100% virgin hair. If not, the cuticles have been peeled, often with an acid treatment. Run your finger along the length of your hair to look for cuticles. The hair should be smooth on the way down, but there should be some resistance as you run your palm up the shaft. And this is a hair check that only those with many years of expertise in the hair industry know about:

Holding a bundle of virgin hair, softly place it over the skin of your hands, if the hair passes through your hand skin in a smooth, soft, and cold way, it is authentic virgin Indian hair. Instead, run your finger through the virgin Indian hair, if the hand falls gently and does not freeze in one spot, the hair is healthy. However, this method also allows you to determine if the hair is remy or non remy.

3. How to style your virgin Indian hair

Virgin Indian hair is often thick but not heavy, shiny and full – a fantastic choice if you want to wear your hair both wavy and straight because this hair type may create both styles. Virgin Indian hair may be used to create a variety of unique hairstyles, the higher the quality of virgin hair, the more colorful the hair produced.


How to style your virgin Indian hair

3.1. Basic curling hairstyles created with virgin Indian hair

Virgin Indian hair is naturally thick and straight. The hair dries in wavy waves. Indian hair comes in extremely dark shades. Straight glossy styles go well with Indian hair. Because Indian hair is thick and coarse, it is simple to straighten. The extra-long lengths of Indian hair are a charming feature, but they are not recommended if you need hair with body or bounce.

Because Indian hair is generally straight, it will not maintain curls as well as Vietnamese or Brazilian hair. Pat your Indian hair with a cloth to create an instant curl. While the hair is still moist, braid it into a wide loose braid at the back of the neck, two pigtail braids, a ponytail, pin curl, or wrap. You could apply this right before going to bed and then remove it in the morning, the curls would last you all day. You may also use foam curlers immediately before going out, they are convenient and provide a fast impression, but they do not last as long as a curling iron.

Wavy hair styles from virgin Indian hair include deep wavy, loose wavy, water curly, natural wavy, and so on. The better the hair, the more attractive and high-quality curls there will be.


Custom color or bleached virgin Indian hair

3.2. Custom color or bleached virgin Indian hair

For bleached hair or colored hair, virgin Indian hair is also an option. To produce the toughest and brightest hues, as well as the most consistent color, hair extensions must be made from a single bundle of virgin hair. Hair colors such as red, orange, purple, ombre, and piano combined in different hues are becoming increasingly popular among new hair models. As a result, one method of determining whether the hair is virgin Indian hair is to simply bleach it. Only virgin hair may be bleached to get the most vibrant hues.

Our virgin Indian hair extensions are naturally black in color, nevertheless, we may wish to experiment with the color at home. Then you may color your hair. However, if I want to color the virgin Indian hair a brilliant color, you must first bleach the virgin hair extensions. Bleaching virgin Indian hair extensions by yourself to get a lighter shade might be less expensive and easier.

4. Is virgin Indian hair good

Customers can pick from a variety of hair weave and hair extension styles. How are you supposed to know which sort of human hair weave is best for you? What is the distinction between them? How do you know if virgin Indian hair is good for you or not? We understand such issues and here are some advantages and disadvantages of virgin Indian hair.


Is virgin Indian hair good

4.1. Advantages of virgin Indian hair

Virgin Indian hair is adaptable, naturally smooth, and glossy; it is available in straight hair, curly hair, loose wave, natural wave, body wave, and deep wave textures that do not require any chemical treatments to achieve a certain style. Virgin Indian hair is extremely rare. It is not only thick and shiny, but it is also extremely resilient and flexible. So you may style it as you like and hair will appear naturally lovely. They can also be used for up to 24 months due to their durability.

Or if you can not afford the pricey human hair, the economical virgin Indian hair extension can easily replace it because it has the same features as European or Russian hair. You may select between virgin Indian hair and other virgin hair based on your budget and personal preferences.

4.2. Disadvantages of virgin Indian hair

Virgin Indian hair is simple to flat iron and curl. However, in humid conditions, this type of hair tends to get frizzy, thus anti-frizz solutions are required.

Most hair providers claim to supply virgin Indian hair but really send out Chinese hair in order to increase their profit margin. They use various tactics to make it seem smooth and tangle-free, but the real hair qualities will finally show after two washes. So it’s a bit tough to buy hair online and even from hair suppliers since they go through a procedure to make them feel especially silky when you run your fingers over them.


Virgin hair from Vietnamese hair vendors

But don’t worry because there’s another option of virgin hair for you that is even better – Vietnamese virgin hair. And K-hair Factory is one of the most prominent hair enterprises in terms of offering Vietnamese virgin hair at a reasonable price. Having prior experience exporting hair to huge markets such as South America, Africa, India, etc, K-hair is consistently ranked first among the largest hair manufacturers in the distribution of virgin hair and so on. There is no synthetic or mixed hair in these products. We have received a thousand positive feedback from consumers thanks to our high quality virgin Vietnamese hair. Here is our contact information:

5. Top 3 best virgin Indian hair vendors

There are various reputable virgin Indian hair suppliers in India, but let’s check the top three suggested providers in India from whom you can buy great quality virgin Indian hair. All of the providers listed here have the highest overall quality of virgin Indian hair .

