How To Recreate Victory Rolls: Guide For The Perfect 50s Victory Roll

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If you’re a vintage soul, then you gotta love the victory rolls. It’s one of the most iconic looks of the ‘50s, the era which is the end of all those war years, and the time for new fashions and beauty styles to flourish. You can easily spot this hairstyle on many magazines, posters, as well as movies back in the day as the victory roll, is many ‘50s Hollywood stars’ favorite. And if you are in search of an easy daily hairstyle, messy buns can be a perfect choice.

With that being said, it’s a style worth trying out. It might look pretty complicated, but we assure you it is not. Actually, it’s pretty easy to do and we’ll walk you through how you can do it like a pro. If you’re curious about how to recreate this iconic hairstyle, then read on!


Victory rolls

1. What You Will Need To Recreate The Victory Rolls

A brush/ a comb: You’ll need this to brush out your hair and section it. 

Hair clips or hair elastics: This will help you to secure your hair sections and keep everything from tangling up into a mess. 

Bobby pins: This is essential for the look. It’s what will keep everything up neat and tight. Make sure you’ve got a lot of bobby pins separated and layout before you ready to roll. You might need a lot of them. 

Accessories such as cute bows (optional): It’s optional, but it’s sure fun and cute when you add some bow on top to complete the whole look. Plus, it will add a more vintage vibe to the hairstyle, so why not? 


What You Will Need To Recreate The Victory Rolls

2. How To Recreate The Victory Rolls In Easy Steps

So after you’ve brushed your hair really nice and tangle-free (you always want to start with a nice brush-out hair, not a tangled mess), it’s time for the victory roll. 

Step 1: Part Your Hair

This will depend on which look you try to recreate. You can do it symmetrically or asymmetrically for a more dramatic effect. For the symmetrical style, you’ll part your hair evenly in the middle. For the asymmetrical choice, part the majority of your hair to one side. If you’re right-handed, part it to the left so it’ll be easier to reach. If you are left-handed, putting most of your hair to the right will make everything easier for you.

Step 2: Section Your Hair

Split your hair from your parting right down behind your ear. Take a decent-sized strip of hair, about a few inches wide, from the front of your head on the side with the most hair on it, and use an elastic or a hair clip to keep the rest of your hair away. 


Recreate The Victory Rolls

Step 3: Add Your Base & Back Comb

Starting from where you want the victory rolls to be placed, add your bobby pins there. If you want one roll, then you’ll need just one line of bobby pins. If you want two then you’ll need two lines on either side of your middle parting running parallel to each other. So depending on how many rolls you decide to do, the more bobby pins will be used.

After this, for a more voluminous look, you need to backcomb your hair strand to fluff it up, but don’t go over the hairpin boundary that you just put down or everything will go completely disarray. You don’t have to go crazy on your teasing, but it needs to be enough to look “bushy,” so your roll can be voluminous later on.

Step 4: Rolling Your Hair

Start at the tip of your hair. Pinch the end of the hair section between two fingers and wrap it around them. Wind the hair up while keeping a tunnel shape of hair around your fingers. If you feel like you can’t roll anymore, swiftly swap the fingers of your other hand in and continue rolling. Keep swapping and rolling until you reach the top of your head. 


Recreate The Victory Rolls

Step 5: Pin Down Your Roll

When you’ve reached the top of your head, hold your victory rolls in place with one hand. The roll should be on top of the baseline of bobby pins. Adjust until you’re happy with the shape of your roll, then insert the bobby pins through the tunnel of hair and pin the bottom of the tunnel down, making sure to cover up the original baseline. 

By pulling down the back of your roll very gently as if you are sealing off the tunnel, your roll will not have a giant hole through the middle. Carefully grip the back of the hair tunnel and grip it down at the back of your head. Finish everything off by spraying your roll with hairspray. 

For the more classic double barrel roll look, repeat the same process with the other side of your hair. 


Recreate The Victory Rolls

3. Tips For The Perfect Victory Rolls

Tip No.1: Bobby pins

Make sure you have enough bobby pins, otherwise this will turn into a huge mess. It’s a fun and easy hairstyle, no need to turn it into frustration. Another tip is that you should use bobby pins that have the same color as the color of your hair base, as it will make everything look smoother.

Tip No.2: Accessories

The victory roll can be quite pretty on its own, but if you want something more vintage and cuter, then try adding some bow or ribbon to it. 

Tip No.3: Be Patient

The rolling part can be quite hard at first but just go slow and steady. There is no place for rushing when it comes to styling your hair, and the end result will be worth it. 


Tips For The Perfect Victory Rolls

We hope that our guide on how to recreate the victory rolls has helped you satisfy your vintage soul. It’s certainly an iconic beauty moment in history, so it’s definitely worth a try. Plus, it’s super easy and cute as hell, so why not try on something new and fun for a while? 

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