The best hair colors for skin shades

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Hair colors for skin shades is always a favorite way to beautify hair. Many girls, when looking at the variety of colors in the color palette, are easily overwhelmed. So how to choose the ideal hair color for me? Let’s find out with Jasmine Expert in the article below!

1. How to choose the best hair colors for skin shades 

In addition to having a beautiful hairstyle, the hair colors for skin shades of the dye is a factor that accentuates her hair as well as her skin and face. The first thing to do with choosing the right hair color is to determine your skin tone. There are two main tones: hot tones and cold tones.

How to determine skin tone to choose hair colors for skin shades?

Bring the backs of your hands or wrists in the sun and pay attention to the tendons under your skin. If the veins appear blue, you have cold skin tone. The veins show up in green and you tan. Or you can look at how light and dark your skin is to determine. Light skin will be cool tones. Warm tones will be neutral and dark skin.

2. The best hair colors for skin shades: Dark skin 


Of course, girls with dark skin are more difficult to choose dyed hair colors than lucky girls with pinkish white skin. However, that doesn’t mean dark-skinned people don’t have the right hair colors. So what color should dark skin girls dye their hair color to suit the skin tone and still be fashionable? And which hair colors for skin shades should be avoided in order not to be drowned out by the color of my hair? Let’s find out!

2.1. Chestnut brown hair colors for skin shades

The first color tone should be said to be nothing but chestnut brown. For brighter white skin, brown tones, especially chestnut brown are always the easiest colors. It can be said that deep chestnut brown color is a dye suitable for many different face shapes and hair colors for skin shades. If this color is a bit dark compared to your preference, you can choose to dye your hair ombre bright at the roots or remove light with gentle tones to create accents. This color is also a great choice for summer hairstyles.

2.2. Copper-brown hair colors for skin shades


Copper-brown is a stylish and never outdated color gamut. This shade is an interesting mix of brown, red and orange, so you will never be bored by the variety of colors in that hair colors for skin shades

However, copper brown has a disadvantage that it will not last long, so it is best to dye the colors a bit deep, to avoid the condition that over time the hair color becomes a ragged yellow.

2.3. Reddish brown hair colors for skin shades 

Referring to the dyed hair colors that help brighten the skin, it is indispensable to mention reddish brown. What’s more, these hair colors for skin shades will help you look a lot younger than your real age. However, remember that fair skinned girls should only choose a deep red color. If the color is too bright and dazzling, it can be counterproductive, which can make your skin darker.

2.4. Honey brown hair colors for skin shades

This is a very familiar dyed hair color that is loved by many people today because it helps to brighten the skin significantly. Honey brown is also a dye in the 2017 hair colors for skin shades trend.

With honey brown, you will have an attractive golden hair, this color is not too harsh like yellow so you can rest assured to use the brunettes and bright yellow skin. In addition, honey brown also helps hair look smoother.

2.5. Moss brown hair colors for skin shades

The combination of fancy moss and the elegance of brown will create a very new look for you, turning you into a unique and beautiful girl.

Moss brown is not a familiar color scheme, but it is a very worthwhile choice for individual girls. If you want a fresh look but your skin tone doesn’t match other brightly colored tones, a stylish moss brown color is a good idea. These are hair colors for skin shades that can increase the brightness of the skin, which is loved by many girls. Combining it with the ombre way is even better.

3. The best hair colors for skin shades: Light skin 

And the lucky girls who have white porcelain skin freely try with radiant dyes without thinking.

Hair colors for skin shades that lighten the skin 


3.1. Black hair colors for skin shades

Gentle beauty without glare is soft, magical black hair. In the world of color, black hair always has its own place and makes someone sob. In recent years, natural black hair colors for skin shades have a special attraction that makes women fidgety. It is the top best color that helps brighten the skin.

Sometimes, you are tired of having to follow the changing hair trends every day and want to return to your “original” hair with a gentle style that does not pick up colors. Black hair colors for skin shades will bring elegant, attractive beauty, unique characteristics of Vietnamese girls. Maintaining natural black hair not only protects her hair, but also helps her skin look brighter.

3.2. Reddish brown hair colors for skin shades

The next light-skinned hair color you need to note right away is reddish-brown. The red hair colors for skin shades of your hair will make your skin look rosy and more radiant. Especially this is a very hot color tone, suitable for all ages. You easily combine with different hairstyles. Whether it is long, curly and curly hair, straight hair or short hair, the reddish brown color will impress her with her hair.

3.3. Smoky gray hair colors for skin shades 

Refreshing your hair color will be a big change in your face. A little way to make the new day more fresh, let’s try right away with the trendy gray color that is raining nowadays.

Bright and impressive tones will help you become personality, stylish and very modern. Not only that, the smoky gray hair colors for skin shades match her faces, honoring her natural bright skin. If you have pale white skin, you should avoid this “me” because it will make you look less vibrant.

3.4. A deep brown hair colors for skin shades


In recent years, the color tone is deep to the throne and is very popular among women. Not too dark like pure brown, not as brilliant as golden brown, reddish brown, and sepia is a harmonious combination that brings mild, delicate neutral colors. Therefore, west brown hair colors for skin shades is the perfect choice for these girls this year. This is a dye that is not fussy about the skin at all, whether it is radiant pink white, or a firm honey cake, she always attracts all eyes. Moreover, this modern color makes your face brighter and more radiant.

3.5. Moss brown hair colors for skin shades

One of the most popular color lightening hair colors for skin shades today is moss brown. Not too prominent or out of the way, the combination between traditional brown and modern moss brings harmony and eye-catching. This is a hair color that is very popular with women in recent years. A new choice will make her more attractive and impressive.

3.6. Hair dyed bronze brown hair colors for skin shades

Copper light brown is a combination of deep brown and bronze light creating elegance and sensuality. This is a suggestion that “banh beo” muses cannot ignore. Furthermore, the bronze shade helps to brighten your skin and fix facial blemishes. A little note is that the copper-brown hair colors for skin shades does not hold the color well, so she needs to pay attention to take care of her hair so that her hair is always beautiful.

3.7. Chestnut brown hair colors for skin shades

Chestnut brown was too familiar to women. This is also a “member” in the top 8 girl’s favorite light-skinned hair color. Delicate hair colors for skin shades, not too prominent, suitable for all skin types, hairstyles. You can combine with charming long hair or youthful short hair that are really excellent in any situation.

3.8. Ombre hair colors for skin shades

Ombre-dyed hair is no stranger to young beauty enthusiasts, it is a unique color blending, creating a fancy color transition from light to dark, from dark to light to create a style. creative, extreme dyed hair for girls. Instead of dyeing your hair the usual color, try refreshing yourself with stylish color combinations that keep up with this trendy hair colors for skin shades trend. Plus, this is a very effective skin lightening color too.

4. The best supplier for hair colors for skin shades

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Mrs Cherry Hair Expert

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