5.1. Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions

With their hair company’s headquarters in India, Indian Mermaid Hair is a well-known virgin Indian hair supplier in that country. When conducting business in the hair market, hair retailers and salon owners search online for some of the most well-known wholesale Indian hair producers. Customers may select from a range of styles on this website, including wigs, weaves, hair extensions, and more. At their production plant, Indian Mermaid Hair gathers hair from Indian mosques and weaves everything into premium wefts.


Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions – Top best virgin Indian hair vendor

  • Only the greatest virgin Indian hair will be offered by Indian Mermaid Hair. They are famous across the world for providing premium items and hair.
  • Pros: Hair comes in a variety of styles. They are also famous to sell a wide range of wigs, including full lace wigs, Jewish silk top wigs, closure wigs, and so on. The raw Indian hair sellers are known to stitch their Raw Human Hair using the triple wefting process, which is known to create a solid and thick appearance that is admired by many.
  • Cons: Expensive price list. Their products have great quality so if you are determined to pay a high price for excellent hair extensions,  Indian Mermaid Hair is what you are looking for.

By offering a choice of payment options and creating unique packaging, this Indian virgin hair provider may be able to aid you in starting your own business. Due to their ownership of the plant, they have access to raw materials and control the quality management system, ensuring that you can reliably rely on such a profit plus positive customer feedback.

5.2. SGI Hair

SGI Hair, one of the greatest virgin Indian hair companies, debuted in 2008 with a lot of experience in Indian hair production. SGI also provides savings on an annual, weekly, and monthly basis. Because these virgin hair suppliers in India operate on a large scale, their prices are likely to be lower than those of other Indian hair producers.


SGI Hair – Top best virgin Indian hair vendor

  • It is just another wholesale Indian hair vendor who specializes in such items – virgin Indian hair. One regulation that this Indian hair shop has is that customers must register before they can begin ordering, especially when getting Indian hair online.
  • SGI Hair wholesale virgin Indian hair suppliers in India was founded with the noble goal of passionately innovating raw Indian hair. Their primary goal is to create and distribute high-quality raw Indian hair, wigs, and hair care items under their own brand names to consumers.
  • They are well-known for exporting high-quality, low-cost natural human hair wigs and extensions. SGI Hair is located in Chennai, India. This is one of the greatest Chennai hair providers to think about.

If you own a business and don’t like being stuck with a lot of inventory, these virgin hair suppliers in India are a great option for you. When you place an order with SGI Hair, you will receive your own unique label at no additional cost. If you want to start a business but don’t know where to start, they’ve established a free platform to help you get started quickly and easily.

5.3. Dwarak India Hair

This is another well-known hair extension manufacturing facility in Chennai, India. They are increasingly and steadily grabbing the market with their raw Indian hair wholesale, hair extensions, and wigs.


Dwarak India Hair – Top best virgin Indian hair vendor

  • Dwarak India Hair is one of the greatest virgin Indian hair suppliers. For new businesses, the company provides a sample and a start-up kit. Indian hair, wigs, and weft hair are their main items. Besides, they use FedEx, DHL for the shipping.
  • Raw human hair obtained from an Indian temple is transformed into hair extensions at their workshop. Chemicals are not utilized at any point in the process to ensure that our extensions remain healthy and have intact cuticles.
  • Their methods are time-consuming and laborious. This hair vendor likewise has a slow manufacturing and shipping procedure, but the quality is worth the wait. So it’s such a good choice for buyers looking for their dream virgin Indian hair.

Even so, Indian hair wholesalers are well-known for their low prices. However, the price is justified by the quality. The majority of Indian hair extensions seem to be of not really high quality including virgin Indian hair. So, what is the greatest option for high-quality hair at a low price? What you can think about is K-Hair.

As previously said, K-hair factory is the number one best factory in selling high-quality Vietnamese hair: bulk, weft, hair extensions, wigs,…at a reasonable price. K-hair factory has over 30 years of expertise in providing hair for large markets such as Africa, South America, East Europe, and so on.

I started working in the wholesale hair business and quickly realized that this is truly what I desire doing. My mission is sharing hair knowledge, supporting hair starters worldwide and warning them from unreliable foreign wholesale hair vendors. With experience and passion, I led K-Hair Factory to become the top 1 hair factory in Vietnam, accompanying 1000+ hair sellers all over the world. It’s my pleasure to be your long-term companion in your business journey.

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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