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If you’re a fan of the vintage look, then you’ll love the hair from the retro era. Not only was it a stylish look in the past, but you can also spot many big global celebrities donning the look on the red carpet today. It’s truly one of the most iconic styles of Hollywood history, as well as a beautiful timeless hairstyle that always stays elegant and classy. So today, let’s take a look at how to recreate the heatless vintage pin curls with us and find out how you can curl your hair like a real Hollywood star. 

Of course, you can always use modern tools and techniques to recreate this vintage hairstyle. But there is just something glamorous in the old way of women in the early 20th Century. The differences are subtle, but in comparison to an image of a girl in 1942, you can see the pin curls still feel lovelier than the one that was done with a curling wand. Plus, it’s actually easier than trying to curl your hair every morning with your wand. And for days that you don’t even have enough time for restyling your hair at all, you can style up with a quick weave ponytail.

So let’s see what you’ll need to recreate this gorgeous retro look that lasts.

What You Will Need For The Heatless Vintage Pin Curls

You’ll need your hair wet or really dampen for this to work. Water will act as one of your styling products. How much you should use will depend on your hair type. Finer hair will be better off wet, but thicker hair will be happier with just damp.

Having a shaping or styling lotion is also handy to keep the curls last longer too. It will create stickiness to your hair that makes it easier to roll the hair into the curl. If you’re planning to use a hairdryer to speed things up, a thermal setting lotion can also be helpful.

For an evenly smooth and flawless look, make sure you spread the products evenly throughout your hair. The more even the product distribution, the prettier the finished hairstyle.

And of course, the most important tool you’ll need hairpins. Lots of it. You don’t want to go halfway through the process only to find out you have run out of pins. It would be a nightmare, trust us. Also, you should get them ready and layout before you start your process so you can easily reach and clip them on.

Alternatively, you can also use hair rollers. Just make sure you get the right size for the style that you’re aiming for. The smaller the roller, the tighter the curl will be. If you don’t have much time for this, hair suppliers all over the world are also able to provide you with the best vintage hair extension items!


What You Will Need For The Heatless Vintage Pin Curls

How To Recreate The Heatless Vintage Pin Curls

Step 1

After you have gone and done your hair care routine, start to separate your hair out by 1 by 1-inch sections. Each time you pick up a section, comb it so the hair is smooth.

Step 2

Take the end of the hair section and wrap it toward the shaft to start the curl with your fingers. Do this slowly so you won’t have a tangled mess. 

Step 3

Once you have curled the section all the way up to the scalp, clip or pin the curl against your head. Alternatively, you can also use foam rollers for this. If you decide to use the rollers, just secure it like how you would normally do.

Let your hair air dry or use a hairdryer to quicken the process. After completely dried, brush out your curls and style them with your fingers.


How To Recreate The Heatless Vintage Pin Curls

Tips For The Perfect Heatless Vintage Pin Curls

Tip No.1: No need to wash your hair

You don’t have to wash your hair in order to recreate the style. 

Yes, you don’t have to wash your hair every night to do this hairstyle. In fact, overwash, your hair can cause your hair to dry out or sustain damages which make it easier to be broken. We don’t want that, and the pin curls certainly don’t require it either. All you have to do is dampen your hair with water or a solution that consists of 60% water and hairspray (or other hair care product), and the method will still work like a charm. 

Tip No.2: Prepared everything first

Whether you decide to use foam rollers or hairpins, always have them ready and within your hand reach before you start. The frustration of having to fumble around with your pins or not getting enough rollers is super annoying. Having everything prepared and ready to go will make your life much easier. Beauty doesn’t have to be a pain. 


Tips For The Perfect Heatless Vintage Pin Curls

Tip No.3: Different Looks

You can change up the direction of the way you twist your curls for different looks. You can also choose how tight your curls will be, or how wavy you want the look to turn out by playing around with the number of curls. The more curls you can get, the bouncier your hair will be. 

Tip No.4: Scarf

You can use a scarf to wrap around your head to keep everything in place if you decide to let it dry naturally overnight. This won’t be uncomfortable at all, as long as the scarf feels good and not too bulky. 


Tips For The Perfect Heatless Vintage Pin Curls

The heatless vintage pin curls work to create beautiful close-fitting waves around the head by forming wet hair into waves and allowing the hair to dry in that shape. Once the pin curl has dried thoroughly, by brushing it out the curls will become loose and start to take shape into luxurious curls or waves. Changes in the direction, size, and manner in which it is rolled will give you different outcomes.

This is a great way to style your hair, as it doesn’t require any heat or chemical involvement, so your hair won’t suffer from damages. Thus, you can incorporate your hair care products in the routine flawlessly without any fear that something will react badly. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can do it in under 5 minutes. 

Interested in more heatless curls? Check out our tutorial on the Overnight Scarf Curls: Heatless Curls That Will Blow Your Mind (2021 Guide). And if you’re also caring about how to strengthen and boost your hair growth, then feel free to read our list of the Top 5 Winner Hair Growth Serums To Try Out To Strengthen Your Hair 2021 too. Having a bad hair day? Then check out our ombre, wavy, or raw bulk hair extensions. It will guarantee to be worth your while.

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